‘The Ordinary’ Acne Solutions

Katie is a wonderful, wonderful teenager-she is a studious kid, representative of the student council..hence, loved by every student of her class, in fact, loved by everyone in the school..she is the teacher’s favorite and surprise surprise! She is beautiful and does the ballet. So, she has wonderful parents who couldn’t be happier with their daughter’s achievements and behavior..but they had no idea that what was coming onto them in upcoming weeks.

Katie was a teenager so she was facing a lot of changes..physically,mentally,emotionally and psychologically..she suddenly started noticing redness on her face and had itchiness, her face had a little soreness and gained a lot of pimples..she got very irritated because obviously, it was a lot to take on for a teenager like her..she had very rough acne.

Katie felt ugly because of the acne she had..she started hating her life and stopped going to school, she thought that everyone would not like her anymore and they will make fun of her looks..she thought that they will kick her out of the student council committee(silly child, I know)..she was in the ‘ just leave me alone, let me be in my room phase’..her parents could perfectly understand this situation because obviously, at one point of time they were teenagers too.

Katie’s father took the responsibility on himself to drag her out of this wrong perspective as he believed that he could explain things better to her..so he headed to Katie’s room with a bowl full of her favorite ice cream..so she opened the door and was a fluff ball..I sat down besides her and let her know that

  • Whatever she was facing was absolutely normal for a teenager.
  • Her dad told her that she was an absolutely stunning girl..with or without acne.
  • He promised her that no one will make fun of her, because she is much more than her looks.
  • It was her charming, fun and social personality that made everyone like her, not the way she looked.

She got a little relieved and cried in her dad’s arms..she clustered the courage to go to school and as she went there, she was surprised..everyone was normal, no one even noticed her acne or the redness or the pimples..everyone behaved the way they usually did, which gave Katie a LOT of CONFIDENCE..she felt a little better..but unfortunately, she still couldn’t get her mind off of the acne on her face..she still looked in the mirror and felt ugly(teenage brain)..she wanted to have her spotless beauty..moreover, she wanted to get rid of the pain that acne caused and she was unable to focus on ballet..she wanted to become a ballet dancer when she grows up.

She told her dad about this and he still reminded her that she should embrace how she looked like, she was beautiful the way she was.but Katie was a little adamant to find a solution to it because the acne was painful for her and she wanted it to fade away..to which her dad reluctantly but happily introduced her to best the ordinary products for acne..her father told her that he had a colleague who faced adult acne, he asked her about the products she used because she was bragging about it to another colleague and her dad had heard it and he had already purchased it two weeks ago.

But her father had one condition..he wanted her to see that scars, acne, pimples, hair loss, etc does not make a person who they are..these are just superficial things..it is our character, our personality that matters..she would be a ballerina just because of her undeniable talent, not on the basis of her looks..which she understood(with time) and kept applying the products and she felt a great difference.

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How my Friend Became A Millionaire

To be a successful man is everyone’s dream. Everybody wants to earn in thousands and become a millionaire one day. But is it even possible to do so, especially if you do not have a strong financial background? The answer is YES. I used to think that only hard work, dedication, and luck can bring success to one’s life. But, my thoughts and assumptions turned out to be false when I met one of my friends. After I met my friend I realised that to be successful, just hard work and luck is not enough, one has to use his smartness and intelligence to his best.

My friend belonged to a lower middle class family, so it was not possible for him to adopt ancestral property as they didn’t have one. But today, he is a millionaire and his wealth is increasing continuously. I was surprised to see his financial growth, until one day, I asked him about the whereabouts of his wealth. With a bit of hesitation he disclosed his secret to me that I will share with you by means of this post. 

My friend became a millionaire by constantly winning online quiz contests and game shows that are organised by various web platforms and popular TV networks. Previously, I never thought that these types of things actually existed. But my friend showed me that there are online platforms that offer handsome winning prizes for winners and even cash prizes also. He also showed me the trick that he uses to always win in the contests and earn a fair amount of money every time.

My friend showed me that popular TV networks like CBS, NBC, etc. conduct online quiz and puzzle game shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! These are legitimate sites that actually pay you if you can win. He also told me that to win these games and earn money, he takes the help of various websites that can generate probable answers to the questions asked in these game shows.

Whenever my friend used to play online game shoes, he used to log in to the cheat websites and find out the answers to the quiz or puzzle and very easily win the game. Like, when he played the online version of the Wheel of Fortune game show, he logged on to a website called wofcheatsanswer.com and found all the wheel of fortune cheats. This website provided him all the probable answers for the questions asked in the game and he easily won the game show using those wheel of fortune cheats.

Although cheating in games is not a good practice,but, if you want to achieve success in life, you have to compromise your ideology and pick up a little bit of cheating habits. Using tricks in games has always existed since the evolution of games, so you taking up a little bit of unfair means or tricks will not affect your personality nor will you end up in jail. So, use your brains along with some tricks and win online game shows to earn a handsome amount every time.

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Comic Book Storage Gives a Rejuvenation!

Rony is an absolutely wonderful boy who loves his mother, Stella very dearly and also cares for her as if he’s the parent and Stella..the kid. Rony and Stella lost their father and husband to a brain tumor two years ago, since then, it us just them against the world.

Rony got busy in his college and Stella got busy in earning the bread..both of them were equally responsible for the household chores..be it the cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping or general household work..both of them were running the ship of the household just fine.
Although the loss of Rony’s father and Stella’s husband- Shaun, was devastating, but both of them never blurted out anything, they never cried or never lamented, they pretended to be happy and okay just because both of them wanted to be strong for each other..whereas the truth was that they missed him very much.
One day, Stella got so tired of running around and doing chores and working all day..she was absolutely exhausted..she missed the reassurance Shaun gave her when everything went wrong..she wondered if Rony felt the same..so she decided to take the day off and do a movie marathon..she also made Rony take a leave from college and chores..so both of them started Marvel marathon(Stella’s choice)..both of them watched the movies but somewhere in the middle they got into a serious conversation about Shaun and how much they still feel their presence in the house..that time..both of them hugged each other and cried out for hours.
Then, Rony decided that although both of them loved Shaun dearly, still it was time to move on..to which Stella agreed..both of them decided to give their house a makeover..to get rid of everything that reminded them of Shaun.
Next week they started clearing out the house with tossing away unwanted things…in the middle , Rony found some huge boxes stuffed with comics, they were in the attic..Rony was surprised to see the rich collection and asked Stella whom they belonged to .to which Stella said that those were her’s..she loved reading comic books before Rony was born, she left the habit after she became a mother..Stella asked Rony to throw the comic books away because she was not interested in them anymore..to which Rony obliged.
Later, they started the procedure of getting the house renovated..after a month and a half, they got their house which was absolutely different from the earlier ones..new paint, new curtains, new furniture, everything new.
They finally unboxed and settled everything after a week, but Stella saw that there was something unusual lying in the hall..to which Rony told her that it was a comic book storage unit for his mother .he encouraged Stella to re kindle her comic book reading habits..to which she was hesitant at first but after a little coaxing, she agreed to.
Stella got really happy to see how her son cared for her and she actually felt better after reading the comics. .she felt that the young Stella has visited her again after such a long, difficult time. Stella again indulged herself in comic reading, which Shaun found to be awesome..he even bragged to his friends at college about his mother’s collection.
At the end, Shaun and Stella understood that no matter what, letting go and going on with the show is the most important aspect of our lives. Sticking onto the past makes us only sad and feel sorry for ourselves.
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Find Health Food Stores in Oklahoma with a Click

Corona Virus has badly affected every city of every country, be it health-wise, money-wise or mentally. The challenge faced during this pandemic is that it is fatal for people who already have really low level of immunity. Most of the cases in which people have died of Covid 19 is because they were already suffering from some or the other ailments. Mostly, people with weak lungs or diabetes or people with a vulnerable heart were the ones who suffered most fatalities from the pandemic.

During such dark times we need to be very careful and help out each other in some or the other way as  being united is the only way to fight this situation of crisis and craziness. There are some obvious ways in which you can help yourself and help others in combating this time of the pandemic

  1. Wear masks in public: Wearing masks might pose a problem in breathing, but it is an absolute essential during these times, as the virus is contagious and spreads like wildfire, so, be careful and wear masks as it stops the virus from spreading.
  2. Use sanitizers for contact surfaces: Sanitizers contains alcohol which combats the virus, so spray some sanitizers on the surfaces which comes in contact with many people, like, railings, doors, money, etc.
  3. Build your immunity: It is very important to build your immunity to fight this virus, so it is rather better to eat healthy food which is full of nutrients. Find best health food stores in Okhlahoma city and buy some healthy food for yourself and your family.
  4. Do not discriminate: There are also many people that have suffered Covid and they came out victorious because it is easily treatable at home. So, do not discriminate against people who have contracted the virus as they are same as you are, just a little unfortunate.
  5. Help the ones fighting the disease: Many people who contracted the virus have been home quarantined and because this virus tends to make you weak, doing household chores or any routine work can be challenging. So, help these people out by providing them food, medical supplies, daily need items and more. These people need to be dealt with kindness and love.
  6. Do not believe in fake news: Technology might be a blessing in today’s time but it is equally a curse, due to technology several fake messages and fake news are forwarded daily via social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. It is rather better to not believe in such fake things being circulated as they cause nothing but trouble.
  7. Stay optimistic: Staying optimistic is the biggest medicine for every problem, so always assert yourself to think positive and be positive, in this way you keep your mental health in check, which is the most important part of our well being.

The situation of this pandemic is combatable only when we join hands and fight against it together. Also, a little thank you note to all the frontline workers who have been constantly and tirelessly working for the betterment of the world.

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My Experience With Funko Pops

Almost everybody in the world has a hobby. But, I didn’t have one until one day when I visited one of my friend’s house and saw something interesting in his room. As I entered his room, I noticed some toy figures over his cupboard. They seemed to be cute, so I enquired my friend and he told me that those were Funko Pops that he had collected. From that day, I decided to have my own collection of Funko Pops and gradually collecting funko pops became my hobby.

Now, what are Funko Pops? Funko Pops are vinyl figures resembling popular characters like the Avengers, Disney cartoons, PJ masks, Paw Patrol, etc. They can be of any shapes, but my favorite are the funko mystery minis. I have got the best funko mystery minis collection among all my friends. These toys are same as funko pops but they are smaller in size and therefore look more adorable. Most of my friends are amused by seeing my funko pops collection, and some are even jealous about the fact that I own the best funko mystery minis available in my locality.

I have collected around 2000 funko pops. Many of my friends ask me about where did I get so many of these funko pops, but I never told them. But today, I will reveal my secret. I have purchased them from the internet. Yes, there are many websites selling funko pops online. You just have to book one of those from the website and get it delivered to your home.

Now, you might wonder how to select the funko pops just by seeing the images. I suggest you read reviews about funko pops before buying them. There are websites that provide legitimate reviews on funko pops. These reviews can be helpful to you because these websites have experienced experts who use and check the funko pops properly before publishing a review on it.

As toys are all time favorite of little children, so whenever a kid enters my room, he seems to forget everything around and gets mesmerized seeing my collection of funko pops. Funko pops can be a very good toy for kids depending on their age. As funko pops consist of all kinds of action figures and doll figures, they can be used as toys by little boys as well as girls.

If anyone is searching to take up a hobby, I will suggest that collecting funko pops is one of the best option. As funko pops are small figurines, they can be stored very easily. Funko pops cover all sorts of virtual characters from Marvel Heroes to Doctor Suess and from My Hero Academia to Naruto Shippuden, so you can find a wide range of collectibles.

I hope you found this post interesting. If you have any queries or suggestions please drop your views in the comment section below. Also let me know if you want to find more information about funko pops.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Omaze Winner Gets Lucky!

Two friends John and Cassidy were having an evening walk together, they are the residents of the same neighborhood. They were discussing about being lucky in life, let’s follow their conversation

John: Ugh! My life is a joke, I am probably the unluckiest person on the face of this earth!

Cassidy: Chill bro! Why are you being so hyper? I am sure you are just exaggerating.

John: Oh really? You think I am exaggerating? Come live my life one day, you will know that how many things I go through.

Cassidy: Come on! How bad can it be?

John: Since morning, I have tripped on my shoe laces thrice! Can you believe me thrice! Also, in the afternoon when I bought my favorite lunch, a bully snatched it from me.

(John steps in a puddle)

John(looking up at the sky) : This is perfect! What else was left? Now I am cold and my limited edition kicks are all dirty. (folding hands) Can you please stop this madness, god? I am tired.

Cassidy(trying to control her laughter): Pish, posh! Stop being so dramatic, you. First of all, tripping on the laces? Your fault. You should’ve been careful while tying them in the first place and bullies are everywhere, that’s not your luck, it’s just their small ego demanding a lot of attention and this puddle thing? This will happen again if you don’t look where you are going. Be careful, dude! Don’t blame your carelessness to be your bad luck.

John: It is easy for you to say, you have the perfect life, perfect clothes, perfect parents, perfect school and you are perfectly intelligent. You have no idea how hard my life is. My parents are poor, they barely can afford my tuition fee and I have to wear clothes purchased from Target.

Cassidy(sarcastically smiling): You find my life is perfect? For starters, my parents are divorced, at least your’s love each other. Moreover, my school is filled with robots, they are always in a rush for grades which becomes highly competitive, I mean no one cares about fun. My batch mates are just fifteen and they study on Sunday nights, we have debates for fun at school. Also, my dad does buy me the perfect clothes with his money but he is never there to talk about my day or discuss about his. So, before commenting kindly know the facts. Moreover, I would recommend you to be happy with what you have, cribbing will never bring you anything good.

John: I am so sorry, Cassidy. I had no idea that you are having so much of trouble in your life. After listening to you I feel much better and by the way, you are always invited to have dinner at my house, rather, mom was asking about you just yesterday, she asked me how you wee doing and why haven’t you visited since so long.

Cassidy: That’s so sweet of her , John! Your mother is a sweetheart and tell her that I will visit soon.

(John’s phone rings, he talks with the person on the other side and suddenly he gets ecstatic. He thanks the person and disconnects the call)

Cassidy: Who was that?

John: Oh my god, I can’t believe it, I just got a call saying that I am one of the omaze winners and I have got something big!

Cassidy: You won? That is huge! I never knew that you donated towards omaze. I have been doing this since long and I haven’t won anything! Not fair!

John(laughing): Yes! I did it for the first time and probably you didn’t win because you are not as lucky as I am.

Cassidy(chuckling): Hahaha! I need a party now!


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Butching It Up with Captions!

My lovely friend Simran has been my constant since day one, she has been my friend since the time I cannot even remember, she is kind, sweet, humble and a little stubborn. She was always up the alley with her grades and her performance in school, she has always been one of the toppers of the class, her family , her friends were proud of her. Simran has always been the kind of child who listens to her parents first and her heart, later. When the time of selecting her future came, her parents wanted her to be a doctor, they wanted her to take admission in a medical school and luckily, she got through(getting admission in a medical college is exceptionally hard). Every one was overwhelmingly happy but I noticed something strange, Simran was not that happy, she was smiling and enjoying her farewell party but her smile did not have that spark that it usually did. I went ahead and asked her if she was happy, to which she said that she was okay and then asked me to look at her parents, who were full of joy, laughter and happiness. I did find Mr and Mrs Mehra really happy but Simran could not answer my question, if she was happy, she was never able to lie to me since I knew her too well.

Time flew by , Simran and I got busy in our respective colleges, she was living in Punjab and studying medical while I was pursuing my dream of becoming a dancer, along with my college.

So, jumping on next year’s Christmas eve, Simran was home and I thought of meeting her, so I called her outside and decide to talk over coffee. She was so happy to see me(we were meeting after two years), we had so much to tell each other(we talked less because both of us were busy). She told me that her campus was beautiful and she loved her medical school, she was also dating a boy in college and they were pretty serious about each other. She inquired about my life and my dream of becoming a dancer, so, I told that I was happy and she was very proud of me and considered me lucky. This time I could surely sense that something was wrong and now she could not hide it anymore, she told me that although she loves the college, loves her boyfriend and everything, she doesn’t want to be a doctor, she wants to be a professional photographer. I was stunned, I always thought that it was her dream to be a doctor, to which she said it was her parent’s dream. She asked me to not to disclose it to her parents and unfortunately, I had to agree,but I kept pestering her to at least talk to her parents.

I finally managed to convince her to talk to her parents and when she did, they were so cool about it! They agreed on one condition, that Simran would finish her college first and then she was free to pursue whatever she liked. Simran happily agreed and finally she purchased her first Nikon camera from her savings, she got the camera to learn the art of photography on her campus as it was very beautiful. As she progressed in her college and photography, people saw that she was a really talented photographer, she posted the pictures on Instagram to get a good audience for herself and the first picture she posted was of me, with an instagram caption for sister. I cried happy tears of joy because I knew my soul sister was happy and joyous now.

She is now a very famous photographer and her photos are put up in art galleries and get viral on social media quite soon

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The Pandemic Woes

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of the world, who knew that something as basic as breathing freely would become a luxury for us. Sanitizers have become the new essential for us and masks the new accessory. The pandemic hit the world so strongly that it downgraded the economy of the world. People lost their jobs, businessmen are in debt, many brands shut, many people even committed suicide because they lost their respective sources of income. This pandemic had been nothing but a blunder for the world. The pandemic has spared no one and no country.

People have lost their loved ones due to this Corona virus viral infection ,also they lost the opportunity to perform their last rites. Many people have lost the motivation to live because this year hasn’t been very friendly. In these times of uncertainty and sadness we need to help and look out for each other in many ways. Like 

a) Look out for signs of depression and anxiety in your loved ones. If you see that someone in your circle is actually depressed or anxious, be with them constantly and ask them to refer to toll free therapist.

b) Ask your friends and family to do charity work as much as they can. Ask them to donate food, goods, clothes so that people who are unable to afford even the basic necessities are able to function in their life. For example, donate basics such as wheat, rice, lentils, cooking oil etc to people like rickshaw pullers as their daily wages have affected since the pandemic hit.

c) Since schools and colleges have been not in function offline, the classes are being conducted online,many students are unable to afford the appropriate technology required, so help them with your old mobile phones or desktops.

d) Hang around with your friends and family, and spend maximum time with them. You can spend time with them without even spending a bomb , for example playing online games like clash royale galaxy, you can click here to redirect for the information.

e) If there is any Covid patient around you, do not discriminate with them. Maintain social distancing with them and help them out in whatever way possible. For example, provide them with food supplies and food because obviously they cannot go out if they are quarantined while maintaining a safe distance of course. Also, you can provide them with prescribed medicines without coming in close contact with them.

f) If you feel like you have been in contact with an infected person , immediately quarantine yourself so as to avoid the spread of virus even further.

g) If you are aware about a job opportunity , let people know, as there might be someone who requires this job desperately.

h) Wear masks in public which properly covers the mouth and the nose so as to prevent exchange of virus infected saliva through numerous surfaces.

Follow certain kind gestures and public protocols can help save people from corona and it’s indirect effects. As it is rightly said “Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. You’ll never know how much caring matters. Make a difference for another today.”- Amy Leigh Mercree

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Chlorella Helps Lose Weight

In order to lose weight, a healthier diet and regular exercise is very essential. Most people know in today’s world of pollution, high-stress and excess cortisol puts everyone at risk for weight gain and changes aren’t always easy, especially because of the busy modern lifestyle. In most cases, the main cause of people with weight related issues as well as obesity is a diet with lots of refined foods with low nutritional value. Since, many people struggle to solve weight issues and even doing exercise will not help when bad eating habits persist.

Looking for help with weight loss?

The tiniest organisms on Earth may be able to help out as people from all corners of the world discover each day, the single-celled fresh-water algae supplement known as chlorella is proving itself to be a precious whole-food dietary supplement. It is an excellent source of many important nutrients such as protein, beta carotene, and the nucleic acids (RNA and DNA). It also contains more chlorophyll than any other food. It also helps remove any heavy metals and pesticides that have built up in your body over time. It’s a potent antioxidant that will boost your immune system while cleansing the gut.

Here are some more benefits of chlorella weight loss.

Adding Chlorella to diet is very beneficial, especially when considering that most of the food we consume contains a range of chemicals in the form of artificial colors, preservatives, flavorings and pesticide/herbicide residues. These synthetic compounds play havoc with the digestive system and can compromise overall health .

  • By reducing cholesterol, it has Vitamin B that lowers cholesterol and it has antioxidants that flush out the toxins in your body and hence giving you better health and aiding in weight loss. 
  • By reducing body fat, nutrients in it burn the body fat and lower stubborn fat as well. 
  • By regulating digestive system, rich in fiber and encourages beneficial intestinal microflora production, which can result in increased feelings of fullness at meal times, and better food elimination. It makes the digestive system highly efficient and facilitates the disposal of waste by removing harmful substances from the body. This makes it easier for the body to effectively maintain weight.
  • By improving metabolism, better metabolism helps in the breakdown of nutrients faster and more efficiently. This helps maintain shape and helps in loss of weight. 
  • By blocking the production of fat cells, it can actually make fat cells drop dead, while leaving other cells untouched. It can shrink fat cells too by decreasing the amount of fat held within them. 
  • Low in calories, helps to stimulate red blood cell production which can help with muscle growth, the oxygenation of muscle tissue. It is used in muscle-building and weight loss nutritional supplements.

Organic chlorella contains chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and more so body gets to absorb all of these vitamins and nutrients so it’s really a win-win!

With many benefits , Chlorella comes with some possible side effects also such as, these supplements often contain iodine so individuals that are allergic to iodine or are watching their iodine intake should beware. People that are being treated for a medical condition or are currently taking any type of medication should check with their doctor before taking chlorella. Also one must be aware that Chlorella works best when you exercise and maintain a good diet. However, some people might be allergic to Chlorella and some might not adapt to its taste.

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How I almost got robbed in Dubai

I’m one of those regular people you see in the streets every day. However, there is something about me that makes me street smart. There may be things about me that you may not like so much. There are things that you may find odd about me. Yet, I can say this for myself that I’m one of the smartest persons I know. Am I being egoistic? No, it’s just a sense of confidence that has come to the forefront.

While all these seem good and I can go on talking about myself and my awesomeness, there is something that I have to share with you. I have had the experience of almost getting robbed in the UAE. I was in Dubai for some time and the following is an account of one of the worst days of my life while I was there.

It was the second week of my arrival in Dubai. From what I had come to know, there are many people in Dubai who come here for work and never leave. I am from India and I have had many friends telling me that Dubai is one of the most luxurious places to live if you can afford to maintain that lifestyle. With that advice and hours of research behind, I had decided to move to Dubai for work. I have had seven years of experience in the IT sector in India and finding a job with such experience was quite easy.

Everything was going well so far. I got my job, found a decent place to stay and started planning for my future in the city. That was when I met Haamid. He was an expat who lived and worked in one of the top insurance companies in Dubai. He lived in the same apartment as me and there were occasions when we used to greet each other and talk about regular things.

During one such talk, Haamid told me about one of the best insurance brokers in Dubai. He suggested that I get the services of this person. While I was interested in getting my insurance done, I didn’t want to take the risk of getting my insurance done through someone I didn’t know so well. I wanted to get my insurance done only through the reputed companies and insurance brokers in Dubai.

I told Haamid that I was not interested in that proposal. He insisted further saying that he would help me with all my needs if I get my insurance done through that guy. I was stern with my decision and I clearly told him that I was not interested. This time he didn’t insist further.

It was just a couple of days later that I got to know about Haamid and his tricks. He was not a resident of the building I lived in. He was a contact of one of the persons living there and he used to come there for fixing deals with new tenants. He was friendly and helpful and there was a reason for that. I am sure I would have lost my money had I believed in him.

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