Advantages/Disadvantages Of Aadhar Card

Everything comes with some advantages and some disadvantages none of the things are fully perfect. Aadhaar card introduced by the government has many advantages in providing benefits to the people through various schemes launched by the central government but many of the schemes mentioned by the government as not at easy to understand and people are still not aware of how to utilize those schemes for their welfare. As you all must know that aadhaar card is a mandatory document for all the residents of India which provides their identity proof to various authorities. But sometimes it can be used for some spam purposes also. Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Aadhaar Card.


Advantages Of Having Aadhaar Card


Jan-Dhan Yojana Bank Accounts

Aadhaar is needed to open a bank account under Jan Dhan Yojana’s system or otherwise. Under Jan Dhan Yojana’s bank account arrives with excellent advantages such as Zero Balance unit, Rupay Card, Accidental Insurance, and many more.

DBS or Direct Benefit Transfer 

An individual requires to connect the 12-digit Aadhaar amount with the bank account & the associated system to get the government grant passed straight to his / her account. Similarly, for the LPG subsidy to be credited to the bank account, the Aadhaar number must be linked to the PAHAL scheme and also to the bank account.

Provident Scheme And Monthly Pension

An individual requires to connect the Aadhaar with their corresponding Pension or PF account to get the Pension & Provident fund quantity assigned to their corresponding bank account.

Passport And other government documents

Also linked to aadhar card is Passport & Voter Id cards. This will speed up the procedure for obtaining the Passport and eliminate the fake voters once they are linked to voting ID cards. Linking of PAN cards is now made compulsory for all and if you fail in doing so your PAN card would become useless.


Disadvantages Of Having Aadhaar Card


Banking Abuse Details/Transactions

If Aadhaar is leaked or misused, this can contribute to severe issues for bank account owners, ATM & Credit Card owners & Online Banking Customers as well. There is a rare chance of this condition but still, it can be possible as the bank holders have all your details with them.

Foreign Management

Since Aadhaar information is retained by private firms, they can use this information to enjoy the R&D conditions of overseas firms. This will result in data erosion for overseas businesses and thus jeopardize individual privacy.

Uneasy For Using

Since more than 30% of the country’s population is uneducated as they can not realize how to operate, where and with whom to function. There are also some rural regions where this facility has not yet been reached; there are still no advantages connected with Aadhaar for the individuals from these regions.

Despite having some disadvantages also this is a compulsory document for all the citizens of India to prove their nationality. Whenever something new comes to the market it takes some time for that particular thing to settle perfectly in a balanced way in the market. As it is a compulsion on everyone so it is better to have one rather than being deprived of every government facility and you still have no idea how could you get your aadhaar card you need to see these steps here to download it online within few minutes.

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