Tips for Selling a House in Dubai

If you are selling your home in Dubai you probably have one thing on your mind: PRICE. Most people consider their home as an investment. Best case scenario, you get to sell your home for more than you paid for it. Now, keep in mind you have to be realistic and you aren’t going to win every time, but here are some tips for selling your home to get top dollar:

1.  Seriously consider taking the help of a real estate company or a real estate agent. Now I’m not going to claim that using a real estate company or agent is 100% always the best idea. You will have to pay the Agent’s commission which is on average 3-6% of the total home value. But keep in mind, statistically, in Dubai, those that use an Agent will end up selling their home for more money than they would have otherwise.

If you want to go the For Sale by Owner route, keep this in mind; somewhere around 80% of the calls you get about your listed home will be from Agents trying to get your business. All of these Agents will use some sort of sales pitch to try to win you over. So either you hold firm and sell yourself, or you cave. If you cave, wouldn’t it have been a better idea to find the Agent on YOUR terms rather than them finding you on THEIR terms?

So CLICK HERE to learn about the top real estate companies in Dubai that will help you sell your home for the maximum price possible. And if you decide you want to do this on your own, that is ultimately your decision.

2. Post pictures and videos. A survey concluded that in Dubai, listings with 6 or more pictures are twice as likely to be viewed. The better the exposure your home gets, the more likely it is to sell. A Real Estate Agent will be able to post your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Site). Buyers search the MLS for homes more than anywhere else I’ve seen.

3. Get the neighbors involved. Let your neighbors choose their neighbors. Send links to your listing to neighbors or give them fliers and open house invitations. If they know someone looking for a home, they are very likely to advertise for you. Who doesn’t want to live next door to friends or family that you trust rather than strangers that you may not like?

4. Leave behind some good stuff. One way to set your home apart from others is by leaving behind some of your personal property. If you leave behind stainless steel kitchen appliances or a plasma screen TV, you may win over some buyers. It gives the buyer something they may have assumed they couldn’t afford otherwise.

5. Give access.  If you don’t show the home, you won’t sell the home. Make sure people have access to come to see the home. Don’t make it difficult for agents to get clients into your home. If a potential buyer has a hard time seeing the home, they will probably just cross it off the list and move on.

I hope these tips will help you to sell your property at ease and you’ll get a good value for your property. If you have any questions to ask please feel free to do so in the comment section.

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