How I almost got robbed in Dubai

I’m one of those regular people you see in the streets every day. However, there is something about me that makes me street smart. There may be things about me that you may not like so much. There are things that you may find odd about me. Yet, I can say this for myself that I’m one of the smartest persons I know. Am I being egoistic? No, it’s just a sense of confidence that has come to the forefront.

While all these seem good and I can go on talking about myself and my awesomeness, there is something that I have to share with you. I have had the experience of almost getting robbed in the UAE. I was in Dubai for some time and the following is an account of one of the worst days of my life while I was there.

It was the second week of my arrival in Dubai. From what I had come to know, there are many people in Dubai who come here for work and never leave. I am from India and I have had many friends telling me that Dubai is one of the most luxurious places to live if you can afford to maintain that lifestyle. With that advice and hours of research behind, I had decided to move to Dubai for work. I have had seven years of experience in the IT sector in India and finding a job with such experience was quite easy.

Everything was going well so far. I got my job, found a decent place to stay and started planning for my future in the city. That was when I met Haamid. He was an expat who lived and worked in one of the top insurance companies in Dubai. He lived in the same apartment as me and there were occasions when we used to greet each other and talk about regular things.

During one such talk, Haamid told me about one of the best insurance brokers in Dubai. He suggested that I get the services of this person. While I was interested in getting my insurance done, I didn’t want to take the risk of getting my insurance done through someone I didn’t know so well. I wanted to get my insurance done only through the reputed companies and insurance brokers in Dubai.

I told Haamid that I was not interested in that proposal. He insisted further saying that he would help me with all my needs if I get my insurance done through that guy. I was stern with my decision and I clearly told him that I was not interested. This time he didn’t insist further.

It was just a couple of days later that I got to know about Haamid and his tricks. He was not a resident of the building I lived in. He was a contact of one of the persons living there and he used to come there for fixing deals with new tenants. He was friendly and helpful and there was a reason for that. I am sure I would have lost my money had I believed in him.

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