How To Make A Culinary Glaze

y  you ever wanted to make a culinary glaze? Well, if you have, this is the right place for you. In this post, I have explained a lesson on how to make a Culinary Glaze.   The proper definition of a glaze is a stock of some sort reduced to at least 85 % of its volume.  You simmer your desired stock slowly letting the water steam away.  This results in a liquid which has more intense flavour and syrupy by nature.

There are various types of culinary glaze that can be made. The difference comes in taste. It is mainly the ingredients that bring out the taste and makes it different from each other.

There are various ingredients that can be used to make a glaze. What are these ingredients? Let’s find out.

What can you make a glaze from?

Well, anything from chicken stock to fruit juices to vinegars.  I recently saw “in a speciality store”a bottle of Balsamic Glaze. The price was absolutely ridiculous.  All you need to do is take some cheaper balsamic vinegar and reduce it by 85% and there you have your glaze.

You can also go for some wine. There are amazing videos on the internet that teach you how to make a glaze with alcohol. I have tried some of the recipes. The taste was just mind-blowing. For details on alcohol brands to choose for, check out this website. It has listings of the most popular alcohol brands.

There is no limit to creativity when it comes to making glazes. You can get very creative with glazes.  How about taking your chicken stock and add rosemary to it?  Reducing this would give you a fantastic rosemary infused chicken glaze.  Think about the many options and combinations you can create from simply experimenting.

There is always something new to try out. When you are creative enough, you can come up with new ideas to make your recipe even more interesting. I know people who have been creative and have got recognition because of their food creativity. Its all about trying and working your way out to get the perfect recipe.

What are glazes used for? 

Did you ever see a chef decorate a plate with his fancy little sauces?  How about a small amount of glaze across an appetizer or tomatoes?  Remember a little glaze goes a long way.  You do not want to you ample amounts like a sauce due to intensity of the flavour of a glaze. They are small touches that make a huge difference to your culinary skills. If you haven’t already started making culinary glazes, it is time you got started.

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