The Energy And Essence Of Crystals

Since time immemorial, the elemental synergy expressed through crystals has been a source of inspiration. The ancient Earth Walkers revered crystals as conduits of beauty, healing power, and connection.

In essence, crystals are an elemental synergy of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Gifted from Mother Earth, crystals express within the stability and strength of the elemental essence of Earth. The fiery energy within crystals is a culmination of the effect of being close to the heart of Mother Earth, as well as the influence of deep volcanic fires and earth magma. The fluidity and energy of water within crystals results from being bathed in underground springs and streams. Exposure to air currents and pockets imbues and enfolds crystals with the expansive element of air. While the fifth element ether, which weaves mystery into form, is contained within the crystalline matrix.

Cradled by earth and time, crystals continue to be bathed by the elements once they surface, as they are energized by the sunshine, revitalized by the air, bathed by the waters and nourished by the earth.

Vibrational Energy

The transformational energy within crystals may be described as the resonating ‘life force’ or energy of the crystal. Significantly, this energy is emitted as a vibration that can be measured scientifically. The subtle vibration (or energy) interacts with the electromagnetic energy field in and around us, in ways that may seem imperceptible. For example, the crystal may emit subtle vibrational colour frequencies or sound vibrations that resonate outside of our conscious awareness to fine-tune our electromagnetic field.

When connecting with crystals, the nervous system engages on many levels, as the vibrational energy impinges upon the physical senses. In this way, the simple act of touching a crystal sends a sensory impulse through the central nervous system to the memory centers of our brain, and feelings are evoked by the colour, shape, texture, and resonance of the crystal.


Crystals also emanate presence or essence. This quality may be likened to the soul or spirit of the crystal: it is unchangeable, remaining eternally pure, and it cannot be quantified or measured.

Essence is the intrinsic, timeless quality that emanates from within: it is the inherent, unchanging, divine nature of the Universe. Living essence is untouchable, it cannot be contained or altered, it simply is.

When attuning with a crystal, one may find themselves unconsciously attracted to both the vibrational energy and the living essence of the crystal. The vibrational energy and light essence emanating from crystals, minerals, and gemstones gently infuse into our energy field. This crystalline experience inspires the senses, revitalizes the nervous system and illumines that part of us that is infinite.

More than ever, the hectic, fast-paced lifestyle of our modern life beckons to the soul for reconnection. There is an inner yearning to connect with the living essence of Nature and feel the wonder and power of the Universe surge through our being.

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