Pros And Cons of Credit Cards

Credit cards are a medium of payment which is growing popular in more and more countries around the world. In recent years, there has been an exponential boost in the number of credit card users in countries like India. In my research about the best credit cards in India, I found that most credit card holders are India are worried about paying the debt from credit cards. There are very few who actually enjoy the benefits of a credit card.

While there certainly are some perks of using a credit card, there are some demerits as well. So, what are these pros and cons of credit cards? Read on to find out.

Let’s start with the pros.


1. Convenience

These days nobody likes to carry cash around. Credit cards make it a lot easier to carry out your transactions. In case you lose your credit card, you don’t have to deal with any kind of charges and there will be no expenses on your part. This is something that you don’t get with a debit card.

2. Rewards 

With credit cards, you’re eligible for a host of benefits such as cash backs, airline miles, hotel points and many more. This kind of benefits is not available with debit cards and cash payments.

3. Grace Period

With credit cards, you get 21 days of grace period to pay your credit bills. This means that you get 21 days from the time you receive your credit card bill each month to pay it.

Now let’s look at some of the cons of a credit card.


1. Overspending

Credits cards are like Alladin’s lamp. Often you can end up spending more than you can afford. This can put you into a trap of debt which will make life difficult for you.

2. High fees

Your credit cards can cost you heavily as they come with a high annual fee. If you do not make use of it the right way, you may end up paying more in fees and get very less or no benefit from your credit card.

3. High interest rate

Credit cards can easily put you in debt in a short time. If you fail to repay the debt quickly, your debt amount keeps on rising. The best way to avoid this kind of a situation is to pay your credit card bill before the grace period ends.

These were some of the pros and cons of using a credit card. There are a lot more advantages and disadvantages. However, these are the ones that you need to know initially when you are just starting out.

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Best online tools to use

There are a lot of things that you get on the internet today. Not all of them are the best. However, there are some tools that are such that you can use them again and again and find that they are always useful. In this post, I’m going to talk about such online tools that I have been using for a long time and found them extremely helpful. All these online tools are free to use and you can find them with a  simple google search. So, here goes the list:

  1. ScreenCapture

This is one of the tools that made life really easy for me. There was a time when I used to wonder how to get recordings of the things that I do on the internet. Then I came across this tool and since then I have been using it to screen record things. Eventually, I started a YouTube channel and used this screen recorder to record videos of my screen on Youtube.

  1. Photo Ease

This is another interesting tool that I use almost every day. It is a free tool and you can use it to create amazing photos. It lets you photos with ease. Hence, the name Photo Ease. If you are into photo editing and want to do it faster, this is the tool I recommend.

  1. Power Factor Calculator

I am into electric circuits and the things that come along. Power Factor Calculator is one of the tools that has made my love for these things even more stronger. I use this tool from time to time to get some work done and learn something new every time.

  1. Love Calculator

This is one of the most used tools, especially by teenagers. I am talking about this because there was a time when I used to use this a lot. It was actually fun to know my compatibility with anyone.

  1. Word finder

This is one of the most useful tools I found as a writer. There were times when I used to wonder about the origin of words and the meaning of certain complex words. This was the tool I used for anything related to words and their usage. I used this tool to learn about new words and improve my vocabulary.

  1. GIF Maker

This is a fun tool to use. You can use this tool to create GIFs. I have used it for my social media postings and my blogs as well. If you are interested in GIFs and want to create one of your own, this is the tool that will help you. The best thing about this tool is that it creates a GIF within seconds. All you have to do is be creative and funny and try to make the GIF unique and catchy.

Bingo! That was my list of the best online tools that I personally use from time to time. I really hope you found this post useful and informative. Do you have any queries or suggestions related to this post? If you have any, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

8 Effective Tips To Boost your YouTube Video Reach

The kind of response your YouTube videos will receive depends on the video reach. Keyword researching can help you set up your videos the right way. You will also need to have a good understanding of the kind of audience you are targeting. There are a lot of ways to increase your video reach. Take a look at some of them:

Have a well-crafted introduction and bio

When you start a YouTube channel, the first thing you need to do is to complete your profile with a short introduction about yourself and your channel. When you have a well-crafted bio and introduction, it adds value to your channel and makes it trustworthy. This can help in getting more subscribers.

Keyword research

Keywords have a really important role to play when it comes to increasing your video reach. Keywords help you capture the market. People search on the internet for various things. When you optimize your videos with the right keywords, your potential audience can reach you easily. This will also help your videos rank higher in search engines.

Create playlists

Playlists help you to keep things organized on your channel. You can keep your videos organized by creating playlists. This will help the viewers easily find the videos they want to watch. If you want to increase your video views, you have to ensure you create playlists for your videos.

Optimize your videos

When you post a video on YouTube, you have to make sure that you add the target keywords in the filename, title and description of the video. Add additional information about the video in the description section. This will help in optimizing the videos properly.

Promote your videos

To have more followers, your videos should reach a larger audience. To do this effectively, share your videos on blogs and social media websites. Share the video links to all your friends and family. Follow the correct approach and be patient and you are going to be certain to gain more viewership. I remember having created a video about the top free movie streaming sites without signup. This video has received more than 10 million views to date. This wouldn’t have been possible had I not promoted the video on other social networks.

Add annotations

Add some additional information to your video in a personalized way so that they can click on it. This process could make the viewer engage with more videos. It will attract more viewers and increase your subscriber base. Coming back to the video about top free movie streaming sites without signup, I made sure to add annotations to this video. This became a reason for more views to my other videos and more subscribers to my channel.

Keep track of your video’s performance

When you track your videos’ performance, it helps you understand how much your videos are worth. This will help you improve your video performance and do the best on to get more viewers for your videos.

Add thumbnails

Having custom thumbnails on your videos can attract more viewers. Make sure to make your thumbnails relevant and attractive. This could definitely increase your viewership.

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The Rural Indian Dream

There is this thing about rural India that makes it a unique part of India. There are things that make the villages of India an integral part of the country. Every village in India is unique in its own way. 

However, there are certain things that are common in most of the rural parts of India. There are places in India which are still lacking in basic amenities such as schools and hospitals. There are places which lack proper sanitation facilities and health units. This is one of the true images of rural India. However, this is not all. There are actually villages in India which are very well developed and have all the basic amenities that you will find in a modern-day town.

Help From The Government

The Government of India is taking important steps in making the lives of Indian villagers better. There are so many initiatives taken by the Government every month to give a push to ease of living in rural India. Among these initiatives is the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana. This is a scheme for girl child education and empowerment. Under this scheme, every Indian family can get help in the education and marriage of the girl child in the family.

Benefits of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana 

To get the benefits of this scheme, you have to be an Indian citizen. Other than this, there are certain other rules that have to be followed to get the benefits of this scheme. One thing to keep in mind here is that this scheme is only for two girl child in the family. In case you have more than two girls, only two of them will get the benefits of this scheme. This has been done to keep the population under control. However, there is an exception. If your first pregnancy results in twins or triplets, this scheme is applicable.

There are so many more benefits of this scheme. Here is a place where you can find it all and learn about it more. Here is a tool that lets you calculate the return on investment from this scheme.

There are other schemes by the Government of India which help in making the lives of women better. This scheme is one of the best ones among the ones launched for the upliftment of women in India. This can actually improve the status of women in the Indian society and make them more contributing to the growth and progress of India.

We hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Tools for photographers

There are many tools for photography. There are actually a lot of online tools that are used by photographers from all over the world on a daily basis. These tools are free to use and you don’t have to pay for them. Recently, I did some research on these tools to learn more about them. What I came to know was mind-blowing. There are tools for almost all things involving photography to make this art simple. While some of these tools are very common, there are some unique ones that a very few people know about. These tools have been in the market for quite long. You can find these tools online. Some are available to use offline too. The best part about these tools is that you can use them without much expertise on the subject of photography. So, without further adieu, let’s get into it.

  1. PPI Calculator

Well, this one is one of the best in this list. It is a simple tool that helps you know the pixel density of images in digital format. There are a lot of photographers who use PPI Calculator on a regular basis. There are others who use it to learn about photography and its basics. This is a really interesting tool and you will find it very helpful if you are starting your journey as a photographer.

  1. Photo creator

While the name of this tool is quite generic, this is one amazing tool that you can have in your arsenal of photography tools. This is one of the best in the market and you will just love it. This has actually been created with the purpose of making photo creation simple. People from all over the internet are falling in love with this free simple tool. This is what makes me wonder how a product can revolutionize the market and make wonders happen.

  1. GIF maker

This one is quite interesting considering the reason it was made for. GIFs are the newest means of expressing yourself on social media. There are photographers I know who use this tool almost every day to give a new look to their photographs and make it unique and valuable for the world of social media. If you haven’t already tried using this tool, you definitely are missing out on something really interesting. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.

  1.  Pixel Editor

One of the best things about this online tool is that you can create anything from a high pixelated picture to a low pixelated picture in a matter of seconds. There are tools which do this for free. However, you don’t get to experience great quality with such tools. This tool, on the other hand, does cost you some bucks but you can have a high-quality result that you are going to love. If you have a thing for aesthetic photography, this tool is just for you.

  1. Photo slasher

Tired of creating photos that nobody likes? This is a tool that can save your life. It has some really cool features that even the best tools in the photography industry do not provide. You can customize your images and make them super cool. This is one treed and tested tool in our list and we can give you the assurance that you will find this tool worth your time and effort.

There are actually a lot of tools for photographers. These were just a few of them. We are going to update this post with the best and weirdest tools that you haven’t heard of yet. Keep coming back for more.


How To Be Good In Mathematics

Mathematics used to be the most daunting subject for me as it always comes with intricate and unpredictable problems. It was the only subject that kept knocking me down throughout my school days, making me feel helpless and miserable.

It came without any certainty and drained me off the energy every single time. I hated it the most and still do. My hard feelings for this subject will perhaps never pass away because it became a reason behind my opting for humanities which again was exhausting and bulky.

I had many a time been knocked down by the subject and it had become an ordeal for me that kept irritating me until I got the most powerful secret to nail it. GK maths questions were even worse, never let me lie in peace. I hated this part of it the most as it burdened me with extra hours of flipping through books and surfing on the internet looking for GK maths questions.

I have always averted looking back as it fetches nothing apart from poignance and dread. I wish someone had told me the secrets that I am going to reveal to you for nailing mathematics and punching it straight on the face.

I did thorough research and immersed myself in a browned study to get the hang of the secrets that made maths a cakewalk for me. Below are the tried and tested tips to improve maths and avoid the struggles I faced while in school.

1. Study in an environment completely free of distractions and make yourself comfortable.

Create or find an ambience completely devoid of distraction to get the most out of the time that you put in. Study in a room that is far from the madding crowd and erratically beeping hauling vehicles. Filling the room with soft blues or jazz music would help you concentrate even better.

2. Start slow and steady

It’s obvious to be frustrated in the beginning but continuous study will surely fetch you desirable results. Be slow in the beginning and maintain consistency to absorb and assimilate the concepts and logic.

3. Practice makes a man perfect, and women too

Make some time to practice on a daily basis and keep doing it until it becomes your habit. Practice deliberately and learn from the previous mistakes to avoid it the next time. Take the help of websites and YouTube videos to clarify your doubts.

4. Finding a tutor or a mentor will make it easier

Find someone who is better in maths to assist you, maybe a friend. It would be better if you take the help and advice of your maths teacher as they are specialised in the subject and have been practising it for years.

5. Using the internet as a tool to get the better of the mathematical anxiety

Enrolling yourself in various courses related to maths that are offered by many websites will certainly help. These courses are planned according to your level and requirements. Most of them are completely free and provides the best training and teachers for the subject. I took the help of this website which lists maths formulas for NCERT class 12. It was a lifesaver.

6. Be a teacher of the concept once you assimilate it completely

Teaching someone else about the concepts you learnt will clarify your own. After understanding the concept and logic, you can help the others to understand it as a part of your own revision.

The above-described tips, if followed religiously will take you to your desired goal in mathematics.

Comment below if I missed out any important points to mention.

5 Things To Do Before You Turn 30

One of the best things about time is that it keeps slipping away and yet it leaves you with memories which transport you back into the past. Are you making the best use of your life? Or are you just drifting like a rudderless boat in the sea of life? Questions like these need to be asked and you need to find the answers to these questions. 

There are things that you can do to enjoy life at a certain age. Our body keeps growing and so does our mind. This also means a growth in perspective. You won’t view the world five years later the way you are viewing it now. There is always the scope of improvement. There are certain things that you can enjoy doing before you turn thirty. Here are some of them.

  1. Travelling solo

The best thing about travelling is that it teaches you some really valuable life lessons. You get the opportunity to discover who you truly are when you are travelling alone. You begin to look at yourself as a part of something big. There is a huge paradigm shift that happens when you start travelling. Every new place that you set foot on, has something new in store for you. Every day is unpredictable and that is the beauty of life. Travelling makes life more interesting as you never know what is in store for you at the next destination.

  1. Discovering the world

What I mean by discovering here is knowing about things and learning more of the things that interest you. There are countless things in the world that we are not aware of. It is practically impossible for anyone to know everything about everything. But it is really important that you learn about the things that really matter to you before you turn thirty. Your knowledge about the things that fascinate you can help you in creating an impact in the world.

  1. Getting rid of your fears

Your fears are what keep holding you back from living a good life. Let your fears no longer worry you. Face them and grow out of them. This is something that you must do before you turn thirty.

  1. Keep learning

There is no harm in learning new things. Access to information is really easy these days. There are so many learning sources online that you can now learn anything you want right from your home. For instance, you want to know about the best car insurance companies in India. All you have to do is click here. You will be taken to a website where you can all the information about the same. Similarly, there are millions of websites on the internet about anything and everything in the world today.

  1. Falling in love

Falling in love makes you a better human being. It brings a lot of new experiences into your life and you start enjoying life even more. While there is no right time for falling in life, it is believed that love can be best experienced in your twenties.

Top Batteries For Inverter In The Market

We often struggle with constant power cuts in the locality where we reside.  The supply of electricity by fits and starts is one of the most irritating things that happen often. We are promised to receive electricity throughout the day by our representatives and the candidates we ourselves opt for.  But this makes no changes in the present scenario. 

It has become very important for us now to have at least an inverter with a robust battery so that we can abstain from the perpetual power cut that not only irritates us but also affects our daily chores. The constant power supply is of utmost importance in any city for its proper functioning.

It’s very important to have an inverter at ones place if one is combating fluctuating current supply. You can now buy inverters at a very low price from the market of online. All you need to take care of is the quality of the battery that you buy with it  there are many 

If you are planning to buy a new inverter battery and are confused about how to select the best inverter battery which performs better and has high efficiency then you seem to be on the right page going through the right article to gain perfect knowledge about the selection of the best inverter battery. You don’t have to be confused any longer as there are many sizes and types of inverter battery available in the market at very reasonable prices that not only provide efficiency but also promises prolonged power supply even after electricity break down. 

We have done thorough research religiously in order to come up with the best tips that guide the consumers for buying the best quality product so that you can’t be fooled by any of the salesperson standing at the store desk trying to flog you off.  

Its always a hard task to prepare a top list of the branded batteries that comes at a low and reasonable price, we after performing a series of intent researchers prepared a list of top products for the sake of customers who are in a hurry to buy the best battery as soon as possible. As the customers and the consumers hardly have any time to do the appropriate research in order to look for the best out of everything.

Here in the article, we have tried mentioning all the top-performing batteries which indeed are reliable and efficient. 


  • Exide Inva Master Tubular Battery 150Ah/12V. …
  • Luminous ILTT 18048 150AH Battery
  • Luminous Inverlast Tall Tubular Battery 145Ah/12V
  • Luminous Inverlast Battery 150Av/12V
  • Luminous Tez Inverter Ups 150 Ah
  • Exide Inverter Plus 100AH Battery
  • Exide Sf-sonic Inverter Battery
  • Amaron Inverter 150AH Tall Tubular Battery
  • Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inverter Ups Battery
  • Luminous RC 18000 150 AH TALL TUBULAR BATTERY
  • Exide Inva Master Tubular Battery 150Ah/12V


These are the best performing batteries that come reasonably at low prices and have the power to last for a very long span of time. 

Check out all by yourself and see which one you find compatible for your home. 

I hope you liked the article. Kindly let us know your honest feedback by commenting below in the comment section. 

The Purpose Of Random Address Creator

Have you ever wondered what exactly a random address maker is?  What is the purpose of such websites and do these websites work?  Do they have any importance in our day to day life?  

Random address makers are basically used to generate fake addresses which ensure that the user’s identity is not revealed to the masses.  These websites have been created for the safety and security of the user’s individuality.  One can hide its address and generate the fake ones to stay clear of many unknown troubles that keep lingering on the way. There will be times when we as a working professional may need to try these websites for the same purpose. 

These websites are more prominent in countries like America and Canada,  though many developing countries have also commenced making use of these platforms to carry out many activities.  These websites not only generates fake addresses but also makes sure that the real and exact addresses don’t pop up anywhere.  

These websites are used by spies,  detectives and professional hackers to conceal their identities.  It Generates a fake address complete with street, city, state, zip codes. Be careful though: some of these could end up being real addresses. But advancements in technology have made it possible. Many reforms in the existing websites have dragged out almost all the drawbacks for better performance of these platforms. You can check to see how it works and how far does it take you to in your quest.  I have used this website and it proved to be of great help to me in generating myself with a fake address.  I hope it works the same for you. Check it out. 

Using these websites may sometimes put you in hot waters if you think of using it to carry out the wrong deeds. It should not be used to harm anybody or to pester anyone.  These are just to make your identity secure and not to create problems for other individual sharing the same land as you. Many incidents have been reported over the past few years that people use it for blackmailing others to bag in some money or make them do what they want. 

This is illegal and we as a company never support such activities in any way.  We despise such anti-social elements and activities. We are dead against anything that is intended to harm anyone in any way. 

One should always be vigilant while dealing with such websites as it may put you in trouble if you use it with the intention of harming others. 

There are many such websites which serves the same purpose and can prove to be of great help to you in many ways. 

Many professionals and ethical hackers are using and making such a website almost every day to cater to the needs of the users. It protects your identity by generating a fake address for you which ultimately keeps you safe and secure. 

I hope you liked the article and kindly let us know your honest feedback by commercial ting bellow in the comment box. Your precious suggestions are very important to us as it inspires us to keep improving our articles. We will keep coming up with more such Interesting and educational articles in the future. 

Careers To Choose After High School

Did you just complete your high school? Or are you looking forward to finishing it? Well then, its time for you to think about the next course of action which is to choose a career path. Except for some lucky ones, most students find it difficult to make a decision when it comes to choosing a career option after high school. If you too are one of those poor souls, here is good news for you. Here, you are going to know the various career options that exist today. Some of these career options are very interesting and you may love them.

So, here goes the list:

  1. Dog Trainer

This is one of the best jobs for those animal lovers who can take a stand and do anything for animal protection. The education that you need to become a dog trainer is quite basic. In some cases, you do not even need a degree to get the job. All you need is some knowledge of animal psychology and some essential training skills.

  1. Ice cream taster

This career option needs a degree in the specified field. Other than that, you may also consider getting a diploma in Brand Management. It could help.

  1. Soldier

One of the most challenging careers to opt for, making a career in the Army is quite an act of bravery. I have a friend in India who serves the Indian Army. If you too are from India, you can check out this website which lists the different ranks of the Indian Army.

  1. Musician

This is one of the most satisfying careers for creative people who have a flair for music. Choose this career and you might just turn out to be the next Elton John or the next A.R. Rahman. You will not need any college degree for this. However, you will have to get the music degrees for going ahead in your career as a professional music creator.

  1. Car Racer

If you have a love for high speed and can’t get enough of adrenaline rush, this might be the right career option for you. Just make sure that you care for safety as this is one of the riskiest jobs in the world.


Those were some of the careers that you can choose after high school. There are actually many more career options to choose from. One of the best ways to decide the best career for you is to take this career test. It will give you insights into the right career according to your skill and interest.

I hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let us know about other topics that you may be interested in learning. We’ll try and publish articles on topics that you are interested in.

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