Overview About The Best Banks Of Jamaica

Banks are the currency holders in every nation and every nation has its top banks that hold the major public accounts with them. Why only some of the banks are the best regardless of having a huge number of banks in the nation? Well, these banks have gained so much popularity due to delivering the best in class service and good customer support whenever the customers needed it. Moreover, these banks offer good interest rates and many other facilities to the customers that attract the people. Read about the “Best Banks in Jamaica” here and know where you should put your money.

National Commercial Bank 

National Commercial Bank is the greatest monetary organization in Jamaica. The bank follows its foundations back to 1837 when the Colonial Bank of London was inaugurated in the capital city of Kingston. It embraced its present name in 1997, following a progression of consolidations and acquisitions. The NCB Group gives a complete scope of monetary items and administrations to individual and corporate clients through its auxiliaries. 

Scotiabank Jamaica 

Scotiabank Jamaica began its procedure on the island in 1889. The institution works as an auxiliary of driving Canadian monetary administrations supplier Scotiabank, offering chief retail and business banking administrations to its clients. Settled in Kingston, it is probably the biggest bank in Jamaica, right now utilizing in excess of 2,000 staff and dealing with an organization of 35 branches all through the island. 

CIBC First Caribbean 

CIBD First Caribbean gives an extensive scope of market-driving monetary administrations in retail banking, corporate banking, abundance the board, depository deals and exchanging, Mastercards, and speculation banking. This spots it among the banks in Jamaica offering the vastest scope of administrations. The bank utilizes in excess of 2,700 staff and works an organization of 58 branches, seven workplaces, and 22 banking communities in 17 nations across the Caribbean. 

First Global Bank 

First Global Bank offers top of the line monetary items and administrations to the neighborhood and international customers, including individual banking, business banking, and on the web and portable banking. The bank was set up in 1970 as The First National Bank of Chicago (Jamaica). It right now supervises seven branches and works as an auxiliary of GraceKennedy Group, one of the greatest food and accounting corporate elements in the Caribbean. 


Established in 1960, Citi Jamaica is an authorized, privately worked part of global monetary aggregate Citibank. Working under Citi’s Institutional Client Group (ICG), Citi Jamaica centers around the monetary area, public area, and significant private area companies. ICG includes Citi Private Bank, Corporate and Investment Banking, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Markets and Securities Services, and Capital Markets Origination. 

JMMB Bank 

JMMB Bank, once JMMB Merchant Bank, gives individual and business banking items and administrations. It is one of the banks in Jamaica with attention to private companies to represent SMEs in Jamaica. The bank is an individual from the territorial monetary administrations firm JMMB Group, which serves around 220,000 clients in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago.

These banks are considered to be the safest and the most reputed banks in the Jamaican region with a great number of people investing their money with them regularly. So, if you are willing to open an account here, you must look out for these banks after going through their policies and services that they offer.

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Advancements Occurred In Caribbean Insurance Sector

There are many advancements that happened over a period of time in almost every Caribbean region. Most of the Caribbean regions are growing pretty fast in the insurance sector like Jamaica is growing really fast and this sector and you can know all this from https://insuranceinjamaica.com/, a website dedicated to Jamaican insurance. Apart from Jamaica, all other nations are also prospering in this sector and some major advancements are listed below.

Parametric and Decentralized Insurance 

Parametric insurance will be insurance where the payout plan and payout sum are resolved or set off by predefined boundaries. Decentralized insurance, then again, is insurance created by people or little gatherings rather than huge, customary safety net providers. 

A Germany-based startup that has made a blockchain convention for the advancement of decentralized insurance applications, reported that two ethereum engineers connected with them for the improvement of an arrangement that will give tropical storm harm inclusion to individuals living in the Caribbean. 

Interest for such a strategy emerged when low-pay families and independent ventures in the district that were influenced by Hurricane Maria revealed issues, for example, guarantee disavowals and installment delays. 

As indicated by Etherisc, the new arrangement will be less expensive and more straightforward. On account of inserted keen agreements, insurance payouts will be programmed and will be a component of predefined climate boundaries. Despite the fact that the approach won’t give full inclusion, it will give influenced people the “prompt mixture of money” that they need. 

Little Mobile Insurances 

Versatile microinsurance is insurance intended for the most powerless or underserved people. Executed through portable innovation, it targets individuals having a place with low-levels of pay. 

Sweden-based BIMA is one of the companies offering microinsurance in the Caribbean area. It is now present in Haiti, which, as indicated by the World Bank, is important for the Caribbean. 

Microinsurance measures are more productive in light of the fact that, not at all like conventional insurance measures, they don’t need a lot of information. Furthermore, since measures are executed on cell phones, there is no administrative work included. 

BIMA gives disaster protection, medical coverage, and individual mishap insurance for the underserved. Over 90% of its clients get by on less than $10 every day. 

Insurance According To Personal Use 

Use based insurance, also called discovery insurance or telematics insurance, will be insurance whose charges depend on current utilization conduct rather than authentic performance. It has evident applications in engine insurance where drivers are coordinated with expenses proportionate with their momentum driving conduct. 

Croatia-based Amodo, which is known for its associated platform that empowers guarantors and intermediaries to alter items and administrations as indicated by conduct and utilization information, is as of now accessible in Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean nation. 

Amodo gathers conduct information and gives the innovation companies need in applying or using insurance telematics. 

Application For Easy Availability Of Services 

This crisis dispatch administration application is an application that gives safeguarded people admittance to crisis administrations. 

Sagicor Life Jamaica as of late collaborated with First Responders Technology Ltd to give its gathering medical coverage policyholders admittance to the last’s spearheading First Alert crisis dispatch administration application. 

To get to crisis administrations, policyholders just need to enter in their special access code. Up until this point, Sagicor Life has just sent more than 10,000 novel access codes to policyholders by means of their bosses. The application is “the first of its sort” in Jamaica.

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Cities In The US With Lowest Cost Of Living

Some people like to explore the world, move to new cities, meet new people and get to know about new cultures on a routine basis. These wanderers are always up for moving from one city to another but like all humans, they also look for shelters in cities that are affordable and fit in their budget. So people are mere travelers and for them staying in a particular place whether it is costly or cheap doesn’t really matter but those who move to different cities for work or education need to find homes that are affordable and provide them with the kind of facilities they want. So here we are presenting you the list of cities in the US with the lowest cost of living based on transportation, food, house rent, and nearby healthcare or household facilities.

El Paso, TX

The average cost of living here is something around $1183 including house rent, food, internet, gas, and nearby utilities. Of the relative multitude of urban cities examined, El Paso has the most reduced average cost for basic items, however, it doesn’t mean it has nothing to bring to the table. On the off chance that you’re an outdoorsy kind who appreciates climbing, boating, and fishing, at that point you’ll adore this present city’s closeness to state parks and the Rio Grande.

Lincoln, NE

The average cost of living per month here is something around $1292 which includes the average rent of one room around $647, $297 for food internet, and gas charges around $66 and $128 respectively. Other charges are paid for normal daily utility. Lincoln offers the students the most affordable way to get an education without going into debt. Lincoln even has one of the biggest universities here which is the University of Nebraska.

Toledo, OH

The average cost of living here is something around $1323 including all the stuff like house rent, food, internet, gas, and other utilities. Toledo joins a great educational system with flourishing rural areas and ease of living, making it a favorable city for families to settle down. The city is additionally a center of the social variety, and it has various celebrations where you can find out about another culture while making the most of its customary foods and traditions.

Wichita, KS

The average rent for a single room in Wichita is close to $783 and other charges including food, fuel, household utilities, and internet clocking around $284, $123, $177, and $67 approximately, making the total expense for one month around $1434. It’s actually well close enough for youthful experts, families, and retired people. The lone drawback is that, since Wichita is in Kansas, you can anticipate infrequent twister cautions.

Louisville, KY

The native land of famous fighter Muhammad Ali and home to an assortment of sound game competitions, Louisville is made for game supporters. Louisville additionally has a few whiskey refineries dispersed all through its roads, so specialists of good whiskies will likewise feel right comfortable in this southeastern city. The average cost of living here is around $1,441, including food, shelter, gas, wifi charges, and utilities.

Tulsa, OK

If you are looking for “rent to own houses Tulsa” then you may find a single room here for $818 with internet charges of around $67. Household utilities can also cost you around $157 with food and fuel costing nearly $286 and $123. So the normal person here should keep a budget of around $1,450.

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Find Health Food Stores in Oklahoma with a Click

Corona Virus has badly affected every city of every country, be it health-wise, money-wise or mentally. The challenge faced during this pandemic is that it is fatal for people who already have really low level of immunity. Most of the cases in which people have died of Covid 19 is because they were already suffering from some or the other ailments. Mostly, people with weak lungs or diabetes or people with a vulnerable heart were the ones who suffered most fatalities from the pandemic.

During such dark times we need to be very careful and help out each other in some or the other way as  being united is the only way to fight this situation of crisis and craziness. There are some obvious ways in which you can help yourself and help others in combating this time of the pandemic

  1. Wear masks in public: Wearing masks might pose a problem in breathing, but it is an absolute essential during these times, as the virus is contagious and spreads like wildfire, so, be careful and wear masks as it stops the virus from spreading.
  2. Use sanitizers for contact surfaces: Sanitizers contains alcohol which combats the virus, so spray some sanitizers on the surfaces which comes in contact with many people, like, railings, doors, money, etc.
  3. Build your immunity: It is very important to build your immunity to fight this virus, so it is rather better to eat healthy food which is full of nutrients. Find best health food stores in Okhlahoma city and buy some healthy food for yourself and your family.
  4. Do not discriminate: There are also many people that have suffered Covid and they came out victorious because it is easily treatable at home. So, do not discriminate against people who have contracted the virus as they are same as you are, just a little unfortunate.
  5. Help the ones fighting the disease: Many people who contracted the virus have been home quarantined and because this virus tends to make you weak, doing household chores or any routine work can be challenging. So, help these people out by providing them food, medical supplies, daily need items and more. These people need to be dealt with kindness and love.
  6. Do not believe in fake news: Technology might be a blessing in today’s time but it is equally a curse, due to technology several fake messages and fake news are forwarded daily via social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. It is rather better to not believe in such fake things being circulated as they cause nothing but trouble.
  7. Stay optimistic: Staying optimistic is the biggest medicine for every problem, so always assert yourself to think positive and be positive, in this way you keep your mental health in check, which is the most important part of our well being.

The situation of this pandemic is combatable only when we join hands and fight against it together. Also, a little thank you note to all the frontline workers who have been constantly and tirelessly working for the betterment of the world.

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Omaze Winner Gets Lucky!

Two friends John and Cassidy were having an evening walk together, they are the residents of the same neighborhood. They were discussing about being lucky in life, let’s follow their conversation

John: Ugh! My life is a joke, I am probably the unluckiest person on the face of this earth!

Cassidy: Chill bro! Why are you being so hyper? I am sure you are just exaggerating.

John: Oh really? You think I am exaggerating? Come live my life one day, you will know that how many things I go through.

Cassidy: Come on! How bad can it be?

John: Since morning, I have tripped on my shoe laces thrice! Can you believe me thrice! Also, in the afternoon when I bought my favorite lunch, a bully snatched it from me.

(John steps in a puddle)

John(looking up at the sky) : This is perfect! What else was left? Now I am cold and my limited edition kicks are all dirty. (folding hands) Can you please stop this madness, god? I am tired.

Cassidy(trying to control her laughter): Pish, posh! Stop being so dramatic, you. First of all, tripping on the laces? Your fault. You should’ve been careful while tying them in the first place and bullies are everywhere, that’s not your luck, it’s just their small ego demanding a lot of attention and this puddle thing? This will happen again if you don’t look where you are going. Be careful, dude! Don’t blame your carelessness to be your bad luck.

John: It is easy for you to say, you have the perfect life, perfect clothes, perfect parents, perfect school and you are perfectly intelligent. You have no idea how hard my life is. My parents are poor, they barely can afford my tuition fee and I have to wear clothes purchased from Target.

Cassidy(sarcastically smiling): You find my life is perfect? For starters, my parents are divorced, at least your’s love each other. Moreover, my school is filled with robots, they are always in a rush for grades which becomes highly competitive, I mean no one cares about fun. My batch mates are just fifteen and they study on Sunday nights, we have debates for fun at school. Also, my dad does buy me the perfect clothes with his money but he is never there to talk about my day or discuss about his. So, before commenting kindly know the facts. Moreover, I would recommend you to be happy with what you have, cribbing will never bring you anything good.

John: I am so sorry, Cassidy. I had no idea that you are having so much of trouble in your life. After listening to you I feel much better and by the way, you are always invited to have dinner at my house, rather, mom was asking about you just yesterday, she asked me how you wee doing and why haven’t you visited since so long.

Cassidy: That’s so sweet of her , John! Your mother is a sweetheart and tell her that I will visit soon.

(John’s phone rings, he talks with the person on the other side and suddenly he gets ecstatic. He thanks the person and disconnects the call)

Cassidy: Who was that?

John: Oh my god, I can’t believe it, I just got a call saying that I am one of the omaze winners and I have got something big!

Cassidy: You won? That is huge! I never knew that you donated towards omaze. I have been doing this since long and I haven’t won anything! Not fair!

John(laughing): Yes! I did it for the first time and probably you didn’t win because you are not as lucky as I am.

Cassidy(chuckling): Hahaha! I need a party now!


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Butching It Up with Captions!

My lovely friend Simran has been my constant since day one, she has been my friend since the time I cannot even remember, she is kind, sweet, humble and a little stubborn. She was always up the alley with her grades and her performance in school, she has always been one of the toppers of the class, her family , her friends were proud of her. Simran has always been the kind of child who listens to her parents first and her heart, later. When the time of selecting her future came, her parents wanted her to be a doctor, they wanted her to take admission in a medical school and luckily, she got through(getting admission in a medical college is exceptionally hard). Every one was overwhelmingly happy but I noticed something strange, Simran was not that happy, she was smiling and enjoying her farewell party but her smile did not have that spark that it usually did. I went ahead and asked her if she was happy, to which she said that she was okay and then asked me to look at her parents, who were full of joy, laughter and happiness. I did find Mr and Mrs Mehra really happy but Simran could not answer my question, if she was happy, she was never able to lie to me since I knew her too well.

Time flew by , Simran and I got busy in our respective colleges, she was living in Punjab and studying medical while I was pursuing my dream of becoming a dancer, along with my college.

So, jumping on next year’s Christmas eve, Simran was home and I thought of meeting her, so I called her outside and decide to talk over coffee. She was so happy to see me(we were meeting after two years), we had so much to tell each other(we talked less because both of us were busy). She told me that her campus was beautiful and she loved her medical school, she was also dating a boy in college and they were pretty serious about each other. She inquired about my life and my dream of becoming a dancer, so, I told that I was happy and she was very proud of me and considered me lucky. This time I could surely sense that something was wrong and now she could not hide it anymore, she told me that although she loves the college, loves her boyfriend and everything, she doesn’t want to be a doctor, she wants to be a professional photographer. I was stunned, I always thought that it was her dream to be a doctor, to which she said it was her parent’s dream. She asked me to not to disclose it to her parents and unfortunately, I had to agree,but I kept pestering her to at least talk to her parents.

I finally managed to convince her to talk to her parents and when she did, they were so cool about it! They agreed on one condition, that Simran would finish her college first and then she was free to pursue whatever she liked. Simran happily agreed and finally she purchased her first Nikon camera from her savings, she got the camera to learn the art of photography on her campus as it was very beautiful. As she progressed in her college and photography, people saw that she was a really talented photographer, she posted the pictures on Instagram to get a good audience for herself and the first picture she posted was of me, with an instagram caption for sister. I cried happy tears of joy because I knew my soul sister was happy and joyous now.

She is now a very famous photographer and her photos are put up in art galleries and get viral on social media quite soon

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How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Thinking of starting digital marketing is a great idea you have ever thought of. There are many people in this globe as well as in your city, Bhopal including me, earning a lot through digital marketing. Here, anyone can start their career, whether he or she is young or old. If you have passion, age does not matter nor you need to study any particular course in school or college.

There are plenty of options if you want to start your career in digital marketing. Use the online resources available on the internet to develop your knowledge and skill in the digital world. It is also in demand due to the improvement in the online visibility of the client’s website. There is competition in ranking the website through SEO companies, which opens job opportunities in the digital world. Based on my ten years of experience, I could say that digital marketing is very exciting. It becomes more exciting when your company becomes one of the top Bhopal SEO Companies. You can learn and start serving clients around the globe from your desired location.

To start digital marketing, first of all, you must know or understand about digital marketing. It is the process through which a company advertises their product through the internet. It is not a single unit, it consists of many disciplines like Website Marketing Search engine Optimisation, Email marketing, Social media marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, Content marketing, etc. You won’t be able to learn all the marketing at a time, but as you work, you will be going through all those techniques and tools, and eventually, you will be able to learn.

As you get to know about digital marketing, you have to start by creating a website. You have to be creative and use all your skills and technique to develop a well-furnished website. Because throughout your digital career, you will be asked to create and promote different types of websites and increase their traffic. It is better to gain confidence by creating your website. It may take time but you will be building a concrete foundation for your digital career.

You cannot be successful in a digital career if you do not learn SEO. Through SEO, a website is ranked and so after creating your website, you must be able to become a perfect SEO expert. As your website’s rank is increased you will be getting opportunities from the top Bhopal SEO Companies.

One of the jobs in digital marketing is to use Google Ads to promote different products through the internet. This will give you a google certification and proof to your client that you have the necessary skill. It is also important to have google analytic. You must know the number of views on your page, clicks on the ads and more. This real data will keep you updated on your website. If your website needs certain up-gradation, you can modify and upgrade it.

Therefore by following the above guidelines, you can step into an exciting digital marketing career.

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The Pandemic Woes

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of the world, who knew that something as basic as breathing freely would become a luxury for us. Sanitizers have become the new essential for us and masks the new accessory. The pandemic hit the world so strongly that it downgraded the economy of the world. People lost their jobs, businessmen are in debt, many brands shut, many people even committed suicide because they lost their respective sources of income. This pandemic had been nothing but a blunder for the world. The pandemic has spared no one and no country.

People have lost their loved ones due to this Corona virus viral infection ,also they lost the opportunity to perform their last rites. Many people have lost the motivation to live because this year hasn’t been very friendly. In these times of uncertainty and sadness we need to help and look out for each other in many ways. Like 

a) Look out for signs of depression and anxiety in your loved ones. If you see that someone in your circle is actually depressed or anxious, be with them constantly and ask them to refer to toll free therapist.

b) Ask your friends and family to do charity work as much as they can. Ask them to donate food, goods, clothes so that people who are unable to afford even the basic necessities are able to function in their life. For example, donate basics such as wheat, rice, lentils, cooking oil etc to people like rickshaw pullers as their daily wages have affected since the pandemic hit.

c) Since schools and colleges have been not in function offline, the classes are being conducted online,many students are unable to afford the appropriate technology required, so help them with your old mobile phones or desktops.

d) Hang around with your friends and family, and spend maximum time with them. You can spend time with them without even spending a bomb , for example playing online games like clash royale galaxy, you can click here to redirect for the information.

e) If there is any Covid patient around you, do not discriminate with them. Maintain social distancing with them and help them out in whatever way possible. For example, provide them with food supplies and food because obviously they cannot go out if they are quarantined while maintaining a safe distance of course. Also, you can provide them with prescribed medicines without coming in close contact with them.

f) If you feel like you have been in contact with an infected person , immediately quarantine yourself so as to avoid the spread of virus even further.

g) If you are aware about a job opportunity , let people know, as there might be someone who requires this job desperately.

h) Wear masks in public which properly covers the mouth and the nose so as to prevent exchange of virus infected saliva through numerous surfaces.

Follow certain kind gestures and public protocols can help save people from corona and it’s indirect effects. As it is rightly said “Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. You’ll never know how much caring matters. Make a difference for another today.”- Amy Leigh Mercree

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Reasons Dubai Could Be The Richest City Of World

Dubai is indeed one of the richest cities in the world and so many people from all over the world want to live a life in the Gulf region due to the attractive and rich lifestyle of the people of Dubai. Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world but some other countries lie above it. However, it can be possible that Dubai can take over those countries that are currently at a higher spot. 

When we talk about the Gulf region, we consider that most of the earnings of these countries come from producing and exporting oil and gas. When it comes to Dubai, only 7 to 10 percent of its revenue is generated by exporting crude oil and gas. Then how is it one of the richest economies and how can it come at number one spot? Here are some of the reasons why and how Dubai can become the richest economy in the world.

Money Flows From Diverse Directions

If you are thinking that Dubai is largely dependent on its oil and gas exports as its neighboring gulf nations then you are absolutely wrong here. Dubai is a diverse economy and apart from exporting oil and gas, it has a very big tourism sector that brings a lot of revenue. Apart from this, transporter, trade, commerce, finance, and accounting services contribute a lot to the growth of the city. Even if the crude prices are down, Dubai won’t be much affected as compared to other neighboring Gulf nations.

Skilled Workers

Dubai has a very skilled workforce, people who are from different nations are far more in population as compared to the local people and most of the people are more skilled than the natives there. So, the companies employ more of those people whose main focus is to earn money and give their best for the organizations there. These workers are employed in every trade and operation of the city. People working in Dubai earn a respectable and competitive amount which makes them even more hardworking. If you are from some other country use the Dubai Salary Calculator to convert it into your home currency.

Busiest Gateway Of The World

Dubai has indeed the busiest airport as it is the gateway to all other countries. Most of the big flights connecting the USA, UK, Asia, or Africa connect from Dubai. All the major connecting flights always make a stop for some hours at Dubai Airport. Besides traveling, these locations are also quite important economic hubs, with markets increasing very quickly relative to developing nations. The only other option to expand into those economies would be through Dubai. So, from here as well the city earns a good amount of wealth and contributes towards the upliftment of the nation.

Booming Tourism Sector

Tourism in Dubai is yet another sector which is the major revenue-generating option for the nation. People from all over the world come to explore the beauty of the city, its exceptional cuisines, desert safari, the world-famous Burj Khalifa, and much more. The tourism industry in Dubai is a major resource of income and wealth after oil export. It can be a bit expensive to take a tour of Dubai from a country with lower currency value than Dubai but it is definitely a must-visit place for everyone once in a lifetime.

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The Best And Real Benefits Of Mining Bitcoins

Bitcoins are used widely by people as a medium of exchange as well. Even though it is not considered as a fiat currency like paper notes, cryptocurrencies are accepted by people and many big organizations around the globe. Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency and it is a viable asset that you can have with you for future uses. 

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology and all the transactions that involve bitcoins exchange are very well secured by the network as compared to online money transfer. There are several mining hardware that fulfills this purpose. There are some online software as well for the bitcoin mining process and to mine bitcoins safely you can go through MyBTCgenerator.com for authentic and fast bitcoin mining. Although there are so many of us who really have no idea regarding Bitcoin, the science behind it, and the benefits.

A Good Passive Income Source

The transactions of Bitcoins are compiled under blocks and after every ten minutes, they are confirmed by the network. The mining hardware which is present worldwide mines the blocks by solving a mathematical equation and the first one to do so will get the mining reward which is 12.5 bitcoins. The transaction fees that are included in mining the blocks are also received as payment. So, overall it is a very good passive income source for the people who are looking to invest their time and money in bitcoin mining.

Get Real-Time Rewards

If you are willing to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin then let me tell you that instead of buying bitcoins you can mine bitcoins to save your money in high transaction fees and mining usually takes less time. With Bitcoin mining, users can save on various payment fees as well as on sale and transaction fees. The incentives can even be delivered to your account in almost real-time since your request is accepted. The fees and the cost that you save on a large number of bitcoins can become a big amount in itself and you may observe that you are getting more benefit in mining bitcoins.

Earn Other Cryptocurrencies As Well

There are many other cryptocurrencies as well that are as profitable and trustworthy as bitcoin. Apart from bitcoin people even buy ethereum, litecoin, and tether and ripple for investing purposes. Based on the standard of the firmware, the price of energy, and the market rate of Bitcoin, the mining process can have various rates of profit margins. However, based on what you think is highly lucrative, you can still shift to several other cryptocurrencies. You can view the different rates of cryptocurrencies online. After comparing the rate you can decide which one to mine at that certain point in time. 

Join A Pool To Get More Bitcoins

To multiply your chances of getting more bitcoins easily, you may join a pool where several numbers of users use the hash power of miners to solve the block and multiply the chances of winning more bitcoins in less time. If the bonus was already submitted, the balance will be divided as per the rate of hashes you allocated to the pool. You do have an opportunity to test your fortune by mining bitcoin through your own. Your odds of completing a block could be very limited, however, the volume of prizes you will get would surely be worth that challenge.

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