How popular is League of Legends

League of Legends is a flagship game of Riot Games. It is one of the top games on the list of MOBA games. So, this is definitely a popular game. But, how popular is it exactly? Do people know it as much as they know PUBG? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

In October 2019, there was a survey of the most played MOBA games in the world. League of Legends was the top in the list, followed by games like DOTA 2 and Heroes of the Storm. Since its release it 2009, League of Legends has been rising in popularity and there is no sign of its popularity becoming less.

Ok, the game is super popular, but what makes it different? 

There are many other games similar to LOL but none of them are anywhere near it. Why? Nobody really knows. However, there are predictions and assumptions. The PR team behind LOL has made such a big influence on the mindset of gamers that gamers find no other game as interesting as LOL.

League of Legends is not just limited to gaming. There is a huge community of fans out there who promote the games through merchandise and other things. This is what makes this game more than just a game. It is a lifestyle. People are so obsessed with LOL that they create websites to help gamers play better. They want the game to become more well known. There are websites that offer gaming tips. There are websites which provide League of Legends ping test tools. 

The League of Legends ping test tool helps LOL gamers find the region with the best latency. Users can then customize their game to connect to the nearest or the best server and play the game with a lower ping. There are many examples of websites like these that have been built with the purpose of supporting and helping gamers play the game without glitches. 

Does this tell you about the popularity of the game? Yes, the game is extremely popular. The popularity may not be expressed in words nor measured in figures. It can be assumed and it can be felt. Gamers who have played this game for a decade tell us that they find the game becoming better each year. There are updates every few days and with every update, more interesting features are added to the game. This tells us that the game is going to get more popular and one day people may play this game more than they play PUBG.

Why is it not so well-known as PUBG?

Talking about PUBG, it caters to a different audience. So, there is no competition with PUBG. LOL has its own audience base. It targets a certain age range which is not the same as PUBG. However, there are gamers who have known this game long before they knew about PUBG. Doesn’t this tell you more about the popularity of this game in the gaming community?

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