Differences Between Setting Up A Tent And A Hammock

If you go on a trip or any sort of adventure whether alone or with someone, you have two most basic choices to choose from: sleeping in a tent or sleeping in a hammock. Most people prefer to sleep in a tent as they are recovered from all sides and protects you from many natural things in the environment. But, this does not mean getting a hammock sleeping bag won’t serve the purpose of sleeping for you. Even many hammocks come covered and protect your and your stuff from natural forces. 

There are some advantages of using both the things and some disadvantages of using them. Before you choose anything for your trip or adventure, make sure you analyze the type of trip that you are going on and what are the natural surroundings there. Everything that you choose depends on your usage of that product and this is what applies here also. You need to take care of your needs and look at whether it serves you your most basic purpose or not. Here is a brief comparison of both tent and sleeping hammock to help you decide.


An incredible arrangement for dozing in a hammock is to utilize an under the quilt and a top quilt. Under quilts wrap under the hammock to keep you protected under and forestall “cold butt disorder”, and the top quilt will keep most of you warm inside the hammock. 

The reason you couldn’t simply utilize a customary camping bed without help from anyone else in a hammock is that as you are inside the pack, your body weight packs all the protection under you. Compacted this way, there aren’t any air pockets in the protection, and it loses its protecting capacity. You’ll get cold pretty easily. 

One elective a few groups have utilized is to lay down with a protected cushion and a hiking bed in the hammock. This functions as long as you can keep steady over the cushion and it doesn’t get out. If you utilize an expanded cushion, empty it only a tad so the cushion can frame to the state of the hammock somewhat better. At that point, it will not get out as easily. 


  • Consistency-with a ridgeline, your hammock lays similar without fail, so you’ll get that very night’s rest. 
  • With the fast and easy arrangement, you don’t get it grimy on the ground and can set it up for a speedy breather on the path. 


A tent and hiking bed isn’t the solitary choice while ground outdoors, despite the fact that they are an incredible approach! If you’re searching for fast and light, hammock outdoors isn’t your lone alternative. There are additionally frameworks like teepees, canvas covers, and so forth that can turn out extraordinary for resting on the ground. 

While there are lightweight exploring choices for tents, they will in general be somewhat heavier than other ground outdoors choices. Pressing around the tent body, posts, stakes, fly, and impression can weigh a great deal! You can likewise go in fast and light mode, which is basically the impression, fly, and posts, and that removes some weight, yet will give you less security. Probably the greatest benefit a tent can give you is that assurance, since most tents have a bath floor, and it truly secludes you from the weather. 


  • Exceptionally shielded you get heaps of sanctuary from the weather, and so on There’s less openness. 
  • It will work each time-you needn’t bother with trees to hang it from.
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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Travelling By Auto Rickshaws

Auto Rickshaws are an integral part of public transportation in India. They are used by millions of people every day and even purchased by thousands of people every day here. There are a lot of three-wheelers available in the market and they come in a variety of options like loading rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, and carriage rickshaws with a variety of fuel options including, CNG, LPG, Petrol, and Diesel.

Auto Rickshaws are definitely a good choice for traveling within the city limits and they can be the best-suited options for 2-3 people who want to explore a new city or just want to take a ride from the railway station to the desired destination within the city. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of traveling in an auto-rickshaw and some of the major ones are listed below.

Some Advantages Of Auto Rickshaw

  • Auto rickshaws are more affordable when you contrast them with a four-wheeler and they are additionally more affordable than four-wheelers with regards to support and fixes. 
  • Three travelers can easily sit in an auto-rickshaw and they are more steady than bikes and motorbikes. Solace is anything everybody needs when they are voyaging anyplace. 
  • Auto rickshaws cost considerably less than a taxi and travelers can arrive at their objective by paying a lot less expensive passage. When contrasted with the cabs, you pay almost no for a similar excursion in the event that you are going by an auto-rickshaw. 
  • Auto rickshaws take a lot less space on streets and stopping openings when contrasted with four-wheelers. They are additionally exceptionally simple to deal with, and they can travel through spaces rapidly.
  • It is more economical to run an auto-rickshaw on CNG as compared to cars. They cause less pollution in comparison to cars that run on petrol or diesel. They also give users more mileage in CNG when you compare it with a CNG-based four-wheeler.
  • It is easier to manufacture an auto-rickshaw as compared to four-wheelers because of their compact size and they require much lesser components.
  • All the parts that you need for repairing auto-rickshaws are very cheap as compared to the four-wheeler and it is available everywhere you go.

Some Disadvantages Of Auto Rickshaws

  • One principle drawback of purchasing an auto-rickshaw is they are more costly when contrasted with bikes or motorbikes and can’t move as quickly as a two-wheeler through the congested roads. 
  • Auto rickshaws lack safety tools such as doors and seat belts for everyone. Auto rickshaws do not even have seat belts of the driver making the ride very dangerous for everyone.
  • They likewise create a ton of commotion contamination and wrongfully worked auto-rickshaws regularly disregard transit regulations. Although the new four-stroke engines are much quieter than the previous ones, they still create a lot of noise pollution, especially in the small streets.
  • There are greater chances of accidents due to imbalance created at larger speeds while driving any auto rickshaws.
  • If you want to travel short distances, then auto-rickshaws charge you more as compared to traditional rickshaws, electric rickshaws, or bikes.
  • As they are open from all sides it becomes difficult many times for people to travel in extreme conditions like extreme cold, rain, or hot temperatures.
  • If you want to reach somewhere at a faster pace, you cannot really depend on them as they cannot go to great speeds like the taxis. Moreover, at greater speeds, they are less stable.
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Cities In The US With Lowest Cost Of Living

Some people like to explore the world, move to new cities, meet new people and get to know about new cultures on a routine basis. These wanderers are always up for moving from one city to another but like all humans, they also look for shelters in cities that are affordable and fit in their budget. So people are mere travelers and for them staying in a particular place whether it is costly or cheap doesn’t really matter but those who move to different cities for work or education need to find homes that are affordable and provide them with the kind of facilities they want. So here we are presenting you the list of cities in the US with the lowest cost of living based on transportation, food, house rent, and nearby healthcare or household facilities.

El Paso, TX

The average cost of living here is something around $1183 including house rent, food, internet, gas, and nearby utilities. Of the relative multitude of urban cities examined, El Paso has the most reduced average cost for basic items, however, it doesn’t mean it has nothing to bring to the table. On the off chance that you’re an outdoorsy kind who appreciates climbing, boating, and fishing, at that point you’ll adore this present city’s closeness to state parks and the Rio Grande.

Lincoln, NE

The average cost of living per month here is something around $1292 which includes the average rent of one room around $647, $297 for food internet, and gas charges around $66 and $128 respectively. Other charges are paid for normal daily utility. Lincoln offers the students the most affordable way to get an education without going into debt. Lincoln even has one of the biggest universities here which is the University of Nebraska.

Toledo, OH

The average cost of living here is something around $1323 including all the stuff like house rent, food, internet, gas, and other utilities. Toledo joins a great educational system with flourishing rural areas and ease of living, making it a favorable city for families to settle down. The city is additionally a center of the social variety, and it has various celebrations where you can find out about another culture while making the most of its customary foods and traditions.

Wichita, KS

The average rent for a single room in Wichita is close to $783 and other charges including food, fuel, household utilities, and internet clocking around $284, $123, $177, and $67 approximately, making the total expense for one month around $1434. It’s actually well close enough for youthful experts, families, and retired people. The lone drawback is that, since Wichita is in Kansas, you can anticipate infrequent twister cautions.

Louisville, KY

The native land of famous fighter Muhammad Ali and home to an assortment of sound game competitions, Louisville is made for game supporters. Louisville additionally has a few whiskey refineries dispersed all through its roads, so specialists of good whiskies will likewise feel right comfortable in this southeastern city. The average cost of living here is around $1,441, including food, shelter, gas, wifi charges, and utilities.

Tulsa, OK

If you are looking for “rent to own houses Tulsa” then you may find a single room here for $818 with internet charges of around $67. Household utilities can also cost you around $157 with food and fuel costing nearly $286 and $123. So the normal person here should keep a budget of around $1,450.

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Reasons Dubai Could Be The Richest City Of World

Dubai is indeed one of the richest cities in the world and so many people from all over the world want to live a life in the Gulf region due to the attractive and rich lifestyle of the people of Dubai. Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world but some other countries lie above it. However, it can be possible that Dubai can take over those countries that are currently at a higher spot. 

When we talk about the Gulf region, we consider that most of the earnings of these countries come from producing and exporting oil and gas. When it comes to Dubai, only 7 to 10 percent of its revenue is generated by exporting crude oil and gas. Then how is it one of the richest economies and how can it come at number one spot? Here are some of the reasons why and how Dubai can become the richest economy in the world.

Money Flows From Diverse Directions

If you are thinking that Dubai is largely dependent on its oil and gas exports as its neighboring gulf nations then you are absolutely wrong here. Dubai is a diverse economy and apart from exporting oil and gas, it has a very big tourism sector that brings a lot of revenue. Apart from this, transporter, trade, commerce, finance, and accounting services contribute a lot to the growth of the city. Even if the crude prices are down, Dubai won’t be much affected as compared to other neighboring Gulf nations.

Skilled Workers

Dubai has a very skilled workforce, people who are from different nations are far more in population as compared to the local people and most of the people are more skilled than the natives there. So, the companies employ more of those people whose main focus is to earn money and give their best for the organizations there. These workers are employed in every trade and operation of the city. People working in Dubai earn a respectable and competitive amount which makes them even more hardworking. If you are from some other country use the Dubai Salary Calculator to convert it into your home currency.

Busiest Gateway Of The World

Dubai has indeed the busiest airport as it is the gateway to all other countries. Most of the big flights connecting the USA, UK, Asia, or Africa connect from Dubai. All the major connecting flights always make a stop for some hours at Dubai Airport. Besides traveling, these locations are also quite important economic hubs, with markets increasing very quickly relative to developing nations. The only other option to expand into those economies would be through Dubai. So, from here as well the city earns a good amount of wealth and contributes towards the upliftment of the nation.

Booming Tourism Sector

Tourism in Dubai is yet another sector which is the major revenue-generating option for the nation. People from all over the world come to explore the beauty of the city, its exceptional cuisines, desert safari, the world-famous Burj Khalifa, and much more. The tourism industry in Dubai is a major resource of income and wealth after oil export. It can be a bit expensive to take a tour of Dubai from a country with lower currency value than Dubai but it is definitely a must-visit place for everyone once in a lifetime.

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Essential Things That You Should Carry For Camping

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned survivalist, don’t venture out from home without the things that we have referenced here. 


Temperatures can drop significantly at sunset, some of the time 20 degrees or more. Abandoning a camping bed hazards an awkward night’s rest, best case scenario, presentation at the very least. What’s more, if you’ve at any point attempted to go camping with your children, you know without a child’s hiking bed, they’ll thrash around throughout the night. 

2. TENT 

A tent can shield you and your rigging from high breezes as well. Regardless of whether you choose the best two-man tent or a major 4 man tent with porch just to put on some additional stuff before the tent in the yard zone, ensure you bring along the entirety of its fundamental accessories: rope, tent posts, stakes, and a downpour fly. 


Water is basic for endurance in nature, and the further off in an unexpected direction you go, the more rapidly it appears to run out. The last thing any camper needs is to be stuck without new flexibility of water, particularly since drinking from a lake or lake can cause genuine disease because of bacteria. 


Campers can light fires with a rock and steel, coordinates, a cigarette lighter, or a magnesium fire starter. If you choose matches, ensure they’re waterproof. It is anything but an impractical notion to pack two fire starters in case one comes up short. Bring a touch of fuel as well, similar to dry bark or portions of the paper, in a waterproof holder. 


Your medical aid pack ought to incorporate different necessities as well: scissors, glue, cloth, cleanser, a CPR mouth boundary, and a crisis whistle. Make certain to throw in containers of sunscreen and creepy crawly repellent as well. Burn from the sun and bug chomps can end your excursion as fast as any laceration. 


The folding knife is a definitive multipurpose apparatus of the outside. A knife can be utilized to trim a rope, cut fishing line, dice snare, cut cheddar or wiener, open a firmly fixed package, hone a stick, manage tangled plants, fix a screw or skin a little creature. 


Steady changes in the sun’s position can cause timberland tourist spots to appear to be new, making climbers become confused. Ill-equipped campers have occasionally meandered the woods for quite a long time before getting saved or finding their way back to camp. 


Strolling around in sodden garments isn’t just unpleasant, it very well may be risky in cooler climes where hypothermia is a worry. Likewise, wet rigging is substantial apparatus, which can make pulling a backpack awkward and difficult. Pick a lightweight, waterproof downpour jacket that will accommodate various layers of apparel.


If you have to find a thing inside your tent or visit the toilet during the night, portable, battery-controlled light is priceless. Numerous campers promote headlamps as the best choice in view of their without hands usefulness.


Campsites with restroom facilities have been known to come up short on paper on occasion. If you’re camping in the profound woods and worried about the natural impact of utilizing bathroom tissue, purchase some that are biodegradable or take a reject pack for removal.

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Finland

Finland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Located in Northern Europe, Finland is mainly known for its tourist attractions. Besides the beautiful capital city Helsinki, Finland has a lot of other wonderful places you are probably not aware of. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Finland which makes Finland tourism one of the best in the world.

1. Lapland

Lapland is one of the top travel destinations for nature lovers from all over the world. The wilderness of Lapland is the perfect place for adventure lovers. Among the many activities that you can do in Lapland are snowshoeing, snow jet skiing and ice bathing. Another activity that has to be on your list when you are in Lapland is to view the Northern lights. This is something which you really cannot miss. The best time of the year to view this amazing phenomenon is from August to April. Lapland is also known for being the home to St.Nicholas or Santa Claus. The Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland is quite an attraction. This should give you another reason to visit this place.

2. Savonlinna

This is an ancient town known for its cultural and historical heritage. The town is located near Lake Saimaa. This is a great place to explore the infinite waterways of Eastern Finland. 

3. Mariehamn

This is the capital of the autonomous region of Aland. It is great for exploring the islands present here and get a glimpse of their unspoilt natural beauty.

4. Salla

One of the most well-known winter activities in Finland is experiencing sauna in the region of Salla. The amazing thing about the sauna experience here is that after you experience the sauna heat, you can go for swimming into the ice-cold water.

5. Vaasa

The astonishing fact about Vassa is that this place was completely burned down in the year 1852. The old ruins of this place are now open for exploration as part of a National Park. There is also a crater here by the name Söderfjärden which was created by a meteor millions of years ago.

6. Oulu

The best time to visit this place is winter. A lot of tourists come here every year to view the incredible Northern lights. Visit findtimings.com to know the visiting hours of famous tourist destinations all over the world.

7. Turku

Known to be the oldest city in Finland, Turku presents itself as a window to the rich culture, tradition and history of Finland.

8. Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. The best time to visit this place is during the summer. This city makes you feel closer to nature and there is so much to do here that you will love it. Surrounded by green parks and beautiful islands, the city has enough of them to keep you refreshed.

9. Finnish Lakeland

Finnish Lakeland is the largest lake district in Europe. Stretched over this beautiful expanse is a labyrinth of islands, lakes, rivers and canals.

10. Porvoo

This is the second oldest town in Finland. The town is particularly well known for its wooden buildings. It has been around for a long time, 13th century to be specific. However, most of the buildings seen today date back to the 19th century. Besides the restaurants and cafes, the town has a National Urban Park. All in all, this town is a delight for any visitor.

With its incredible scenery, unspoiled natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, Finland can be any nature lover’s dream destination. From viewing the amazing northern lights to getting involved in fun activities like fishing, swimming and snowshoeing, there is so much to do in Finland. Besides, you also get to experience the nightlife here in bars, clubs and lounges in Central Levi. Finland tourism is growing by leaps and bounds and now you know the reason for the same. So, next time you think of taking a vacation, you know where you need to head to.

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How I Started Travelling The World

“There is nothing worse than living a life unfulfilled. The world is big and life is short. Go out, take risks and live your dreams.”

The Inception

I was interested in seeing places and learning about people since my childhood. There was this time when I had bunked classes to go around my city all by myself. I was eleven then and there were no such thing called smartphones. I had gone around the city on buses and auto-rickshaws. That was the first time I was travelling alone. Before that, the only opportunity I used to have for travelling was when my parents would decide to take a trip to Nainital where my maternal uncle lived.

Growing up in Bombay, I often used to travel on local trains and get down at random stations. That was how I used to see places. It was only after I got into high school that I went on an organized trip. That was the time when I was getting more and more interested in exploring places. I remember how I used to note down the names of places and landmarks on a diary. I would even draw maps on them so that I could come back to the places I visited.

The Turning Point

After college, I took up a job as a travel guide. I wasn’t great at academics and therefore I decided to do what I was good at. I would use my knowledge about the places around me to enlighten my clients. While I was doing this job, one day I happened to meet a person from Norway. Unlike other clients, who left after paying me, he showed some interest in my life.

He asked me about my future plans and told me about his. I was surprised to know that this man had travelled more than 30 countries till now. He was planning to travel the whole world. This small talk with a stranger had initiated some new hopes in me. I wanted to see the world too. The only thing that was stopping me now was lack of money and the right knowledge.

However, I didn’t let that stop me from doing something. I started to think a lot and worked extra hours to save money for travelling. The money I earned was enough to take me across half of India. But, I had become obsessed with the idea of travelling all around the world. So much so, that I spend more time working and didn’t travel anywhere for more than a year.

The Belief

Eventually, I understood that this was not going to help me. I had to start travelling and do some work while doing so. I created a YouTube channel and started shooting videos of my travel across India. Initially, I didn’t see any results from my efforts, but gradually I noticed some positive feedback. After six months from the day I started filming videos, I had learned a lot. I improved upon my skill of video editing and learned how to reach out to people on the internet. I learned about how I could increase my channel’s reach through social media. All these had made me more and more interested in doing what I was doing.

At one point of time, I firmly started believing that my dream of travelling the world would come true soon. This made me work more smartly and I managed to get 1 lakh subscribers within a year. I earned enough from my channel to start travelling to foreign destinations.

The Medium

A lot of people keep asking me how I travel the world and how I manage to keep track of everything while travelling. Some ask me how I manage to travel to places where I do not know the language. I tell them just one thing – take the help of the internet. This is one of the most powerful mediums we have today. There is nothing that you cannot learn from the internet. For instance, you want to know about the strongest currency in the world, just do a google search. You want to know about the best travel destinations in the world – just do a google search. That’s it. You get the answer. The strongest currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar. Instant answers. It’s just amazing.

That is how I learned about travelling the world and that is how I still travel the world. Although there are paid sponsorships that come my way from time to time, I pay for my travel and do things my own way. That is what makes travelling more interesting.

Hope you found this post useful and informative. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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How To Get Around Bangalore

If you ask me about the most happening cities in India today, I would say it’s Bangalore without second thoughts. I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me on this – Bangalore is the city you need to visit (if not stay) at least once in your life. There is so much to this city that I can’t find enough words to describe it. I have been living in this city for the past three years and I can tell you this – there’s no other city which offers such convenience as Bangalore does.

Everyday a lot of people come to the city for work and pleasure. If you are someone like me, you must have had the thought of moving around the city and explore. The fact that you are reading this article means that you are already on a pursuit to find the best means of travel in Bangalore. Well, as you are here, you will surely get to know the different ways I used to travel around the city when I came here the first time.

So, here we go.

1. Auto-rickshaws

One of the most common means of transport in any city, auto-rickshaws are popular in Bangalore too. Most Bangaloreans use this for their daily commute. There is just one problem when it comes to moving around on auto. You may be overcharged.

2. Buses

Bangalore has a wide network of buses which comprise mostly of the BMTC buses operated by the Karnataka Government. This is easily the most used transportation medium for Bangaloreans. If you are new to the city, you definitely need to have a ride on BMTC buses.

3. Bike rentals

Bike rentals are a really good option for moving around the city. There are so many bike rental services to choose from when you want to get around Bangalore on a bike. You can easily get two wheelers for rent in Bangalore. You can hire a bike or scooty on daily, weekly or monthly basis and explore the city for really cheap. If you want to explore the best places in Bangalore on a shoestring budget, you definitely need to go for two-wheelers for rent in Bangalore.

4. Car rentals

While bike rentals are great for solo travellers, car rentals are good for moving around the city with family or friends. You can easily find the car of your choice and explore Bangalore with car rental services. Just make sure to have the required documents with you to hire a car and you will be good to go.

5. Metro

Bangalore has a growing network of metro connection. Besides its use for daily commute, metro can be used by travellers to reach popular destinations within Bangalore.

These were some of the most common means of getting around Bangalore. As you have come to know, there are so many options to move around and explore Bangalore. Which one of these options would you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you very much for reading.

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