Top Pakistani Clothing Brands In UK

The clothing industry is one the most famous and ancient industries of the world because it is human nature that wants a lot of variety in dressing, looking good and attractive. That’s why every day, we hear about a new fashion brand’s innovations in designs and prints. It is said that clothing defines our taste. The finer we wear the more sophisticated we are considered. In fact, it is the label that speaks high about us. People who search for “online Pakistani clothes UK” can check out these brands in the UK for the best clothing experience.


Kiran Chaudry, a singer-cum-business visionary, is behind the brand Anaya. It’s a Lahore-based brand that reproduces the excellence of fashion with unpretentious prints, unadulterated fabric, and perfect weaving. A clothing brand that sincerely provides food your dressing needs. We at Babus Clothing present you, the beautiful Asian fashion admirers of the UK, with the best of Anaya’s Wedding assortment and Lawn assortment.


Igniting since the beginning of its fashion stroll in, inspiring numerous with exciting colors and dynamic surfaces blooms, Charizma. The brand at its prior stages stemmed into the material market by becoming the nearby’s top pick. The distinct nature of magnetism is the manner in which it figures out how to adjust the splendid colors it picks with the ideal mix of weaving. Charizma is the UK involves unstitched suits, premium chiffon suits, and seasonal dresses.


This brand exists to accomplish and introduce the new elements of casual clothing types. With its experience of 30 years in the fashion industry, the brand will in general sustain itself with redesigned fabric changed into evergreen and fashionable wear for all ages. In addition to the fact that it boosts your class, it works in eastern turns that won’t ever disappoint. The luxurious clothing types of Baroque in the UK are accessible now at Babus Clothing Online.


A Fashion ached brand accessible with its beautiful popular outfits at reasonable costs. Eshaisha is basically established from The Madni Group of Textiles. With their unadulterated fabric material, they give refreshed designs in flower or mathematical. Eshaisha introduces its great fine art by giving out Embroidered Collection, Luxury Embroidered Eid Collection, Winter Embroidered Collection, Luxury Formal, Luxury Winter, and some more.


Iznik is a rising ethnic wear brand for ladies employing a combination of strength fashion amalgamated in rich embellishments with faultless strings of silk. Iznik in the UK invents assortments in first-class and outclass designs. Extending over a combination of bright colors, the finest ranges used in every assortment settle on Iznik an absolutely awesome decision for the high-level ladies’ storeroom.


The restrictive designs Maryam conveys are on stock at Babus Clothing. Maryam’s is a fashion talk that expounds on how you can appear to be unique than the ordinary. It’s the fashion sense being freed that we’re talking about here. The dresses the brand has discovered through its own excursion are colorful and wonderful to enhance our dresses for different occasions.


Yatashi appeared with the mindset of bringing you the best of fabric and designs that are viable and cheery and according to modern fashion patterns. With their extraordinary and authorized designs, Yatashi focuses on the ladies of today and tomorrow by providing a vast scope of sewed and unstitched prints and designs, keeping in mind the need to remain snazzy and agreeable in the present fast-paced world.

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How I Lost My Face Fat?

Most of us are facing the same kind of problem of having excess face fat which hides our beautiful jawline. Like all, I also needed a perfectly chiseled jawline to look more attractive and young. I started searching for remedies and tricks to lose my face fat within some time effectively but nothing worked really well for me. I ended up on a website, where is found articles specially dedicated to the jawline. I learned many things from this website and tried the simple yet effective tips from them.

This website is providing information on the jawline and its treatment, you will get everything related to jawline here in one place. I tried their routine for almost 2 months and now my jawline is in better shape as compared to my 2 months old face. 

What Did I do?

Well, I did things as mentioned on that website and let me tell you some basic things that helped me out and it might help you out as well.

Diet For Fat Loss

I am on a calorie deficit diet for the past two months and eating the right kind of food for the last two months. Not only exercise, diet plays a very important role when it comes to losing fat from your overall body.

Chewing gum

I chewed chewing every day for almost 20 minutes and exercised my jawline muscles through this exercise. This is really effective as y appetite was also affected by chewing gum regularly and almost 10% of my food intake was decreased just by chewing gum.

Fish Face Exercise

I did fish face exercise as well with the chewing gum exercise to gain 20-30 minutes per day. It is a really simple task to do and you can do it any time of the day when you are free. 

Exercising At The Gym

As advised by the website to do some kind of physical training, I joined a fitness center and exercised my body muscles for better fat loss results. I burned calories from here and restricted my calorie with my diet.

Cut On Carbs and Sugar Products

I am not consuming any type of refined carbs or sugar products from the past 2 months and consuming more fiber and high protein products which resulted in a reduced appetite and low-calorie consumption in the overall day. Processed foods are high in calories and sugar content which forms a layer on your body. To cut that layer you need to restrict their consumption.

Water To Stay Hydrated

Increased my water consumption which helped in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. Water helps you to stay hydrated and your muscles work well in the presence of water.

This is what I have been doing from the last two months and fortunately, It worked for me and I got what I always wanted – A Sharp and Strong Jawline. Not only this the body fat percentage of my body also reduces to a certain level and I feel very stress-free every time now. The jawline has helped me very much in getting this shape of my body and I will be following the above routine to retain this shape and look attractive all the time.

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