How I made a $500 Passive Income in just 1 Month.

Everyone wants a passive income throughout their life so that they do not have to depend on someone else for their living. Everywhere in this world, every other person is doing something to earn a passive income, they have been working very hard from months to earn money and this is known as hard-earned money. I also wanted to make a passive income for myself but I do not want to work under someone on a monthly fixed remuneration.

Somehow I got to know about the domain industry and I started taking an interest in this industry.  Reading news about new trends in the market, searching for tips and tricks on how to use domain and earn money from that, most of the time I used to watch videos of top domainers on YouTube to gain something important from them. I really enjoyed getting more and more involved in this field and it seemed really interesting to me.

After sometime I created an e-commerce website for myself and started selling shoes, shirts and other lifestyle accessories in it. But even after doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of my website I was not able to create that much traffic for my website. I created an Instagram and Facebook page to increase my web traffic and it actually helped me to some extent but still, I was not getting the desired results that I wanted. My website was not able to rank on the first page of Google rankings. It was indexed by Google but it was far behind in the rankings and this was the main reason behind low traffic and sale for my website.

One day I was just searching for some tricks to rank up my website and increase its traffic and suddenly I saw that you can increase your traffic by using PBNs. I was not at all aware of where can I find high-quality PBN for Sale. But, I searched for some hours and visited many websites and read about what are PBNs. PBN is the Private Blogging Network which is used to increase the domain authority of your website and to rank your website at the top of Google rankings. This is short information for everyone on what really PBNs are.

I purchased a PBN from a website and generally these PBNs are the expired or deleted domains and you have to register it for your use. I registered a PBN with a domain authority of 55 and trust flow of 36 and after reading how to use these PBNs to rank your website, I started making backlinks of my website and I listed those on my PBN and due to high domain authority and good referring domain score and backlink score I was able to rank with my PBN within some days. My website was listed on a high authority domain it increased the domain authority of my original website and suddenly after some time, I saw that I am ranking for my keywords on page 1.

Now I started getting more traffic on my website and my sales went up. Now I have three platforms which are interlinked to each other. My website, facebook page, Instagram page and all of them are getting a good amount of traffic and in the last quarter, I created an income of $1623 from all these platforms.

Now I am happy to see that my business is growing and I am getting what I wanted for a very long time.  On average I am getting a passive income of $500 every month and I am happy that I invested my time and money in this domain industry.

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