The Pandemic Woes

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of the world, who knew that something as basic as breathing freely would become a luxury for us. Sanitizers have become the new essential for us and masks the new accessory. The pandemic hit the world so strongly that it downgraded the economy of the world. People lost their jobs, businessmen are in debt, many brands shut, many people even committed suicide because they lost their respective sources of income. This pandemic had been nothing but a blunder for the world. The pandemic has spared no one and no country.

People have lost their loved ones due to this Corona virus viral infection ,also they lost the opportunity to perform their last rites. Many people have lost the motivation to live because this year hasn’t been very friendly. In these times of uncertainty and sadness we need to help and look out for each other in many ways. LikeĀ 

a) Look out for signs of depression and anxiety in your loved ones. If you see that someone in your circle is actually depressed or anxious, be with them constantly and ask them to refer to toll free therapist.

b) Ask your friends and family to do charity work as much as they can. Ask them to donate food, goods, clothes so that people who are unable to afford even the basic necessities are able to function in their life. For example, donate basics such as wheat, rice, lentils, cooking oil etc to people like rickshaw pullers as their daily wages have affected since the pandemic hit.

c) Since schools and colleges have been not in function offline, the classes are being conducted online,many students are unable to afford the appropriate technology required, so help them with your old mobile phones or desktops.

d) Hang around with your friends and family, and spend maximum time with them. You can spend time with them without even spending a bomb , for example playing online games like clash royale galaxy, you can click here to redirect for the information.

e) If there is any Covid patient around you, do not discriminate with them. Maintain social distancing with them and help them out in whatever way possible. For example, provide them with food supplies and food because obviously they cannot go out if they are quarantined while maintaining a safe distance of course. Also, you can provide them with prescribed medicines without coming in close contact with them.

f) If you feel like you have been in contact with an infected person , immediately quarantine yourself so as to avoid the spread of virus even further.

g) If you are aware about a job opportunity , let people know, as there might be someone who requires this job desperately.

h) Wear masks in public which properly covers the mouth and the nose so as to prevent exchange of virus infected saliva through numerous surfaces.

Follow certain kind gestures and public protocols can help save people from corona and it’s indirect effects. As it is rightly said “Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. You’ll never know how much caring matters. Make a difference for another today.”- Amy Leigh Mercree

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