Can you combine multiprocessing and multithreading

Multithreading and multiprocessing are both ways to run processes on your computer. Multithreading means running multiple threads within a single process, while multiprocessing means running multiple processes on one computer system.

There’s a lot of confusion about these two concepts, but the difference is crucial! If you don’t understand how they differ, it’s easy to end up with code that doesn’t work or perform as well as it could—and that’s why we’re writing this blog post.

Is multiprocessing and multithreading same?

Now that we have a better understanding of the different types of concurrency and the differences between them, let’s look at how they relate to each other.

In general, multiprocessing is considered a form of multithreading and vice versa. To be more specific: you can use multiprocessing to implement multithreading, but not necessarily vice versa (using threads to implement processes). This distinction is important because it allows us to distinguish between methods such as threading and multiprocessing in Python.

The reason why this distinction exists is that while both concepts involve multiple tasks running at once, they differ in terms of how these tasks are handled by your computer hardware (processor). When using threading or multiprocessing directly through Python—which are both ways for you programmatically split up your code into multiple “threads” or “processes,” respectively—your web server will handle them differently depending on which one you choose.

Which is faster multiprocessing or multithreading?

Multithreading is faster than multiprocessing. Multithreading is a process of running multiple threads on a single processor, whereas multiprocessing lets you run multiple processes on a single processor. From the user’s point of view, it doesn’t matter how quickly each thread/process runs—that’s up to the operating system. What matters is how much work you get done in total by all your threads and processes together.

Multithreading uses the same memory and resources as any other program would use when running on a single core or processor (such as an Intel Core i7). Multiprocessing has its own virtual machine that hosts each application process; this means that each process needs its own set of resources (memory buffers) separate from other applications’ processes, which could lead to an increase in memory usage.

Why thread is faster than process?

Threads are lighter weight processes.

Processes have their own address space, a private heap and stack, a separate code and data section that is often shared across multiple threads within the process.

Threads do not have their own address space but share the same memory with other threads in the same process It also uses a single code section so as to be safe from race conditions.

A program may contain an arbitrary number of thread objects (each running their own method) executing concurrently within a single process

How many threads can run on a single processor?

Now, what if your processor has multiple cores? This is where it gets interesting.

In a single-core processor, the OS will only be able to run one thread at a time. However, if you have a multi-core CPU (or if your operating system supports it), each core can run its own thread and do work in parallel with other threads. People are also looking for multithreading in c#.

So how many threads can run on a single processor? As many as the number of cores plus one!


In summary, I hope this article has helped you understand the differences between multiprocessing and multithreading. The main takeaway is that the two concepts are not the same and they do not have similar performance characteristics. Even though they can be used together to achieve parallelism in Python, it’s important to keep in mind that they are still different things and should be considered independently when designing an application.

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Games You Can Play On Your Hoverboard

Whether you are a child or an adult you would love to play games at every age. The hoverboards are however made mostly for kids and teenagers but adults can also ride some hoverboards. There are a lot of options for people to buy hoverboards according to their needs. There are many advantages of having a hoverboard at home and you can use them in many ways like you can go to your nearest market quite fast, take a stroll around the park and get around your work ground really fast and keep a check on your workers. But apart from work, you can also utilize these hoverboards for playing games. As we all know children and teenagers love to go out and play with their friends and having hoverboards for playing just adds more thrill and fun while playing any game. But before you start playing any game, make sure that you get some attachment for hoverboards to ensure your safety while playing. Here are some games that you can play with your hoverboards.

Hoverboard Tag

Hoverboard tag is one popular game that can be played in an open area like a park, any open space near your home, or a big terrace. The game rules are quite simple and it can be played with as many people. The game revolves around a simple mechanism where one person is ‘it’ and that person will tag another person by catching them and making them ‘it’. You can play this game very easily normally but playing it on the hoverboard makes it more difficult and challenging for all the players. The thrill gets doubled when you use a hoverboard to play the tag game.

Hoverboard Race

Racing with someone is a very common thing that we all must have done in our childhood, but we never got an opportunity to race each other using hoverboards. Today’s generation uses these hoverboards to race against each other and it is more difficult to race with your hoverboards as there are chances that you might fall down due to the imbalance caused by the leaning of your body weight. While riding you need to be cautious every time as if you lean too much you might end up getting laid down on the ground with injuries. But this is surely more impressive and interesting than racing normally.

Do Not Drop The Ball

This is a very fun game that you can play with your hoverboards. One person will take a big bouncy ball or a big balloon and hit the ball or the balloon in the air. The other team players need to make sure that the ball or balloon stays up in the air and never touches the ground. Maybe many of you must have played this in parks but maybe you haven’t tried playing it with your hoverboards. You can make two teams and set a timer to see which team holds the ball or balloon for more time in the air.

Don’t Get Dizzy

As a child we all have done this thing like, we take the hand of another person and spin as fast as possible till we fall on the ground feeling completely dizzy. The longer the person stays spinning is the winner. You can make this simple game interesting by adding a hoverboard spin and it is also one of the easiest tricks that you can do with your hoverboard.

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Tools for the visually impaired

The world has changed drastically. There are new innovations on the technological front every day. With the advancement of technology in various fields, efforts have also been made to develop and improve the technology for the blind. There are tools which can be used by the blind that improve their lives and make them feel blessed to be living in this age of technology and innovation. In this article, I have listed out the most useful tools for the visually blind.

1. Screen readers

Screen readers are useful for letting the visually impaired read content from the web. These are programs on the computer which reads out the content loud for the visually impaired.

2. The Perkins Braille Writer:

The Perkins Braille Writer is a  tool that lets the visually impaired type braille texts. It looks much like a typewriter. It is one of the most revolutionary products for the visually impaired.

3. Electronic Braille Writer

One step further in the field of braille writers is the electronic braille writer. It is light and versatile and really helps the visually impaired in creating braille notations.


This is an online tool that converts English texts into Grade 1 braille notations. You can use it to convert any English text into braille notations instantly on

5. Braillenote apex note taker

If you find note-taking difficult, this is the right tool for you. It lets blind students type notes in Braille and then later convert these notes into audio format.

6. Slate and Stylus

Another major innovation in the field of technology for the visually impaired is the slate and stylus. This is a portable device which can be carried around and used wherever and whenever you want.

7. Ovation

This is another revolutionary product developed by Telesensory. It reads the pages of books and converts words into audio format. It is immensely helpful to blind people who want to read and learn from textbooks.

8. WinBraille

This is a software program that helps you take scanned copies and convert the texts from them into Braille. You can even take printouts of this document using an embosser.

9. Ray phone

This is a smartphone for the visually impaired. It has all the functionalities that you find on a smartphone. It supports a number of apps which are similar to that used in normal smartphones.

10. Scientific Calculators

Advancement in the technology front has resulted in the development of scientific calculators that help the visually impaired with maths. There are special scientific calculators that help students learn their functions easily.

Besides all the above tools, there is something else that makes the lives of the visually impaired a lot easier. It is the guide dog. It helps the visually impaired move around without stepping into obstacles and falling down.

I really hope you found this post useful and informative. Do you have any queries or suggestions related to this post? If you have any, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. I will try and answer all your questions and take your feedback into consideration.

To show your support, share this post with your friends on social media and elsewhere. Thank you very much for reading!

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How to Kick People Off Your WiFi

Is your internet connection slower than usual? Do your devices keep disconnecting from the router? Chances are that your WiFi is being secretly used by others. It is unfortunate that you do not realize that your wifi is being stolen until you detect weird stuff happening. But once you do realize it, you can easily kick people off WiFi. There are simple ways to detect unknown connections and prevent them from getting connected to your WiFi network.

1. Get the clues

The initial step in the process of blocking someone from using the internet is to confirm if your WiFi is actually being stolen. Once you confirm it, you can decide how you want to block the person from connecting to your WiFi in the future. Slow performance and strange behaviour on the network are the most common clues that your network is being hogged without your permission.

2. Change your password

The process of blocking someone from your WiFi network is quite simple. Changing your WiFi password to something more secure with WPA or WPA2 encryption is advisable. When you change the password, your router will ask for the new password and the unauthorized connected devices will be kicked off form the network. However, if you keep your password simple and easy, chances are that others would guess it easily. Another thing that can happen is that your password could get hacked.

3. Change the WiFi name and disable the SSID broadcast

Apart from creating strong passwords, another precautionary step that you can take is to change the WiFi name and disable the SSID broadcast. When you do this, the unwanted users will think that your network is no longer available as they won’t be able to see your network on their list of nearby WiFi sources.

4. Limit the number of users

You can also keep unwanted users at bay by setting a limit to the number of users. You can set DHCP to the number of devices you and your family members use. This will block unwanted users from using your WiFi even if they get your WiFi password.

Here’s how you can see who is connected to your WiFi network:

  1. Login to your router
  2. Locate the DHCP settings and then “attached devices” section.
  3. Browse the list of connected devices and locate the ones that you don’t recognize. Disconnect these devices.

If you still face problems with a slow network and you are suspecting that someone still has the access to your WiFi network, you may want to check the usage parameter of your bandwidth. Chances are that you are using too many bandwidth-hogging devices simultaneously. Devices like gaming consoles and other video streaming devices can really slow down your WiFi network. Make sure to check them before coming to any conclusion. This might save you a lot of time.

The Key Takeaway

WiFi Network is one of the most used sources for internet access throughout the world. This makes it very important for taking precautionary measures to ensure that your online data remains protected from miscreant sources. WiFi security is something that should not be overlooked as it can protect you from being victim to menial cyber notoriety and other major cyber threats. Learning to kick people off WiFi is just another lesson that can help you save your bandwidth and data. There’s a lot more to learn.

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