How To Be Good In Mathematics

Mathematics used to be the most daunting subject for me as it always comes with intricate and unpredictable problems. It was the only subject that kept knocking me down throughout my school days, making me feel helpless and miserable.

It came without any certainty and drained me off the energy every single time. I hated it the most and still do. My hard feelings for this subject will perhaps never pass away because it became a reason behind my opting for humanities which again was exhausting and bulky.

I had many a time been knocked down by the subject and it had become an ordeal for me that kept irritating me until I got the most powerful secret to nail it. GK maths questions were even worse, never let me lie in peace. I hated this part of it the most as it burdened me with extra hours of flipping through books and surfing on the internet looking for GK maths questions.

I have always averted looking back as it fetches nothing apart from poignance and dread. I wish someone had told me the secrets that I am going to reveal to you for nailing mathematics and punching it straight on the face.

I did thorough research and immersed myself in a browned study to get the hang of the secrets that made maths a cakewalk for me. Below are the tried and tested tips to improve maths and avoid the struggles I faced while in school.

1. Study in an environment completely free of distractions and make yourself comfortable.

Create or find an ambience completely devoid of distraction to get the most out of the time that you put in. Study in a room that is far from the madding crowd and erratically beeping hauling vehicles. Filling the room with soft blues or jazz music would help you concentrate even better.

2. Start slow and steady

It’s obvious to be frustrated in the beginning but continuous study will surely fetch you desirable results. Be slow in the beginning and maintain consistency to absorb and assimilate the concepts and logic.

3. Practice makes a man perfect, and women too

Make some time to practice on a daily basis and keep doing it until it becomes your habit. Practice deliberately and learn from the previous mistakes to avoid it the next time. Take the help of websites and YouTube videos to clarify your doubts.

4. Finding a tutor or a mentor will make it easier

Find someone who is better in maths to assist you, maybe a friend. It would be better if you take the help and advice of your maths teacher as they are specialised in the subject and have been practising it for years.

5. Using the internet as a tool to get the better of the mathematical anxiety

Enrolling yourself in various courses related to maths that are offered by many websites will certainly help. These courses are planned according to your level and requirements. Most of them are completely free and provides the best training and teachers for the subject.

6. Be a teacher of the concept once you assimilate it completely

Teaching someone else about the concepts you learnt will clarify your own. After understanding the concept and logic, you can help the others to understand it as a part of your own revision.

The above-described tips, if followed religiously will take you to your desired goal in mathematics.

Comment below if I missed out any important points to mention.

Factors that bloom a company

After years of struggles and dedication in the school and the college, I managed to make my way into the best IT company with an estimated worth of 30 billion USD which is still growing in figures that need creation like the xor calculator to nail the counting. The exponentially increasing worth that indeed is the result of hard work and healthy mindsets of the professionals who holds the onus of the company.

This often provokes me to contemplate the reason behind the uninhibited success of the company. It’s not the only company that hits the front pages of the elite magazines but plenty of them are out there with almost the same values in figures and numbers. What is the force that keeps the walls of such companies stand high even during the consecutive rains of recessions and in the blistering heats of market fluctuations?

Why these companies give no shit to the trembling graphs which may hamper their existence?

I have dedicatedly followed the footprints of elite performers to plunge deep inside the scenario to get the hang of the inside stories that make or mar an empire. After years of dedicated researches and studies carried out in rapt attention, I discovered why some companies are better than others?

In this article, we will take a look at a few crucial attributes that make a company transit from a name to a brand. A brand with worths that knocks even the xor calculators down with beeps and fluctuations. No matter how small you start, where you get at the end of the day matters the most.

Being original and authentic

The brand must be authentic and a perfect example of originality to gain the trust of investors and consumers. Most of the companies and brands are ignored if it seems to be an imitation and an attempt to mimic a competitor’s brand. The originality and authenticity should be your hallmark Instead of mimicry and foul playing.

Simplicity with originality is better than super beautiful but imitation.

Sincere dedication

Working unflinchingly towards the development of the company with sincerity and dedication without expecting the instant result will bear fruits in days and years to come. It includes hiring the employees with the same mentality who prefer working for the company and not the money.

Staying constantly in touch with the consumers to extract feedbacks to improve upon the existing products or services.

Values that define the company

Staying glued to your principles and promises made in the company’s manifesto will certainly aloof you from the competitors and provide you with a face in the crowd. Your values set in the favour of your consumers will attract them in numbers that are untraceable.

Maintain the consistency

Your dedication is sure to fetch results if you maintain the consistency of your efforts. The way you talk to customers on the very first day should be maintained throughout even if you have successfully crossed the bridge that connects name and brand.

Hope my research and studies can help you in the same way as expected. Comment below if you find anything missing. I will try to include it in the next article.

Men who influenced history

Humans have come a long way in terms of development and reforms as a result of the revolution that kept taking place from time to time. The reforms were drastic and vivid that can easily be noticed if we walk down the lanes of our nostalgic parts with an intent eye and a critical brain. Sometimes being nostalgic is considered good because nostalgia is simply an attempt to try and preserve that which was good in the past.

We have a history that keeps inspiring us throughout our lives in many ways. It has taught us, motivated us, rectified us, and made us stronger enough to walk ahead with the abilities to knock down any obstacle blocking our way.

History is an endless flow of events

The endless flow of our past which ultimately becomes our history has paved the path for us to make our way into a better world. We have seen immense inventions, discoveries, rise and falls, revolutions and reforms, theories and principles which became an indelible part of mankind.

We have been the witnesses of transformations and reforms that took place. Mankind falls in the elite category of living beings that are animals but social. It has intuitions, the ability to distinguish between good and bad and is blessed with a sponge at the top of the breathing structure of bone and muscles i.e.; BRAIN.

The bloody sponge, brain.

This sponge crammed full of floating neurons is responsible for the invention of the abacus and its transformation into calculators and computers. They did not stop here. The advent and the uninhibited rise of the internet gave birth to websites and other platforms like, that fetched a sigh of relief in the eyes of students struggling with numbers. made the invention and discoveries easier and deliberate.

The article would be talking of the most and highly influential men in the history that made the world a better place for their heirs.

Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ (c. 4 BC – c. AD 30) was a spiritual Teacher and a central figure of Christianity, who despite having ample hindrance and impediments, preached a gospel of faith, love and forgiveness.

Confucius: Confucius whose physical existence could be marked between 551 BC and 479 BC was a Chinese philosopher and a wise sage who sought to educate his fellow citizens on the ancient wisdom of moral precepts. He has influenced history through his unparalleled teachings and philosophies.

Ts’ai Lum:  His presence could be marked between  50 AD and 121 AD. He made drastic reforms in the history of writing scripts by inventing papers. No one can deny his contribution to the world by becoming the Inventor of paper.

Isaac Newton: Newton was a British scientist who lived between 1664 to 1727. He was a body with a brilliant mind who dedicated his entire life to physics observing the natural phenomenons. He has given the famous Laws of motion which has been named in his honour as  Newton’s laws of motion.

These men have made an indelible impact on the entire world for their unconditional contribution to the upliftment of mankind. Their bodies may have kicked the bucket but they are still alive in memories, thoughts and in the thesis of the scholars and researchers. Millions of books have been written and published in their honour and thousands of statues have been built as a tribute to them.

Building statues and writing books is just a drop in the ocean for the works they did and the contributions they made.


Serve The Mankind

People are born with some innate qualities which stay latent until the person realizes it in the course of following their callings. We all have been blessed with almost the same amount of time as others. We may discover few disparities in terms of physical strength, financial stature, resource availabilities and social status but a thing that is the most vital and of utmost importance which keeps elapsing and becomes our past is same everywhere for every single person and it is “TIME”.

We have been sent to this universe with the purpose of making this world a better place for all its inhabitants to the best of our capabilities. This aspect of our lives gives us an opportunity to create an indelible mark in the society by serving mankind however we can and with whatever resources we have got with us.

Every single help counts, whether it is a penny or food offered to a beggar starving naked on the street you pass every day or creating a TikTok followers generator to help the prevailing generation gather some followers on TikTok followers. Every act of yours that fetches smiles on others faces is a service directly to your creator, the Almighty. The quality that makes us human is our being sensible and being able to separate good from bad. Our real strength lies in our doctrines and benevolence. We always get rewards for every selflessly performed act, for every single person we love unconditionally and for every ritual that is performed without an intention.

Here’s a story to illustrate this point:

A girl, completely blind, used to stay in the streets of London. She had a beautiful pair of eyes but unfortunately, they had no vision in them. She was indeed an owner of a kind heart which used to weep after getting to know about the pain of others.

She used to go to the church every Sunday with an intimate friend of hers. One day when she was passing by the lane, she heard an old voice begging for food from the people trotting that lane. She curiously asked her friend about the shivering voice hitting her ears. She was then told about the beggar. She got so low that she could not help sobbing the entire day. She was a heart on two legs.

Since that episode, she used to offer the beggar something every Sunday whenever she went to the church. She became a friend of the old beggar. This act of kindness was carried out every single day for many days and one day her father took her to the doctor for a routine checkup. Someone was willing to donate her the eyes.

The family was very happy and after some days the operation was carried out successfully. She got the eyes, she could see the beautiful world now. A few months later, she visited the Church, but there was no longer any beggar asking for food or anything. She forgot him, completely unaware of everything that happened. She still could not know who gave her the eyes.

Our simple act can change the world for better. NGOs like CRY, MAD, PRATHAM and BAREFOOT COLLEGE – INDIA are continuously working for this cause, for the upliftment of unprivileged children and abandoned wives. We too can be of some help to them instead of running behind illogical things like tiktok followers generator. Live for a higher cause.

How to impress your teacher

Teachers play a very important role in our lives. They are the ones who influence our lives in ways that no one can. Because teachers are so important in our lives, we need to make sure that we do our best to impress them and make them realize how important they are. Impressing a teacher has a lot of other advantages too.

From getting good grades to getting recommendations for a position in the school student body, there’s a lot that can happen when you get into the good books of your teacher.

Since impressing a teacher is such an important task, you can make use of the tips below to do so.

1. Be attentive

One of the most common things that teachers do not appreciate is students being inattentive in the class. If you want to have a really good impression on your teacher, you need to make sure that you are fully attentive in the class.

2. Do your homework

As simple as it may sound, doing your homework regularly helps in creating a good image of yourself in the teacher’s mind. This is one of the simplest things to do as a student and become your teachers favourite.

3. Be exceptional

You might be good in studies. However, you have to ensure that you walk the extra mile and become better at the subject. Let me explain with an example. Let’s say you are really good at English. You learn your lessons well and you do your homework regularly. You can go for online lessons and tests in English and learn more than what you are taught at school. Here is a website that offers online English Grammar test.

4. Help others

Being helpful can be another trait in you that your teacher will like. Whenever there is some kind of activity in the classroom, volunteer to offer help and get involved in the activities. Doing that extra bit of work will get you noticed by teachers.

5. Take responsibility

There may be times when you are assigned for a certain project or given certain tasks to complete. Take the responsibility to get the job done and stand up to the expectations of the teacher. The act of taking responsibility shows leadership skills which is an important factor for impressing your teacher.

6. Be polite

Another quality that teachers like in students is politeness. The way you conduct yourself in the classroom leaves an impression about you on the teacher’s mind. Make sure to be as polite as you can in the classroom. This will work wonders and you will leave a good impression on the teacher.

7. Be kind

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. There may be times when you get an opportunity to help your teacher with something or other. Grab those opportunities and be ready to help your teacher at all times. With your little acts of kindness, you can make a huge difference in how the teacher perceives your character.

Those were some of the tips for impressing a teacher. Hope you found this article helpful. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

How to get more views on Twitch

Are you looking for a way to get more views on your Twitch video stream? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I am going to explain the best ways to get more views for your Twitch channel videos. Some of these tips are so good, you will thank yourself for reading this post.

So, here it goes.

Best tips on how you can get more views on Twitch:

1. Choose a game that has more views and less broadcasters

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Rule the market where there is more demand and less supply. There are certain games which are not yet popular but still has demand. You just need to find those games and start streaming game videos. This is one of the best ways to get more views for your Twitch channel.

2. Make sure to choose a game that you enjoy playing

One of the things that you should avoid doing is to stream videos of games that you do not enjoy playing. The key here is to spread happiness. When you are not content playing the game, how can you expect to make your viewers happy? Therefore, make sure that you play only those games that you really enjoy playing. Your viewers should feel that you are genuinely happy playing the game.

3. Buy Twitch channel views

If you are starting out on Twitch, you may need some additional push to get your profile out there. You can buy Twitch channel views and gain more credibility as a streamer. Your profile will appear important when you have a certain number of followers. This is a very good tactic to increase followers quickly.

4. Be unique and interesting

There are millions of game streamers around the world. You have to make sure that you are different from others. Do not keep doing the same things that everybody else does. Be unique and take a different approach when creating videos. Be funny and interesting in your own way.

5. Keep talking all the time

One mistake that new game streamers often make is that they stop talking in between the stream. This is something that can affect the viewership of your channel. Never stop talking when you are streaming a game video. Do not be quiet. Do not let your viewers get bored. Be interesting with your commentary and have fun in the process.


These were some of the best tips on how you can get more views on Twitch. Do you know about more such tips? Do let us know.

We hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you want to get some Twitch tips and tricks, reach out and tell us about it. We would be glad to share more insights with you.

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Things to know before starting a YouTube channel

Are you thinking about starting your own YouTube channel? Do you need some tips on the best practices for starting off? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find the best tips that can help you build your YouTube channel and sustain it in the long run.

1. Choose your niche

This is the most crucial step before you start thinking about other things related to your channel. Choose a niche that you are interested in. Initially, your motive should not be to earn from the channel. You need to create content that people find useful. You can do this when you create content about something that you have a good knowledge about. You can create informational videos or you can create entertainment videos. The point is to provide value and engage the audience so that they keep coming back for more.

2. Use the best video editing tools

When you create videos for YouTube, you need to be sure that your videos have good quality. Poor quality videos don’t help in getting the attention of viewers and they get disinterested immediately. It doesn’t matter if your content is great. If your video quality is not up to the mark, it won’t help your channel.

3. Make it appealing

When creating videos, you may be tempted to include a lot of unimportant things in the video. Make sure that you avoid doing this as it can make your videos unnecessarily long and boring. Go through your videos thoroughly and make sure to edit the parts which do not provide any value or are plain dull.

4. Include subtitles in your videos

This is important because YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t understand your video content. Most YouTubers do not use subtitles in their video because they think that transcribing their videos will take a lot of time. But, this is not true. You can actually convert your video content into text within a few minutes. Just visit My Voice To Text and convert your YouTube video into text. My Voice To Text is a free and easy-to-use tool that you should definitely use for your YouTube channel.

5. Have an amazing channel Intro

The intro of your video is something that can hold the attention of your viewers or put them off. Make the intro short and interesting. Try to tell the audience what you provide in the video through the short intro. This will give them an idea about your content and make them want to watch more.

6. Be consistent

Be sure to maintain your level of consistency. Work on a fixed schedule. Decide the time for creating, editing and uploading videos. There is a lot of work that goes into making a good video. Be prepared for all the effort and never back down from making that effort. Your consistency can make you build a good rapport with your viewers.

We hope you found this tips useful. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

The Definitive Guide To Personal Loans in India

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is one type of unsecured loan which helps you fulfil your emergency needs. The differentiation of this type of loan from other loans is that there is no requirement of collateral or security for availing this loan. The rates of interest in this type of loan are comparatively higher than the other types. Like with any other type of loan, you will need to repay personal loans in accordance to the terms of the bank. The repayment option of this type of loan provides you a time period ranging from a few months to a few years.

What is a Personal Loan used for?

There’s so much that you can do with the funds received through personal loans. You can support your children’s education. You can attend to a medical emergency in the family. You can cover the expenses for a wedding in the family. You can do a lot with funds from your personal loan.

What is the procedure for loan application for a personal loan?

The procedure for loan application for a personal loan is similar to that of other types of loans. You need to submit the necessary documents like your ID card, bank details and other documents. The bank or financial entity will then check your worthiness and offer you the loan after the final approval. The fund received as loan is then transferred to your bank account. As simple as that.

Once you have the loan amount in your bank account, you can use this amount any way you want. However, we recommend that you do not use personal loan amounts for stock investments or for purchasing properties and luxury items.

How to get urgent cash loan?

If you have a smartphone, getting urgent cash loan is really simple. You just need to download a Fintech app of your choice and follow the procedure for applying for personal loan. The process of loan application on these apps is really simple. You can apply and submit your documents anywhere from your smartphone. There is no requirement to visit any bank personnel during this procedure. It’s really simple and fast. These apps really make getting instant cash loan a simple and reliable procedure.

What are the repayment options for the loan amount?

The loan amount of personal loans can be repaid in equated monthly installments (EMIs). The EMI amount depends on the company, the loan amount, the time period and the interest rate.

That was all about personal loans in India and how you can avail one for yourself. Hope you found this post helpful and informative. If you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, please let us know about it in the comment section below. Also, if you want to know more about personal loans in India, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you out.

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Dogs Can Be Your Kid’s Best Friend – Here’s Why

Having a pet dog in the house is great for kids. There is so much that a child can learn from pets. A pet dog can be a perfect companion for your kid and can make your kid fall in love with it. Here’s why getting a pet dog is one of the best things that you can do for your kid.

1. Kids never get bored with dogs.

When there’s a pet in the house, your kid will never get bored. Pets get along really well with kids, especially if it is a dog.  It can keep your kid engaged all the time. That way, you can also have some spare time to do things you like to do.

2. Pets make your kid active.

In the times of electronic gadgets, it is very likely that your kid gets involved in smartphones and video games. This makes them less active physically. Having a pet dog can make your kid more active than those kids who do not have a dog.

3. Kids become responsible.

It has been seen that kids who have dogs are more responsible than those without dogs. Simple things like caring for the pet dog and seeing that they are well fed makes your kid understand the important lesson of taking responsibility. This can be a huge factor for developing a kid’s personality.

4. Kids develop a sense of empathy.

Caring for a dog makes your kid more empathetic towards other animals. They develop a sense of kindness towards all living things in general and this makes them a better human being. Isn’t that a reason enough to get a dog for the kid?

5. Kids become healthier.

Kids who are raised near dogs tend to become more immune to diseases than other kids. This makes them healthier and stronger. Also, with a pet around, your kid gets more exercise than he would have otherwise.

6. Kids learn how to have fun.

One of the most important lessons that your pet dog can teach your kid is to have fun. The essence of life is to be happy and make others happy. Dogs are the best examples for proving this point. Every moment spent with your pet dog is time well spent.


Considering all these factors, it is a great idea to have a pet dog at your home. It can really bring a lot of positivity into your kid’s life and help your kid to grow into a healthy adult.

If you are in India and want to buy a dog, you can visit for checking the prices of dogs in India.

Hope you found this post helpful and informative. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, please let us know about it in the comment section below. Also, if you want to know more about dogs, feel free to reach out to us. We would be glad to help you.

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How To Get Around Bangalore

If you ask me about the most happening cities in India today, I would say it’s Bangalore without second thoughts. I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me on this – Bangalore is the city you need to visit (if not stay) at least once in your life. There is so much to this city that I can’t find enough words to describe it. I have been living in this city for the past three years and I can tell you this – there’s no other city which offers such convenience as Bangalore does.

Everyday a lot of people come to the city for work and pleasure. If you are someone like me, you must have had the thought of moving around the city and explore. The fact that you are reading this article means that you are already on a pursuit to find the best means of travel in Bangalore. Well, as you are here, you will surely get to know the different ways I used to travel around the city when I came here the first time.

So, here we go.

1. Auto-rickshaws

One of the most common means of transport in any city, auto-rickshaws are popular in Bangalore too. Most Bangaloreans use this for their daily commute. There is just one problem when it comes to moving around on auto. You may be overcharged.

2. Buses

Bangalore has a wide network of buses which comprise mostly of the BMTC buses operated by the Karnataka Government. This is easily the most used transportation medium for Bangaloreans. If you are new to the city, you definitely need to have a ride on BMTC buses.

3. Bike rentals

Bike rentals are a really good option for moving around the city. There are so many bike rental services to choose from when you want to get around Bangalore on a bike. You can easily get two wheelers for rent in Bangalore. You can hire a bike or scooty on daily, weekly or monthly basis and explore the city for really cheap. If you want to explore the best places in Bangalore on a shoestring budget, you definitely need to go for two-wheelers for rent in Bangalore.

4. Car rentals

While bike rentals are great for solo travellers, car rentals are good for moving around the city with family or friends. You can easily find the car of your choice and explore Bangalore with car rental services. Just make sure to have the required documents with you to hire a car and you will be good to go.

5. Metro

Bangalore has a growing network of metro connection. Besides its use for daily commute, metro can be used by travellers to reach popular destinations within Bangalore.

These were some of the most common means of getting around Bangalore. As you have come to know, there are so many options to move around and explore Bangalore. Which one of these options would you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you very much for reading.