How To Deal With Your Love-Hate Relationship With Food

In the modern age when there is an abundance of food, many people have developed a certain kind of relationship with food which was not in existence earlier. If you are one among those who are upset and stressful about their relationship with food, you have come to the right place. This article explains to you the reason behind your emotional roller coaster ride with food and shows you the best way to deal with it.

Let’s talk about the core issue; the one that is at the root of all. What is it that makes you crave for food even if you are not hungry? You may have a well-designed diet plan. You may intend to eat well. You may desire for weight loss and have a great body. But, all these accounts for nothing if you do not curve your craving for unwanted food. Overeating and diet dilemma are in many ways related to depression, anxiety and trauma. What we need to understand here is that food is not at fault. There are certain factors that cause these cravings. Here is what makes you crave for food and how to deal with it:

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages increase your food craving. It lowers blood sugar level and disrupts levels of brain chemicals. Cut down the consumption of alcohol and see what happens. You will likely find that your cravings will become less intense and eventually go away entirely.

Emotional eating

If you ever did observe, you might have realized that you eat a lot more when you are stressed. This ultimately results in more calorie-intake. Manage your emotional eating and you will stop your cravings.

Unfulfilling breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure to have a wholesome breakfast loaded with all the essential nutrients that can help you keep going through the day. This will help you to stay away from food cravings in between your meals. Here is a quick breakfast recipe that is delicious and full of essential nutrients. 

Lack of variety in your meals

When you stick to a routine diet, it might help you keep track of your calories, but it will most likely leave you feeling unfulfilled. Add variety to your diets and try new combinations of foods to stop cravings.


While lack of sleep is already associated with poor brain functioning and insulin resistance, research shows that lack of sleep also causes food cravings. Getting the right amount of forty winks can help you stop those cravings.


The Bottom Line

Food is a fuel for our survival on this planet. This is more than enough a reason to love food. However, when you believe that food has become a reason for your unhealthy lifestyle, you need to change your perception (and your diet). It is not food that makes you unhealthy. It is the choice of food and the amount of food you consume that takes a toll on your body and your health. So, next time when you stuff that slice of pizza into your mouth, give it a second thought and measure the consequences. Love food but practice moderation. Only then will you be able to maintain a balance between food and a healthy lifestyle.

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