SHUNGITE – The miracle gem on earth

Shungite was discovered in 1792 when the first descriptions of this stone appeared in the works of a Russian scientist-encyclopedist and a Natural Philosopher, Nikolay Ozereckovskiy. It was named in 1885 and followed in paper was written in 1877. Then in the 1990s, two gentlemen named Robert Crawl and Richard Wally after 10 years of research published in paper. They won the Nobel prize in 1996 for organic chemistry and for their work on the information on it. It is an organic compound and its large in Russia.

Two hundred tonnes are mined every year and it is widely available and it’s not expensive. It’s already been corporated in industrial uses and is also available for us to order online and is also available on a rock store or a gem store. The stone has a beneficial property of electromagnet inside and outside the body.

When we generally think to take good care of our body then the first appearance comes to the external parts of our body like our skin that is the largest organ of our body. Our hair is glamorous and the mandatory organ to look pretty. Research predicts that in order to keep our skin and hair healthy, we need to drink lots and lots of water. But the normal and regular water that we drink every day contains lots of harmful wastes and chemicals that are very risky and dangerous for our health. So, in order to protect ourself from such harmful chemicals, we always need to drink purified water or the water that is totally filtered.

Shungite has been proved as a very good element that filters all the harmful impurities and germs from the water. It is very beneficial for our body as it heals various diseases and also to heal acne, it helps the skin-softening, it removes, reduces flakiness that generally affects our body by the chemicals present in the water. We can put this stone in our showerheads that will pour filtered water.

The stone removes heavy materials such as Copper, Mercury and Lead from water. It removes toxins such as dioxins and oils. It removes chemicals such as pesticides, fluorine and fluoride which causes heart disease and cancer. In fact, the antihistamine effect to the body and the body’s reactions to things so it eases and eliminates allergic reactions in the body. It slows HIV and cancer cell growth.

100gm of the element in 1 litre of water keeps not only the impurities out but also declared as a life savior. All we have to do is to leave the stone for 2 to 3 days in the water and after that pour it or separate the water in the other container and then start again and make another batch.

This is the principle of the carbon substance and fullerenes is the magic inside this gem. The gem is a pentagonal regular structure that is different from diamond, graphite, or carbene which are the other main carbon substances so it is in a family but its way more powerful. 

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