What To Look For When Choosing Hair Straighteners

Choosing a hair straightener shouldn’t be overwhelming despite the different models and features available. These are some of the main features you should look for when choosing hair straighteners:

Type of Plate:

  • Ceramic straighteners have a very smooth finish, unlike the now very old-fashioned aluminium plates. This means they can not only glide through hair to give an ultra glossy finish but they are kinder to brittle, overstressed hair. Ceramic plates distribute heat more evenly and help to keep moisture within the hair shaft. This makes them ideal for dry or heat-damaged hair.
  • Tourmaline plates. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is ground into a fine powder and coated onto the ceramic plates of a hair straightener. Tourmaline is naturally high in negative-ions when heated, resulting in sleeker, shinier, and frizz-free hair. Only the more expensive straighteners have tourmaline coated plates so this should mean a decent hair straightener.
  • Titanium plates. This is one of the most recent developments in hair straightener technology.  Titanium is a lightweight metal known for its strength and high-temperature stability. Titanium is corrosion-resistant, conducts heat more evenly and heats up faster than ceramic. As titanium has a higher ionic output than ceramic it should mean even shinier, sleeker hair.
  • Nano-ceramic. This, like titanium, is another new material for hair straighteners giving a very smooth surface and very fast heat transfer.
  • Silver plates. Silver has natural anti-bacterial properties making it ideal for use in a hair straightener. When combined with ceramic this gives a super smooth, scratch-resistant surface for extra smooth gliding.

Here are a few more points on the basis of which you can select the right straightener for your hair:

Heat-up time

Straighteners with a fast heat-up time, as well as being more convenient to use, recover heat more quickly for a consistently high temperature during use.

Ionic straighteners

An ionic system releases negative ions to eliminate static and frizz and enhance the hair condition to give a smooth, shiny finish. Negative ions add moisture to hair making them great for brittle or chemically processed hair.

Curved body/housing

If you want curls this will help you to create a smooth, rounded shape as your hair passes around the body of the straightener.


Straighteners with the highest temperature have a more powerful heating element and usually give more professional results.

Variable temperature

A very high temperature is not always suitable for all hair types. Choosing a straightener with variable heat allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your hair type and minimize damage.

Dual voltage

Dual voltage hair straightener works on both 110-120 V and 220-240 V. So, it does not require any additional power converter. Dual voltage hair straightener can be used almost anywhere in the world making them ideal for traveling.

I hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to hair straighteners, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank You for reading.

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