Learn Basics Before Entering Any Competition In Golf Clash

Once you have downloaded a game for the very first time you need a tutorial about the basics of the game and learn how to operate the game easily afterward. Although the golf clash game is very easy to understand and there is no need to watch a youtube video to understand the game rules, how to play the game, and advance in the game. The game, however, will tell you how to use the different options in the game but still, there are some doubts in the mind of the people regarding the different options that they have got on the menu. If you have played games like 8-ball pool and clash royale, then you are going to understand the game without even the game telling you things to do. But if you have not played any of the games previously, then here are some basics for the new players to understand the game in a better way.

How to Play the Game?

  • Golf Clash is about fast rounds of golf against rivals, regardless of whether companions or AI 
  • As with ordinary golf, your goal is to sink the ball in a couple of shots as conceivable 
  • You get going a game by pointing where you need your shot to go 
  • Whenever you’ve pointed fittingly, press ‘make an effort’ 
  • Move a finger back from the ball to decide power and heading 
  • For the ball to remain valid in-flight, release your finger when the moving bolt is in the focal point of the bullseye 
  • Different sorts of shots, regardless of whether pitch, wedge, or putt, require different degrees of power.

Game Features

1 vs 1 Gameplay

The game has a 1 vs 1 gameplay where you compete with online players from all around the world. The game places you automatically with the online player who belongs to your tier and once you are matched with each other you can start the match and the winner gets trophies, coins, and chests as winning rewards. Sometimes the game places you against a bot but most of the time real players come for the matches.


There are different courses and new ball locations in every tour and you can explore new courses in the game that offer something new every time than your previous course. Every month new courses are added to the game to make it more interesting for the players and to increase user retention in the game. New courses bring new challenges for the players and new challenges make the player stick to the game.


New tournaments are always going on every week and to qualify for the tournament matches with worldwide players you need to win your matches with three chances that are provided to you. Follow the Latest tournament guide in golf clash or join any group of people who are constantly participating in these tournaments for a very long time to get deeper information about the tournament’s matches.

Some Tips And Tricks

Try not to fear power: powerful shots are startling in light of the fact that you have less control, yet they can get you further.

  • Learn wind outlines: however it’s somewhat of genius expertise, wind graphs help vastly improve your game 
  • Save your coins: coins are valuable for entering competitions, so clutch your wealth 
  • Have some good times: however you can discover a wide range of Golf Clash cheats to improve your game, eventually, it’s tied in with having a great time and appreciating speedy continuous golf.

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