Can Dislikes on YouTube Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

A common question that comes to the mind of most YouTubers is whether dislikes on their YouTube videos affect their search rankings. While there is a belief that getting dislikes on your videos can hurt your search engine results, this is actually not true at all.

However, Google does consider likes and dislikes as forms of engagement. This is good news for YouTubers as YouTube’s algorithm looks for engagement. The more the engagement the better it is for your video exposure. So whether its a like or a dislike, YouTube just takes into account the reactions that you get from your audience. It just cares about the engagement more than anything else.

Getting likes on your video can, however, help your video in getting discovered. For instance, if someone with a popular YouTube channel likes one of your videos, then that video is likely to come up in that channel’s feed, and people who are subscribed to that channel might see it. This way it helps in discoverability, but it doesn’t really help to rank it higher.

The key to getting successful on YouTube is to create valuable content for your viewers. When you do that, it makes them come back to watch more of your videos. This is one of the factors that Google values the most, and that is what really matters for your video ranking on YouTube.

Having said that, you should know that getting some dislikes won’t hurt you anyway. In fact, this might actually help you. To explain it in a better way, let’s take an example. Let’s consider that you are a new YouTuber. You start creating amazing content and your videos start getting a lot of likes. In comparison to the likes, you get a few dislikes or let’s consider some of your videos do not get any dislikes at all. What do you think this could lead to? A new viewer who comes across your video might question your videos’ credibility. Yes, getting less or no likes can harm your videos credibility. This makes it really important to get some dislikes for your videos. One of the best sources to get YouTube dislikes is Their reasonable prices and trusted support team makes one of the best choices for buying YouTube dislikes.


These were some of the factors that makes it clear that likes or dislikes on your YouTube videos do not have a direct impact on the search engine rankings. However, likes and dislikes do have their importance in making a video popular or unpopular. Using good tools and being creative in presenting your videos can help you boost the search rankings for your YouTube videos.

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