How To Use Social Media for Business

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools for marketers and business owners. Apart from being immensely helpful as a means of communication, social media platforms have helped businesses grow and increase their reach. This article shows you how you can create a trustable social media strategy to enhance your social media presence. To grow a business through social media, the basic requirements are a social media platform, preferably a social media page and a good number of followers for the page. Take a look at the tips below to understand how you can increase your followers on social media.

1. Select the Social Media sites that are suitable for your business

Not all social media pages are meant for all business. Having your presence on all social media platforms may be good for some business but it is not something that all businesses must practice. You have to figure out which social media platforms are suitable for your business in terms of exposure and choose these platforms according to your needs.

2. Market your brand through social media pages

The first thing to do is to persuade people to follow you. You can do this by asking people to like or follow your page on various social media platforms. Having a social media page for your business in all the major social media platforms means a lot for the credibility of your business.

An effective way to market your brand is to include the links to your website on all your social media pages. This will let your followers reach your website where they can actually view the product and make a purchase.

3. Automate your Social Media pages

Handling all your social media profiles at the same time can be difficult. This is the reason why you need to use services like Hootsuite and Buffer which perform the task of automating all your social media posts. Trust me, this will save a lot of your time and headache.

4. Create shareable content

Create photos and videos which target the emotions of the audience. Such contents¬†are more shareable and hence increase your business reach. One of the best social media platforms for video sharing is Instagram. When you create quality videos which connect with your audience, it is very likely that those videos will be shared. Here is a website that ran an ad on Facebook. The ad was so compelling that I couldn’t help but share it with others. Such is the power of content.


There are a lot more ways to increase followers on your social media pages. However, these are the ones which are the most effective and the most used by business owners. With a well maintained social media page for your business, you can expect further possibilities of sale and more profit for your business.

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