A story of forgiveness

As I am writing this post, my mind drifts back to the school days when I was one of the few boys in the school who were constantly bullied and pushed around. Those were tough times. I was physically weak, though my mental ability was up to the standards. It was not easy coping with haters. In short, it was tyranny.

I say this because one day the bullies had crossed their limits. They pissed on me and made a fool of me in front of the whole class. That was the day I decided to fight back, not at a physical level but on a mental level. I decided to ignore them and go about with my work.

Though this didn’t stop them from getting at me, I was firm at my decision of not fighting back physically but being mentally strong and working harder at my studies.

Five years from the, when I was ready to join one of the best institutes in the country, those rowdies of my class were out of school and into the workforce. They were doing menial jobs as labors. They turned into drunkards and abused their life.

I am not saying that I am happy seeing them in that condition. I am just saying that they paid the price for their deeds.

I remember how these guys used to ride around in their father’s motorbikes and tease the other children in the village. I was one of their targets. They used to mock at my poverty.

As a child, I was not hurt by what they said. I was hurt only when they tied me up and hit me with their fists.

I am the editor of an online magazine now. I have tasted some success and I am proud of my accomplishments. However, there is just one thing that keeps me bothering. I keep asking myself if I should go to the village and visit those bullies of my childhood. I am not sure why I keep thinking about it. I guess there is something for me there. I guess I have something left to do.

There was only one way to find out. I had to visit my village.

As planned, I went to the village one Sunday. I took my RX100 with me. I had bought it when I came to the city. It was the same model that those school bullies used to ride. I got it on EMI. I used a bike loan EMI calculator to calculate the dates and the amount to be paid. I paid the installments on time because of the bike loan EMI calculator. I did a little finding about them. They were in the church that day. I made up my mind to meet these guys. I didn’t know what I would say to them. I just knew that I had to meet them. Only then I could be at peace.

After a long wait of three hours outside the village church, I saw these two guys among the crowd of people. The bullies. The guys who tormented me. There was some kind of unease within me after seeing them. This feeling was not from remembering the time I was bullied but it was from seeing them in really bad shape. They looked sick, both of them.

I immediately decided to turn back and get back to my place. I couldn’t see these guys in that condition. I didn’t like them. But, I didn’t hate them either. They were the ones because of whom I forced myself to study hard and become as successful as I am now. I couldn’t let them suffer.

So, I sent someone to take care of their needs and help them live a better life. It was a good feeling to forgive. I never felt better.

Best Gulf countries in the world

Living in the Gulf countries can be a different experience for people from other parts of the world. There are so many factors that make living here really interesting. In this post, I have tried to describe the best country in the Gulf and you will find the reasons for me describing why these countries are considered to be the best. The Gulf countries in the list are UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

Opportunities in the Gulf

There are many opportunities in the Gulf countries. Most of the work here is related to construction and energy. However, there are jobs from other fields too.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that living and working in Gulf countries is not for everyone. You have to take a few things into consideration before you decide to move to the Gulf for work. To make it easy for you to choose the right country to move, I have listed the best countries in the Gulf to live and work. Here they are:

1. UAE

One of the top countries in the Gulf is the UAE. It is the top choice of people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to move to for work. You will find people from your community living here and this is one of the biggest reasons for more and more people to move to this country. If you keep your expenses in check, you can save quite a lot working in this country. There are online tools which help you estimate your earnings in the UAE. You can calculate gratuity in UAE online and know how much you can earn. When you calculate gratuity in UAE, you get a clear estimation of your earnings and your savings when living in the UAE.

2. Oman

This is a place where you can find a lot of places to work and live.  Thought the earning from Oman will be lesser than Dubai, you will get the opportunity to interact with locals and get to know their culture, language and a lot more.

3. Bahrain

This is another option for people wanting to come to the Gulf nations. Though the country is comparatively not as developed as the UAE, here too you will get the opportunity to move around and interact with the locals, This is quite an experience in itself and you will love it. I’m telling you because I’ve had this experience myself.

4. Qatar

This is a Gulf nation which is not that interesting like the other Gulf nations. Here, you do not get to interact with the locals like the way you do when you are in the UAE, Oman or Qatar. However, economically, this country can help you earn and save a decent amount of money.

5. Kuwait

In case you don’t get an opportunity in Qatar, you may go there. Saving will be good. Locals are conservative and arrogant.

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Interesting Animals Facts You Should Know

The animal kingdom is amazing in its own way. There are millions of species in the animal kingdom. The numbers keep growing every year as new species being discovered by our scientists. While the population of the animal kingdom is certainly an interesting aspect to discuss, there are other interesting facts about the animal kingdom that you need to know. To start with let me share with you some interesting animal facts.

Little known facts about animals:

  • A cow can produce up to 200,000 glasses of milk in its lifetime. This is more milk than a person can consume in his lifetime. Another interesting thing about cows is that you will never find two cows with matching spots.
  • True buffaloes live only in Asia and Africa. The commonly referred American buffalo is actually a bison. There are differences between bison and buffaloOne huge difference between bison and buffalo is that a bison has a huge hump on its back but a buffalo doesn’t.
  • Horses can eat up to seven times their own weight each year. That’s a lot of eating. They weigh approximately 1,200 pounds.
  • A lion is a very loud animal. You can hear its roar from a distance of about 5 miles.
  • Cheetas are the fastest animals in the entire world. They can sprint at a speed of up to 120km/h. Besides their speed, they have a very load vocal. You can hear them from a mile away.
  • When it comes to the largest land animals on the earth, it is the mighty elephant. It weighs up to 200 pounds. It has a pair of beautiful tusks which keeps growing all through its lifetime.
  • Chimpanzees are next to humans in terms of intelligence. They are clever enough to make their own tools to get their food. This is a unique behavioral trait in the chimpanzee that can’t be seen in other animals.
  • Giraffes are the tallest animals on the earth. Their legs are taller than many humans. The tallest giraffe in the world stands at a height of over nineteen feet.
  • Koalas are the sleepiest animals on the planet. They can sleep for up to 22 hours a day.

Some more interesting facts:

A group of owls is called a parliament.

A group of crows is called a murder.

A group of rhinoceros is called a crash.

An octopus has three hearts.

An ostrich can run faster than a horse.

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Revolution That Changed The Face Of Education

There will come a time when the machines will replace humans in almost every aspect. This is the future of the earth which has already been predicted a century ago by the thinktanks and philosophers. They deduced this fate using their intuition and knowledge acquired by a prolonged deliberation. The only thing that made it alive is our curiosity to know about our pasts.

The changes were so drastic and apparent that it could be observed without making any effort. The vivid descriptions and the accounts of the past made it so crystal that even a child with the basic critical and logical ability can deduce the changes that took place over this short period of time

But it was not so sassy to archive whatever we did till today. It’s just because of the relentless works of the stalwarts and the doyens that paint the dreams of our ancestors into the canvas of reality. It was their dream to see their posterity equipped with all the amenities that too with high efficiency. They wanted to make the world a better place for all the creatures that kept on adding. They wanted to add values to the society through their thoughts and skills.

I remember as a college-going adult with an average scorecard, I had always been in the good books of my mentors and teachers just because of my ability to use these technologies that saved my time by increasing the speed and accuracy of the tasks I used to be bestowed upon with. I remember on the first day of my college we were given the equations of binomial distribution in the very first class.

I being well versed with the technology made it in no time. you too can nail in a matter of just a few seconds if you ever find yourself struggling with such interactions or problems.  Here I share the link to the website that can be used for the binomial distribution with speed and accuracy. Do visit the Link in case you get stuck with the problems of such equations.

I personally consider the use of technology in education to be the best as it not only saves your time but also helps you get versed with many other things which come handy and needs no or fewer efforts. This advancement was possible only because of our ancestors and the present researchers that made it possible.

There are many who still consider it a problem as it makes us devoid of the human connection and feels. They hardly see beyond it. They are the critics of changes that take place for providing us with a better world to live on.

We as a responsible creature should understand the use of these predictions and possibilities to serve ourselves for a better life. A life that is full of excitement and innovations. We keep on getting something new almost every single day. The dedicated companies are continuously making new products and keep on improving the existing ones.

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You should date an older woman at least once… here’s why

There is always something attractive in older women. Don’t you agree?

Well, in this post I’m going to state some reasons for me thinking so. These are things I have figured out after dating a lot of older women. Read on and find out why you need to date an older woman at least once in your life.

1. They are matured and experienced

One of the things that men find trouble handling in a relationship with younger women is their immaturity. This is not the case when you are dating an older woman. There is a lot of maturity in older women. This makes it easier for you to enjoy the relationship.

2. They are much better at conversations

The thing about younger girls is that they haven’t seen the world much. This makes them fall sort of interesting topics to talk about. If you are a serious guy, you will most likely get bored with the talks of a 20-year-old girl. Older women, on the other hand, are amazing at conversations. They have so much to tell you and you will find those talks interesting too.


3. They are serious about their careers

This is the thing I love about older women. They are more ambitious and focused. There is clarity in their actions and they know what they really want from life. This is a real advantage when it comes to dating older women.

4. They care about the relationship

Unlike young women, older women know how difficult it is to find a decent partner. That is why they make efforts to save the relationship when things start getting ugly. There is a certain kind of appreciation for the relationship in them which I really find attractive. This is also a reason you can have a long lasting relationship with an older woman.

5. You get to learn from them

The thing about older women is that they have seen life more than you have. This is why you can learn from them a lot. Learning is a life long process. If you can find someone to share this journey of lifelong learning, that would be amazing. In case you are looking for older women to date, you can try finding them on www.onlinesugarmummy.com.


These were some of the reasons for dating older women. There are a lot of people in the world who are doing this and are quite successful. If you haven’t ever tried dating older women, now is the time.

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Examinations Are Indeed Important

The most crucial part of a student’s life is when the students decide to peruse the subject’s of their choice. The entire life of a student revolves around only one term and that indeed is exams. their lives have been planned in such a way that they will spend 25 of there lives in examination halls taking exams that are either for studies or Jobs. Not even a single day goes by without any thought of an examination hitting the brain. This makes it even more haphazard and set everything at sixes and seven.

The school and colleges take exams and periodic tests every month, making it even more difficult for the students to adjust with the frequency of the examinations that keep taking place. The authority seems to have more inclination towards their scorecards than their mental states. Some of the students describe its a mental agony that haunts us and keeps them awake the entire night with scary ordeals. I personally despise this idea of too many examinations in a very short time period. The students should get time to see life beyond schools.

The most grueling part of studying is that you take exams to make into the college’s and keep taking exams to keep yourself in the college. Students have started to have a phobia of exams just because of it.

The exam is not the only thing that pesters the students on a regular basis. Recently, I met a friend of mine. He had some issue in converting his GRE score to GMAT. This was indeed a new concept to me. But by dint of some thorough research on the internet, I finally came across a website that could smoothly convert GET to GMAT. Here I share the link for the same. If you are an MBA aspirant and are finding it difficult to convert the scores which makes it inconvenient for you to predict the college you may see you self in the days and months to come.


The best part of the periodic tests and exams helps you and your teachers to track your progress and performance. The teachers after getting the hang of your present condition can easily work upon the area that you might be lagging behind in.

There are many shots of entrance exams are also conducted in order to select the students to cut out for any particular institutions or universities.

Entrance exams help in eliminating the excellent from average ones which are crucial to maintain the rapport of the institution. We hardly seem to have options apart from taking exams If you really are a student. It is a very important procedure that one has to go through before making into any respective job, college or an organization. So instead of criticizing the culture of exams, one must prepare on self perfectly before taking any examination.

I though consider the tests and examinations that are carried out at a very high frequency with many surprises and viva. This makes it rather grueling for those who prefer investing a few hours on there hobbies and interests.

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Education Is The Tool We Need In Life

The most powerful tool that a human has is education by virtue of which he can reign the entire cosmos. The importance of education can never be denied by anyone. This is the only reason that separates us from the other living creatures of the planet.

Our ancestors found that education is the backbone of society and emphasized on improving the quality and modes of education that can be imparted to an individual in various forms. It entirely depended upon the interest of the individual and was free to opt for the area of education they wanted to get adept in. Be it the art of wars or the art of communication.

They had this clarity what and how to teach which could satisfy a clan of a particular crowd that seeks the same knowledge.

The life of an individual keeps revolving around only a single aspect and that is education which provides you with an insight to look around for its different aspects in broader terms. The more educated you are, the better the prospects and opportunities you get in life.

The education system has completely been transformed in a rather diversified way. If we track down the history of education, we can clearly see the transformation that it went through and is still being induced to give it a new face.

Struggles never vanish

I remember how I used to struggle with my projects and assignments where I was constantly being provided with rather excruciating programs and conversions. I hated converting XML to JSON the most. But being a computer science student, you are bound to perform such mind-numbing tasks as you seem to have no alternative left. I had to perform the task manually which was the norm of the education system then. Moreover, we were not so technically sound and hardly had any shortcuts. But today the transformation in the education system has simplified even the most intricate problem to the most simple ones.

Here I share the link to the online XML to JSON converter by dint of which you can easily convert even the most critical and intricate XML to JSON. This online platform will surely help if you are a pursuing your studies in CS, IT, EEE, ECE, and others or you are working in an internet company where you often get works apart from your niche and specialization.

The change is so drastic that it can be spotted even by the one using brail methods of education.

This shows the clear transition of the most sought after quality that any social being is bound to have or else you will be seen being anointed among the creatures that just breathe, from a traditional way to the most sophisticated one. Now that we are well equipped with the technologies, we try making the most of it in giving a face to the present education system through various means. The authority is trying to incorporate computers and heavy equipment at every possible level to fetch a surge in the quality of the present education.

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Tools for the visually impaired

The world has changed drastically. There are new innovations on the technological front every day. With the advancement of technology in various fields, efforts have also been made to develop and improve the technology for the blind. There are tools which can be used by the blind that improve their lives and make them feel blessed to be living in this age of technology and innovation. In this article, I have listed out the most useful tools for the visually blind.

1. Screen readers

Screen readers are useful for letting the visually impaired read content from the web. These are programs on the computer which reads out the content loud for the visually impaired.

2. The Perkins Braille Writer:

The Perkins Braille Writer is a  tool that lets the visually impaired type braille texts. It looks much like a typewriter. It is one of the most revolutionary products for the visually impaired.

3. Electronic Braille Writer

One step further in the field of braille writers is the electronic braille writer. It is light and versatile and really helps the visually impaired in creating braille notations.

4. BrailleTranslator.net

This is an online tool that converts English texts into Grade 1 braille notations. You can use it to convert any English text into braille notations instantly on brailletranslator.net.

5. Braillenote apex note taker

If you find note-taking difficult, this is the right tool for you. It lets blind students type notes in Braille and then later convert these notes into audio format.

6. Slate and Stylus

Another major innovation in the field of technology for the visually impaired is the slate and stylus. This is a portable device which can be carried around and used wherever and whenever you want.

7. Ovation

This is another revolutionary product developed by Telesensory. It reads the pages of books and converts words into audio format. It is immensely helpful to blind people who want to read and learn from textbooks.

8. WinBraille

This is a software program that helps you take scanned copies and convert the texts from them into Braille. You can even take printouts of this document using an embosser.

9. Ray phone

This is a smartphone for the visually impaired. It has all the functionalities that you find on a smartphone. It supports a number of apps which are similar to that used in normal smartphones.

10. Scientific Calculators

Advancement in the technology front has resulted in the development of scientific calculators that help the visually impaired with maths. There are special scientific calculators that help students learn their functions easily.

Besides all the above tools, there is something else that makes the lives of the visually impaired a lot easier. It is the guide dog. It helps the visually impaired move around without stepping into obstacles and falling down.

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How I Started Travelling The World

“There is nothing worse than living a life unfulfilled. The world is big and life is short. Go out, take risks and live your dreams.”

The Inception

I was interested in seeing places and learning about people since my childhood. There was this time when I had bunked classes to go around my city all by myself. I was eleven then and there were no such thing called smartphones. I had gone around the city on buses and auto-rickshaws. That was the first time I was travelling alone. Before that, the only opportunity I used to have for travelling was when my parents would decide to take a trip to Nainital where my maternal uncle lived.

Growing up in Bombay, I often used to travel on local trains and get down at random stations. That was how I used to see places. It was only after I got into high school that I went on an organized trip. That was the time when I was getting more and more interested in exploring places. I remember how I used to note down the names of places and landmarks on a diary. I would even draw maps on them so that I could come back to the places I visited.

The Turning Point

After college, I took up a job as a travel guide. I wasn’t great at academics and therefore I decided to do what I was good at. I would use my knowledge about the places around me to enlighten my clients. While I was doing this job, one day I happened to meet a person from Norway. Unlike other clients, who left after paying me, he showed some interest in my life.

He asked me about my future plans and told me about his. I was surprised to know that this man had travelled more than 30 countries till now. He was planning to travel the whole world. This small talk with a stranger had initiated some new hopes in me. I wanted to see the world too. The only thing that was stopping me now was lack of money and the right knowledge.

However, I didn’t let that stop me from doing something. I started to think a lot and worked extra hours to save money for travelling. The money I earned was enough to take me across half of India. But, I had become obsessed with the idea of travelling all around the world. So much so, that I spend more time working and didn’t travel anywhere for more than a year.

The Belief

Eventually, I understood that this was not going to help me. I had to start travelling and do some work while doing so. I created a YouTube channel and started shooting videos of my travel across India. Initially, I didn’t see any results from my efforts, but gradually I noticed some positive feedback. After six months from the day I started filming videos, I had learned a lot. I improved upon my skill of video editing and learned how to reach out to people on the internet. I learned about how I could increase my channel’s reach through social media. All these had made me more and more interested in doing what I was doing.

At one point of time, I firmly started believing that my dream of travelling the world would come true soon. This made me work more smartly and I managed to get 1 lakh subscribers within a year. I earned enough from my channel to start travelling to foreign destinations.

The Medium

A lot of people keep asking me how I travel the world and how I manage to keep track of everything while travelling. Some ask me how I manage to travel to places where I do not know the language. I tell them just one thing – take the help of the internet. This is one of the most powerful mediums we have today. There is nothing that you cannot learn from the internet. For instance, you want to know about the strongest currency in the world, just do a google search. You want to know about the best travel destinations in the world – just do a google search. That’s it. You get the answer. The strongest currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar. Instant answers. It’s just amazing.

That is how I learned about travelling the world and that is how I still travel the world. Although there are paid sponsorships that come my way from time to time, I pay for my travel and do things my own way. That is what makes travelling more interesting.

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Tips to Grow Your Audience on SoundCloud

Want to grow your music fan base online? There is hardly any place better than SoundCloud. This is the platform that gives unprecedented exposure to musicians and unparalleled exposure to fresh talents. Believe me, it can make a huge difference in your music career. However, you have to make sure that you follow certain tips for growing your audience on SoundCloud. Here are some tips that you need to take a look at:

1. Create a unique and eye-catching profile

One thing that you can’t deny today is that with the right talent you need to have decent looks. When creating your profile on SoundCloud, make sure to make it as appealing and unique as possible. Try to create a positive impact on the viewer’s mind. This is really important if you want to establish yourself as a music creator on SoundCloud.

2. Be part of a community

One of the things that makes a good musician is reaching out not just to fans and followers but to other music creators as well. When you share your music and engage in conversations with like-minded musicians, chances are that you are going to gain better insights and learn things that could help you in your music career. Besides, if your music is good, it can also help you get noticed by prominent people in the music industry. That is why you need to be part of a community and make the most out of it.

3. Share your music on other platforms

There are a lot of music platforms on the internet today. When you create music and share it on all the major music sharing platforms, you create an opportunity to gain more followers. Besides online music sharing platforms, you can even let your followers download the tracks for offline listening. Here is a website that lets you download music from SoundCloud for offline listening for free.

4. Be consistent

There is nothing that can take the place of consistency in your journey of music or any other field you want to succeed in. When you have the motive of becoming a good musician, you should be willing to put in the effort to become one. Be consistent in creating new songs and releasing them on various platforms. You never know which track of yours could go viral.

5. Share on other social media platforms

Every time you post music on SoundCloud, share it on all your social media profiles. The more the exposure, the better it is for your music career. Make sure to include the right tags and hashtags wherever applicable. This will help your music gain more visibility and reach the right audience.


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