Advancements Made In The Field Of Education In India

If we think about the current education system and the education system in the ’90s, very little is similar. Allow us to perceive what all has changed from that point to now. Like the grading system was already there but a modified version of grading which is the CGPA marking system was introduced for better evaluation of students but later got dropped because of some drawbacks. However some educational institutes still use that process to evaluate students but at many places, you are required to present your marks only and at that point, you will need a Cgpa to marks calculator to convert CGPA into normal marks. This is the major drawback that it is not accepted everywhere till now. However, there are certain things that brought some positive changes in the education system of India and helped students a lot in today’s life.


Recall those occasions while persuading 80% used to be something incredible? Also, if you are a 90% or more scorer, you would have engagement propositions at your doorstep? You got it right I am discussing the 90s. Truth be told, I recollect my father disclosing to me how pleased his folks were at the point at which he scored 85% in class 12. Envision getting 85% in the present time obviously, it is great however not very great that guardians can boast about it to the whole state. The pitiful reality, huh? 

Extra-curricular Activities 

During the 90s, neither guardians nor educators paid a lot of regard to the extra-curricular exercises, and ‘zeroing in on examinations’ was the only thing they were stressed over. However, with the evolving situation, the two of them have understood the significance of co-curricular exercises. Presently, the students are being propelled at schools and at home for something similar to guarantee an equilibrium of both. 

Non-public Schools and Universities 

During the 90s, guardians favored that students concentrate in government schools because of certain issues going from money flawlessly. However, with the evolving times, the private schooling system has developed as well. Tuition-based schools and colleges offer broad offices to their students. The additional offices make the way toward learning much more seriously intriguing. Gone are the days when guardians used to be resolved about their youngster going to an administration school to contemplate. Guardians need their kids to learn more instead of being a piece of an administration school and learning even less. 


Lately, educators are thinking of substantially more imaginative strategies to instruct the students which would assist with working on their IQ. Instructors have perceived that education isn’t just a stepping stool to find a new line of work yet is rather a lifestyle. To educate students viably, educators are embracing a large group of creative instructing strategies like journeys, courses, etc. The point is to join learning and fun.

Online Courses-E-Learning 

We all have an enormous effect on e-learning. From online courses to proficient courses, everything should be possible on the web. Truth be told, individuals who have been in the business have procured a great deal from it while helping students on the loose. A significant part of the credit for e-learning goes to the public authority of India as it has paid a lot of significance to it. The public authority has dispatched different plans, if minimal expense tablets, guaranteed legitimate admittance to the web in schools, and paid a lot of regard to the innovative infrastructure.

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Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Numbers

The amount in your bank account. The page check of a book. That is quickly approaching the deadline. Times, dates, telephone numbers, road addresses—the entire world is numbers. Things being what they are, numbers are a million times more fascinating than the most intricate condition Pythagoras could think of. Numbers are utilized everywhere and at numerous spots, numbers are utilized in words and for some huge numbers it turns out to be truly difficult to show them in words for those numbers you can visit here from the link and have a go at converting enormous numbers into words. Here are probably the most interesting realities about numbers in brief. 

“Hundred” Doesn’t Mean 100 

The word “hundred” is really gotten from the Old Norse word “hundrath,” which really implies 120, not 100. More specifically, “hundrath,” in Old Norse, signifies “long hundred,” which rises to 120, because of the duodecimal framework. Yet, good karma trying to contend that your $100 bill is worth 20 percent more than it is. 

The Square Root of Two Is Called “Pythagoras’ Constant.” 

Clearly, you recall the Pythagorean Theorem from your tenth-grade math class, yet have you ever known about Pythagoras’ Constant? Well, here’s the lowdown: The square foundation of 2 (1.41) is known as Pythagoras’ Constant. It’s likewise the absolute first silly number actually to be found. 

Zero Is the Only Number That Can’t Be Represented In Roman Numerals 

There is an aggregate of zero zeros in Roman numerals. While the old Greeks were mindful of zero as an idea, they didn’t believe zero to be a number by any means. For example, Aristotle concluded zero wasn’t a number since you were unable to partition by zero. Instead of a Roman numeral, the Latin word “nulla” would have been utilized to speak to the idea of zero. The reason no numeral existed for zero is on the grounds that there was no requirement for a numeral to speak to it. 

Different Cultures Discovered Zero at Different Times 

Zero as a number was invented all through the world on different occasions in history. Notwithstanding this dissipated reception, it’s commonly acknowledged that the Indian astronomer and mathematician Brahmagupta raised the idea of zero just because, around 600 A.D. Other than this, Brahmagupta contributed a ton to mathematics and astronomy and is known for explaining how to find the 3D shape and block foundation of an integer and furthermore gave rules facilitating the calculation of squares and square roots. 

The Numerical System We Use Today Is Older Than It’s Been in Use 

The mathematical framework we use today—the one that is made out of the 10 images (you know: 1, 2,3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)— is really based on a Hindu-Arabic numeral framework. This was grown more 1,000 years back, however, it wasn’t until the fifteenth century that these images we realize today were utilized all through Europe. 

7 Is the Most Popular “Most loved Number” 

If you approached somebody in the city and asked them what their preferred number is—of the apparent multitude of entire numbers between 1 and 100—there’s just about a 10 percent chance they will say “7.” These were the findings of mathematician Alex Bellos, who asked respondents to identify their preferred number, and discovered “7” to be the most famous decision. It was chosen 9.7% of the time.

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Understanding The Terms Millions, Billions, And Trillions

In the developing and growing world, we normally experience the words million and billion, and organizations, governments, astronomers, and columnists regularly think in the millions, billions, or even trillions. However, the word million has been around in English just since the late fourteenth century. The word billion was not presented in the French language until the fifteenth century and didn’t discover its way into English until the finish of the seventeenth century, which is genuinely late throughout the entire existence of checking. 

Prior To The Words Million and Billion

Indeed, the biggest number with a solitary word name in antiquated Greek was 10,000. It was called murios and borrowed into Late Latin as myrias. From myrias we get the English word heap signifying “an amazingly huge number or sum”. The people of old additionally had the “horde heap” (10,000 × 10,000) or 100,000,000. Bigger numbers were portrayed in more indirect manners or by utilizing numerical documentation; in fact, 1,000,000 is communicated in Latin as decies centena milia or 10 × 100 × 1,000, and Archimedes (third century BCE) needed to set up his own arrangement of numerical documentation so as to deliberately communicate numbers bigger than the “heap”. He clarifies this framework in The Sand Reckoner, a composition that decides to quantify all the grains of sand known to man so as to challenge the possibility that such an amount was too huge to even think about being checked. 

What Exactly Are Million, Billion And Trillion


A million is 1,000,000. It’s an enormous number made of a thousand thousands. The word million originates from the Italian milione, which truly signifies “an incredible thousand.” It’s extraordinary to have a thousand, however, it’s awesome to have a million! A million is a major number yet not all that large that you don’t see it utilized oftentimes. Indeed, being a millionaire isn’t so much as a serious deal anymore. An online video may be viewed by a million viewers, and there are millions of individuals in large urban communities like New York City and Chicago. The significance of “million” is basic to the short scope and long scale numbering frameworks, in contrast to the bigger numbers, which have different names in the two frameworks. 


In British English, a billion used to be proportionate to a million (for example 1,000,000,000,000), while in American English it has consistently likened to a thousand million (for example 1,000,000,000). English has now received the American figure, however, so a billion equivalents a thousand million in the two assortments of English. A similar kind of progress has occurred with the significance of trillion. In British English, a trillion used to mean a million (for example 1,000,000,000,000,000,000). 


A trillion is 1,000,000,000,000, otherwise called 10 to the twelfth power, or 1,000,000 million. A trillion is greater than a million, more than a billion, it’s 1,000,000,000,000 (and even or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 in certain nations). In any case, this is such an enormous number that it’s difficult to envision. Understanding numbers in trillions gets exceptionally difficult so for making it easy you can utilize the Trillion to Billion converter to make it more basic.

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Various Ancient Numeral Systems In The World

Numerals and numeral systems, symbols, and assortments of symbols used to speak to little numbers, along with systems of rules for speaking to bigger numbers. Here is a portion of the significant numeral systems that originate from the antiquated land. 

Cuneiform Numerals 

Around Babylon, the earth was plentiful, and the individuals intrigued their symbols in moist dirt tablets before drying them in the sun or in a furnace, in this way shaping records that were for all intents and purposes as perpetual as stone. Since the weight of the pointer gave a wedge-molded image, the engravings are known as cuneiform. The symbols could be made either with the pointed or the roundabout finish of the pointer and for numbers up to 60 these symbols were utilized similarly as the pictographs, then again, actually, a subtractive image was additionally utilized. The cuneiform and the curvilinear numerals happen together in certain archives from around 3000 BCE. There appear to have been a few shows in regards to their utilization: cuneiform was constantly utilized for the number of the year or the age of a creature, while compensation previously paid were written in curvilinear and compensation due in cuneiform. 

Greek Numerals 

The Greeks had two significant systems of numerals. Their antecedents in culture—the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Phoenicians—had commonly rehashed the units up to 9, with an exceptional image for 10, etc. The Greeks, who entered the field a lot later and were impacted in their letters in order by the Phoenicians, based their first intricate system essentially on the underlying letters of the numeral names. This was a characteristic thing for every single early progress since the custom of working out the names for enormous numbers was from the start very broad, and the utilization of an underlying by the method of truncation of a word is all-inclusive. The Greek system of contractions, referred to today as Attic numerals, shows up in the records of the fifth century BCE yet was most likely utilized a lot before. 

Roman Numerals 

The immediate impact of Rome for such an extensive stretch, the predominance of its numeral system over some other straightforward one that had been known in Europe before about the tenth century, and the convincing power of custom clarify the solid position that the system kept up for almost 2,000 years in business, in scientific and philosophical writing, and in beauties letters. It had the incredible preferred position that, for the mass of clients, retaining the estimations of just four letters was vital—V, X, L, and C. Roman numerals are exceptionally well known even today in the modern world and they are even instructed at the school in starting stages. Numerous individuals utilize the Roman Numeral Date Converter to change over numeric dates into roman numerals. 

Multiplicative Gathering Systems 

In multiplicative systems, uncommon names are given not exclusively to 1, b, b2, etc yet in addition to the numbers 2, 3, … , b − 1; the symbols of this subsequent set are then utilized instead of reiterations of the primary set. Hence, if 1, 2, 3, … , 9 are assigned in the standard way however 10, 100, and 1,000 are supplanted by X, C, and M, individually, at that point in a multiplicative gathering system one ought to compose 7,392 as 7M3C9X2. The important case of this sort of documentation is the Chinese numeral system, three variations of which have appeared in the figure. 

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Revolution That Changed The Face Of Education

There will come a time when the machines will replace humans in almost every aspect. This is the future of the earth which has already been predicted a century ago by the thinktanks and philosophers. They deduced this fate using their intuition and knowledge acquired by a prolonged deliberation. The only thing that made it alive is our curiosity to know about our pasts.

The changes were so drastic and apparent that it could be observed without making any effort. The vivid descriptions and the accounts of the past made it so crystal that even a child with the basic critical and logical ability can deduce the changes that took place over this short period of time

But it was not so sassy to archive whatever we did till today. It’s just because of the relentless works of the stalwarts and the doyens that paint the dreams of our ancestors into the canvas of reality. It was their dream to see their posterity equipped with all the amenities that too with high efficiency. They wanted to make the world a better place for all the creatures that kept on adding. They wanted to add values to the society through their thoughts and skills.

I remember as a college-going adult with an average scorecard, I had always been in the good books of my mentors and teachers just because of my ability to use these technologies that saved my time by increasing the speed and accuracy of the tasks I used to be bestowed upon with. I remember on the first day of my college we were given the equations of binomial distribution in the very first class.

I being well versed with the technology made it in no time. you too can nail in a matter of just a few seconds if you ever find yourself struggling with such interactions or problems.  Here I share the link to the website that can be used for the binomial distribution with speed and accuracy. Do visit the Link in case you get stuck with the problems of such equations.

I personally consider the use of technology in education to be the best as it not only saves your time but also helps you get versed with many other things which come handy and needs no or fewer efforts. This advancement was possible only because of our ancestors and the present researchers that made it possible.

There are many who still consider it a problem as it makes us devoid of the human connection and feels. They hardly see beyond it. They are the critics of changes that take place for providing us with a better world to live on.

We as a responsible creature should understand the use of these predictions and possibilities to serve ourselves for a better life. A life that is full of excitement and innovations. We keep on getting something new almost every single day. The dedicated companies are continuously making new products and keep on improving the existing ones.

Hope you like the article. do let us know your honest feedback by commenting below in the comment box.

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Examinations Are Indeed Important

The most crucial part of a student’s life is when the students decide to peruse the subject’s of their choice. The entire life of a student revolves around only one term and that indeed is exams. their lives have been planned in such a way that they will spend 25 of there lives in examination halls taking exams that are either for studies or Jobs. Not even a single day goes by without any thought of an examination hitting the brain. This makes it even more haphazard and set everything at sixes and seven.

The school and colleges take exams and periodic tests every month, making it even more difficult for the students to adjust with the frequency of the examinations that keep taking place. The authority seems to have more inclination towards their scorecards than their mental states. Some of the students describe its a mental agony that haunts us and keeps them awake the entire night with scary ordeals. I personally despise this idea of too many examinations in a very short time period. The students should get time to see life beyond schools.

The most grueling part of studying is that you take exams to make into the college’s and keep taking exams to keep yourself in the college. Students have started to have a phobia of exams just because of it.

The exam is not the only thing that pesters the students on a regular basis. Recently, I met a friend of mine. He had some issue in converting his GRE score to GMAT. This was indeed a new concept to me. But by dint of some thorough research on the internet, I finally came across a website that could smoothly convert GET to GMAT. Here I share the link for the same. If you are an MBA aspirant and are finding it difficult to convert the scores which makes it inconvenient for you to predict the college you may see you self in the days and months to come.


The best part of the periodic tests and exams helps you and your teachers to track your progress and performance. The teachers after getting the hang of your present condition can easily work upon the area that you might be lagging behind in.

There are many shots of entrance exams are also conducted in order to select the students to cut out for any particular institutions or universities.

Entrance exams help in eliminating the excellent from average ones which are crucial to maintain the rapport of the institution. We hardly seem to have options apart from taking exams If you really are a student. It is a very important procedure that one has to go through before making into any respective job, college or an organization. So instead of criticizing the culture of exams, one must prepare on self perfectly before taking any examination.

I though consider the tests and examinations that are carried out at a very high frequency with many surprises and viva. This makes it rather grueling for those who prefer investing a few hours on there hobbies and interests.

I hope you liked the article. you can let me know your honest feedback by commenting below in the comment box

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Education Is The Tool We Need In Life

The most powerful tool that a human has is education by virtue of which he can reign the entire cosmos. The importance of education can never be denied by anyone. This is the only reason that separates us from the other living creatures of the planet.

Our ancestors found that education is the backbone of society and emphasized on improving the quality and modes of education that can be imparted to an individual in various forms. It entirely depended upon the interest of the individual and was free to opt for the area of education they wanted to get adept in. Be it the art of wars or the art of communication.

They had this clarity what and how to teach which could satisfy a clan of a particular crowd that seeks the same knowledge.

The life of an individual keeps revolving around only a single aspect and that is education which provides you with an insight to look around for its different aspects in broader terms. The more educated you are, the better the prospects and opportunities you get in life.

The education system has completely been transformed in a rather diversified way. If we track down the history of education, we can clearly see the transformation that it went through and is still being induced to give it a new face.

Struggles never vanish

I remember how I used to struggle with my projects and assignments where I was constantly being provided with rather excruciating programs and conversions. I hated converting XML to JSON the most. But being a computer science student, you are bound to perform such mind-numbing tasks as you seem to have no alternative left. I had to perform the task manually which was the norm of the education system then. Moreover, we were not so technically sound and hardly had any shortcuts. But today the transformation in the education system has simplified even the most intricate problem to the most simple ones.

Here I share the link to the online XML to JSON converter by dint of which you can easily convert even the most critical and intricate XML to JSON. This online platform will surely help if you are a pursuing your studies in CS, IT, EEE, ECE, and others or you are working in an internet company where you often get works apart from your niche and specialization.

The change is so drastic that it can be spotted even by the one using brail methods of education.

This shows the clear transition of the most sought after quality that any social being is bound to have or else you will be seen being anointed among the creatures that just breathe, from a traditional way to the most sophisticated one. Now that we are well equipped with the technologies, we try making the most of it in giving a face to the present education system through various means. The authority is trying to incorporate computers and heavy equipment at every possible level to fetch a surge in the quality of the present education.

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How to impress your teacher

Teachers play a very important role in our lives. They are the ones who influence our lives in ways that no one can. Because teachers are so important in our lives, we need to make sure that we do our best to impress them and make them realize how important they are. Impressing a teacher has a lot of other advantages too.

From getting good grades to getting recommendations for a position in the school student body, there’s a lot that can happen when you get into the good books of your teacher.

Since impressing a teacher is such an important task, you can make use of the tips below to do so.

1. Be attentive

One of the most common things that teachers do not appreciate is students being inattentive in the class. If you want to have a really good impression on your teacher, you need to make sure that you are fully attentive in the class.

2. Do your homework

As simple as it may sound, doing your homework regularly helps in creating a good image of yourself in the teacher’s mind. This is one of the simplest things to do as a student and become your teachers favourite.

3. Be exceptional

You might be good in studies. However, you have to ensure that you walk the extra mile and become better at the subject. Let me explain with an example. Let’s say you are really good at English. You learn your lessons well and you do your homework regularly. You can go for online lessons and tests in English and learn more than what you are taught at school. Here is a website that lists apps for learning English Grammar.

4. Help others

Being helpful can be another trait in you that your teacher will like. Whenever there is some kind of activity in the classroom, volunteer to offer help and get involved in the activities. Doing that extra bit of work will get you noticed by teachers.

5. Take responsibility

There may be times when you are assigned for a certain project or given certain tasks to complete. Take the responsibility to get the job done and stand up to the expectations of the teacher. The act of taking responsibility shows leadership skills which is an important factor for impressing your teacher.

6. Be polite

Another quality that teachers like in students is politeness. The way you conduct yourself in the classroom leaves an impression about you on the teacher’s mind. Make sure to be as polite as you can in the classroom. This will work wonders and you will leave a good impression on the teacher.

7. Be kind

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. There may be times when you get an opportunity to help your teacher with something or other. Grab those opportunities and be ready to help your teacher at all times. With your little acts of kindness, you can make a huge difference in how the teacher perceives your character.

Those were some of the tips for impressing a teacher. Hope you found this article helpful. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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How I Topped My Class Without Spending A Penny On Coaching Classes

I was born into poverty and illiteracy. In spite of the family’s poor financial condition, my father somehow managed to get me admitted to an English medium school. My school was three hours from my village. My father used to take me to the school on his bicycle and I used to walk the distance back after the classes. I used to see my classmates ride their bicycles back home. Sometimes, I wished I could have one of those bicycles. But then, I thought about my family and the condition we were in.

I belong to the first generation in my family to have gone to school. I feel lucky for that. My father used to work in a factory where they manufacture furniture and stuff like that. His wages were just enough to meet the family’s basic needs. But, he really hoped to see me become successful. He hoped that I would become a great person. I was aware of all these back then. But, there were times when I was distracted. Like the time when one of my classmates got a video game to the class and started showing it off to us. I got a glimpse of the thing and was instantly attracted to it. I wanted to get one of those. I ignored the fact that my father couldn’t afford to spend his money on such luxuries. For the next few days, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. This eventually showed in my grades in the test exams. That was my worst performance ever.

It was then that something changed within me. I realized the truth that to be successful, you have to make a few sacrifices and keep yourself focused towards your goal. I started taking my studies seriously. I focused all my attention on my study. Slowly but steadily, my grades kept improving and I got placed among the top students in the class. This was the time when I got to know about something I was not aware of earlier – coaching classes. Almost half of the students in my class attended coaching classes. Even the toppers of the class were no exception. Everyone believed that coaching classes can help in improving grades. This was something that really made me wonder. I wanted to know how taking coaching classes can help in getting better grades. I couldn’t figure out a way to find this. Because of the lack of financial support, I couldn’t join any of these coaching classes. The fees for these coaching classes were more than the school fees. There was no way my father could afford this extra expense.

I decided to let it be. I worked on my own. I referred to the notes I made during the class and studied hard for my exams. I believed that I had done my best. But when the results for the half-yearly exams were out, I was worried to see that some of my classmates who were far behind me in overall class ranking had beaten me this time. These were the students who went to the coaching class. My position had gone down. Though I had done the best on my part, I couldn’t help but worry.

I really wanted to figure out something that could help me improve my score. I was determined to work harder but I still wanted a quick fix. One day as I was walking back from school, I noticed a few young kids gathered in front of a newly built shop. I stopped there to see what these kids were fascinated about. I noticed the board on the top on which were written the words “Internet zone – explore the new world”. I had read about the internet in one of the magazines from my school library. I had wanted to know more about it. This was my opportunity. I used this internet cafe and the first thing I searched for was “coaching classes”. Within a few minutes of surfing, I figured out that there were websites that can be used to learn anything that we want. I had found my alternative to coaching classes.

During the course of the next few days, I spent the time after classes in the internet cafe. I learned a lot from the time spent there. Anything that was there in my books, I could find it here too. I looked up for chemistry formulas list. It was there. I look for algebraic formulas. It was there. It was amazing. The interesting part was that I found it a lot easier to learn from these websites. I stumbled upon this website called Neurons Write. It took me only a few minutes to memorize the chemistry formulas list from this website. I was amazed at what I could do with this new form of learning. I started using it everyday. Soon enough, I became better than the top students in my class. My rank improved and I was more confident than ever before. This continued till the final exams. I performed my best and became the topper in my class.

I was fascinated by the world of internet. Initially, I used to spent the time after classes in the internet cafe. then I got a smartphone from a relative. he didn’t like the phone and so I got it as a gift from him. I even got a sim card. I used to get some pocket money which I started spending on recharge for the internet. I got to learn a lot from the internet. Anything that was there in my books, I could find it here too. I looked up for chemistry formulas list. It was there. I look for algebraic formulas. It was there. It was amazing. The interesting part was that I found it a lot easier to learn from these websites.

I also got to know a lot more things. For instance, I could now tell the difference between a 5G network and a 4G network. Here is the website I learned this from.

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Learn To Love Maths

There other day during my interaction with a group of high school kids I asked them this  question, “How many of you love maths?” The answer was as expected. Only a handful of students raised their hands. The situation is similar in most other schools. Students dread maths more than any other subject.

So, what makes this subject dreadful?

There are only a few basic reasons why students hate maths. One of the common reasons for a dislike for this subject is the approach that teachers use in the classroom. Maths is fun to learn during the early stages of learning. With interactive classroom sessions and visual examples, the kindergarten days are fun for learning maths. But, this changes when students reach higher classes. For most students, the fun gets replaced with boredom. This happens because of the narrow approach that students are made to see. They never see the wider picture and so they never get a chance to explore the beauty of this wonderful subject called mathematics.

How to fall in love with maths?

If I have to answer this question from my personal point of view, I would like to begin by telling you a story. There was this kid who was fascinated by music. He would spend most of his leisure time listening to music and appreciating the lyrics. He would pay attention to the details of the music. He loved every aspect of music. However, he was really bad at mathematics. His grades were a real concern for his parents. However, they didn’t stop him from doing what he did. He started taking music lessons. And that’s when the miracle began. Three months into the music lessons, he got better at maths. So, what made his grades improve. At that time, neither he nor his parents could tell what caused this sudden change. But now he knows. It was music that initiated the love for mathematics.

The kid in this story is me. I have fallen in love with maths. From my experience and analysis, I have come to know that anybody can develop an interest in mathematics and fall in love with it. All you have to do is find something you are passionate about. It can be anything – music, sports,  art, literature, cooking, history, etc. Once you find out your interest, delve deep into it. You will realize that there is some maths involved in everything. Once you encounter it, you are likely to feel more interested towards this subject. This is how your passion can make you fall in love with maths.

While falling in love with maths is a matter of chance, you will surely need to have some basic arithmetic skills to be able to develop further interest in the subject. Learning multiplication tables is one such step that can boost your arithmetical skill and make you ready for falling in love with the world of maths. is one such website which can help you learn these tables quickly.

We hope you found this post useful and informative. If you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, please drop your comments in the comment section below. We would be glad to help you out. To show your support, share this post with your friends on social media and elsewhere.

Thank you very much for reading!

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