Games You Can Play On Your Hoverboard

Whether you are a child or an adult you would love to play games at every age. The hoverboards are however made mostly for kids and teenagers but adults can also ride some hoverboards. There are a lot of options for people to buy hoverboards according to their needs. There are many advantages of having a hoverboard at home and you can use them in many ways like you can go to your nearest market quite fast, take a stroll around the park and get around your work ground really fast and keep a check on your workers. But apart from work, you can also utilize these hoverboards for playing games. As we all know children and teenagers love to go out and play with their friends and having hoverboards for playing just adds more thrill and fun while playing any game. But before you start playing any game, make sure that you get some attachment for hoverboards to ensure your safety while playing. Here are some games that you can play with your hoverboards.

Hoverboard Tag

Hoverboard tag is one popular game that can be played in an open area like a park, any open space near your home, or a big terrace. The game rules are quite simple and it can be played with as many people. The game revolves around a simple mechanism where one person is ‘it’ and that person will tag another person by catching them and making them ‘it’. You can play this game very easily normally but playing it on the hoverboard makes it more difficult and challenging for all the players. The thrill gets doubled when you use a hoverboard to play the tag game.

Hoverboard Race

Racing with someone is a very common thing that we all must have done in our childhood, but we never got an opportunity to race each other using hoverboards. Today’s generation uses these hoverboards to race against each other and it is more difficult to race with your hoverboards as there are chances that you might fall down due to the imbalance caused by the leaning of your body weight. While riding you need to be cautious every time as if you lean too much you might end up getting laid down on the ground with injuries. But this is surely more impressive and interesting than racing normally.

Do Not Drop The Ball

This is a very fun game that you can play with your hoverboards. One person will take a big bouncy ball or a big balloon and hit the ball or the balloon in the air. The other team players need to make sure that the ball or balloon stays up in the air and never touches the ground. Maybe many of you must have played this in parks but maybe you haven’t tried playing it with your hoverboards. You can make two teams and set a timer to see which team holds the ball or balloon for more time in the air.

Don’t Get Dizzy

As a child we all have done this thing like, we take the hand of another person and spin as fast as possible till we fall on the ground feeling completely dizzy. The longer the person stays spinning is the winner. You can make this simple game interesting by adding a hoverboard spin and it is also one of the easiest tricks that you can do with your hoverboard.

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