Omaze Winner Gets Lucky!

Two friends John and Cassidy were having an evening walk together, they are the residents of the same neighborhood. They were discussing about being lucky in life, let’s follow their conversation

John: Ugh! My life is a joke, I am probably the unluckiest person on the face of this earth!

Cassidy: Chill bro! Why are you being so hyper? I am sure you are just exaggerating.

John: Oh really? You think I am exaggerating? Come live my life one day, you will know that how many things I go through.

Cassidy: Come on! How bad can it be?

John: Since morning, I have tripped on my shoe laces thrice! Can you believe me thrice! Also, in the afternoon when I bought my favorite lunch, a bully snatched it from me.

(John steps in a puddle)

John(looking up at the sky) : This is perfect! What else was left? Now I am cold and my limited edition kicks are all dirty. (folding hands) Can you please stop this madness, god? I am tired.

Cassidy(trying to control her laughter): Pish, posh! Stop being so dramatic, you. First of all, tripping on the laces? Your fault. You should’ve been careful while tying them in the first place and bullies are everywhere, that’s not your luck, it’s just their small ego demanding a lot of attention and this puddle thing? This will happen again if you don’t look where you are going. Be careful, dude! Don’t blame your carelessness to be your bad luck.

John: It is easy for you to say, you have the perfect life, perfect clothes, perfect parents, perfect school and you are perfectly intelligent. You have no idea how hard my life is. My parents are poor, they barely can afford my tuition fee and I have to wear clothes purchased from Target.

Cassidy(sarcastically smiling): You find my life is perfect? For starters, my parents are divorced, at least your’s love each other. Moreover, my school is filled with robots, they are always in a rush for grades which becomes highly competitive, I mean no one cares about fun. My batch mates are just fifteen and they study on Sunday nights, we have debates for fun at school. Also, my dad does buy me the perfect clothes with his money but he is never there to talk about my day or discuss about his. So, before commenting kindly know the facts. Moreover, I would recommend you to be happy with what you have, cribbing will never bring you anything good.

John: I am so sorry, Cassidy. I had no idea that you are having so much of trouble in your life. After listening to you I feel much better and by the way, you are always invited to have dinner at my house, rather, mom was asking about you just yesterday, she asked me how you wee doing and why haven’t you visited since so long.

Cassidy: That’s so sweet of her , John! Your mother is a sweetheart and tell her that I will visit soon.

(John’s phone rings, he talks with the person on the other side and suddenly he gets ecstatic. He thanks the person and disconnects the call)

Cassidy: Who was that?

John: Oh my god, I can’t believe it, I just got a call saying that I am one of the omaze winners and I have got something big!

Cassidy: You won? That is huge! I never knew that you donated towards omaze. I have been doing this since long and I haven’t won anything! Not fair!

John(laughing): Yes! I did it for the first time and probably you didn’t win because you are not as lucky as I am.

Cassidy(chuckling): Hahaha! I need a party now!


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