Growing Facebook Page Without Sponsored Ads

Facebook is going to make it increasingly hard for you to get your content seen. While it may be because of the expanded measure of content on Facebook and an endeavor to get serious about malicious and significant content, it is by all accounts a push to make people pay for advanced posts and publicizing. 

1. Make Awesome Content 

This is the above all else thing you should consider. Wonderful and convincing content that discussions straightforwardly to your clients, fans, and audience is the best thing you can do. I think the most ideal approach to have something to share is to blog, take photos, and make an online persona. At the point when you have incredible content on your site and other online locales, it’s simpler to have something of significant worth to share. 

2. Implant Your Posts 

All things considered, your audience is hanging out everywhere throughout the web and not just on Facebook. You can broaden the reach of your Facebook post by implanting that post on your blog network. This will get your Facebook posts before your site watchers and permit them to collaborate with your Facebook content off Facebook. 

3. Energize Likes and Shares

The way Facebook calculation works, the more liked and remarked on your Facebook post is the more eyeballs it will reach. One simple approach to get something significant out is to urge your fans to like it or offer it with their system. You can just do that with extremely incredible content and advance that content on Facebook groups. Indeed, the stunt you can use here is that you can Buy Facebook Group Members and get more reach for your content. 

4. Request that Your Fans Receive Notifications 

Did you realize that you can get similar sort of warnings from Fan pages? It’s actual and many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about this is conceivable. To get warnings on Fan page content, float over the “Like” picture on and click notices. 

5. Offer Reasons To Comment 

Remarking is probably the most ideal approach to build the eyeballs on your content. Attempt to commence each post with a remark from the Fan page and your own page to get the discussion moving. It is additionally a smart thought to pose inquiries or offer motivating forces to increment remarking. 

6. Stir Up Your Content 

The regular idea used to be that each post ought to have a picture joined. While this is a decent strategy since it has a more drawn out time-frame of realistic usability, it is keen to blend it up. Connections currently appear on News Feeds a similar size of pictures which expands the navigation. 

7. Become a Content Curator 

Once more, everything returns to incredible content. At the point when you have incredible content to share, more people are going to tune in. Offer articles, pictures, and recordings that will keep your fans returning for additional. The more regularly one individual associates with your content will decide how frequently they see your content. 

8. Make Fan Page Relationships 

The most ideal route is to share other fan page content. Since everybody is sharing the content of colossal distributions and brands, you should consider targeting average estimated fan pages rather than seeing them. At the point when you offer love to other Fan pages, they will likely give back in kind and offer your content.

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How I made a $500 Passive Income in just 1 Month.

Everyone wants a passive income throughout their life so that they do not have to depend on someone else for their living. Everywhere in this world, every other person is doing something to earn a passive income, they have been working very hard from months to earn money and this is known as hard-earned money. I also wanted to make a passive income for myself but I do not want to work under someone on a monthly fixed remuneration.

Somehow I got to know about the domain industry and I started taking an interest in this industry.  Reading news about new trends in the market, searching for tips and tricks on how to use domain and earn money from that, most of the time I used to watch videos of top domainers on YouTube to gain something important from them. I really enjoyed getting more and more involved in this field and it seemed really interesting to me.

After sometime I created an e-commerce website for myself and started selling shoes, shirts and other lifestyle accessories in it. But even after doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of my website I was not able to create that much traffic for my website. I created an Instagram and Facebook page to increase my web traffic and it actually helped me to some extent but still, I was not getting the desired results that I wanted. My website was not able to rank on the first page of Google rankings. It was indexed by Google but it was far behind in the rankings and this was the main reason behind low traffic and sale for my website.

One day I was just searching for some tricks to rank up my website and increase its traffic and suddenly I saw that you can increase your traffic by using PBNs. I was not at all aware of where can I find high-quality PBN for Sale. But, I searched for some hours and visited many websites and read about what are PBNs. PBN is the Private Blogging Network which is used to increase the domain authority of your website and to rank your website at the top of Google rankings. This is short information for everyone on what really PBNs are.

I purchased a PBN from a website and generally these PBNs are the expired or deleted domains and you have to register it for your use. I registered a PBN with a domain authority of 55 and trust flow of 36 and after reading how to use these PBNs to rank your website, I started making backlinks of my website and I listed those on my PBN and due to high domain authority and good referring domain score and backlink score I was able to rank with my PBN within some days. My website was listed on a high authority domain it increased the domain authority of my original website and suddenly after some time, I saw that I am ranking for my keywords on page 1.

Now I started getting more traffic on my website and my sales went up. Now I have three platforms which are interlinked to each other. My website, facebook page, Instagram page and all of them are getting a good amount of traffic and in the last quarter, I created an income of $1623 from all these platforms.

Now I am happy to see that my business is growing and I am getting what I wanted for a very long time.  On average I am getting a passive income of $500 every month and I am happy that I invested my time and money in this domain industry.

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Digital Marketing as a Profession?

Digital marketing is a platform which has gained a lot of popularity within some years. Expansion of this market create a lot more opportunities for the people. With the completion in market getting high there is more demand for digital marketers so that every organization can maximize their profit by reaching out most number of people. Earlier it was very easy for everyone to reach out the people and sell their products and services online but now the scene has changed and mostly everyone knows the importance of digital marketplace to target customers and generate revenue. Everyone is using digital marketing techniques to get a better and higher ranking in google indexing so that they can drive more traffic on their website. 

Many courses of digital marketing are available for everyone and it is upto your you what you choose. You can go for online courses or you can go to some institute for practical and theoretical studies. Packages after completing this course is really interesting and that’s what mostly attracts everyone. With the increase in demand of digital marketing people the companies are paying really well to their employees.

Many working professionals are leaving their full time job to start working in this field as they see a wider scope and a lot more opportunities in this area. Well this is true in the current time period this profession is very rewarding as compared to other professions. Manu people even started giving SEO services online to earn money by providing SEO services to someone who Do not share any knowledge on this field or someone who has no extra time to work on this field. Digital marketing will be the future and you can sense it as everything is going online with a more broad reach to people all around the globe. 

If you are planning to quit your job for establishing yourself in this industry i will not say that it is a bad move, you will actually get results from this platform but it will take some time as the competition is really high now but you can still make it if you are consistent and not giving up. If you are just started looking for some sort of job or some kind of course i would suggest you to get into this industry and you will surely grow in some time.

Many people are looking to enter this industry on their own without knowing anything, for them is would suggest that you can contact some Digital marketing expert or some SEO service providers online if you do not know anything about this field. Many service providers are available online for your help and you can opt for their services by paying a reasonable amount. Well if you unaware of these service providers and you don’t know where to go and how to find them you can simply click on this link – 

Start your journey in this industry from something and i have given some information which can help you out in finding what suits best for you.

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Places you can find Ready Made websites for Sale

Many market places are available if you are looking to Buy Ready Made Sites on Sale. All marketplaces are offering some unique services to their customers. You can buy website according to your choice and your preferred niche on these platforms very easily. If you want to buy a starter or turner website, some PBN selling website or an already established website that is earning revenue but without any difficulty on building it from starting or you are looking for a place where you can sell websites you currently own. Just like properties, businesses, cars and other things, buying and selling websites also have an online community and we call it an online marketplace. 

Online marketplace is very wide and you have a lot of choices to choose from. You can get the best quality and premium websites from all marketplaces but there is always a difference between everything. You will see something good and something bad in everything and the same thing goes with these marketplaces as well. It can be anything like the user interface is not good or the loading speed of the website is slow or there can be glitches in the payment gateways. Personally I have experienced all the big marketplace website who are selling many other kinds of websites. Some of the best websites maong all these are – Flippa Marketplace, FE International,,

These websites are some of the best website if you are looking to buy some kind of turner, established of PBN websites for yourself. I tried all these websites but recently I tried which has a collection of many established, starter and PBN website. This website shares a very easy user interface and I was able to understand each and every thing very well. Things were described really well that even a newbie could come and buy something according to his need. Filter used by this website is very easy to use and I was able to find out what I needed without searching for hours. Page loading speed was very good and very fast as compared to any other website. Price range of the websites are also reasonable and affordable for all. Payment method is simple and fast and most importantly the payment gateway has no glitch issues which i have faced many times during my transaction. offers you after sale services an di have checked their service is quick and to the point. Websites listed on are very well formatted and everyone can understand what the seller is trying to deliver to the buyer. You get all the information of the website regarding revenue, traffic and its seo difficulty with proofs in the attachments.

Overall I liked this website and i would suggest everyone to go on this website if you are willing to purchase andy starter, established or PBN website. You will not be disappointed by this website and surely you will also recommend this website to your knowns.

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