How I Topped My Class Without Spending A Penny On Coaching Classes

I was born into poverty and illiteracy. In spite of the family’s poor financial condition, my father somehow managed to get me admitted to an English medium school. My school was three hours from my village. My father used to take me to the school on his bicycle and I used to walk the distance back after the classes. I used to see my classmates ride their bicycles back home. Sometimes, I wished I could have one of those bicycles. But then, I thought about my family and the condition we were in.

I belong to the first generation in my family to have gone to school. I feel lucky for that. My father used to work in a factory where they manufacture furniture and stuff like that. His wages were just enough to meet the family’s basic needs. But, he really hoped to see me become successful. He hoped that I would become a great person. I was aware of all these back then. But, there were times when I was distracted. Like the time when one of my classmates got a video game to the class and started showing it off to us. I got a glimpse of the thing and was instantly attracted to it. I wanted to get one of those. I ignored the fact that my father couldn’t afford to spend his money on such luxuries. For the next few days, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. This eventually showed in my grades in the test exams. That was my worst performance ever.

It was then that something changed within me. I realized the truth that to be successful, you have to make a few sacrifices and keep yourself focused towards your goal. I started taking my studies seriously. I focused all my attention on my study. Slowly but steadily, my grades kept improving and I got placed among the top students in the class. This was the time when I got to know about something I was not aware of earlier – coaching classes. Almost half of the students in my class attended coaching classes. Even the toppers of the class were no exception. Everyone believed that coaching classes can help in improving grades. This was something that really made me wonder. I wanted to know how taking coaching classes can help in getting better grades. I couldn’t figure out a way to find this. Because of the lack of financial support, I couldn’t join any of these coaching classes. The fees for these coaching classes were more than the school fees. There was no way my father could afford this extra expense.

I decided to let it be. I worked on my own. I referred to the notes I made during the class and studied hard for my exams. I believed that I had done my best. But when the results for the half-yearly exams were out, I was worried to see that some of my classmates who were far behind me in overall class ranking had beaten me this time. These were the students who went to the coaching class. My position had gone down. Though I had done the best on my part, I couldn’t help but worry.

I really wanted to figure out something that could help me improve my score. I was determined to work harder but I still wanted a quick fix. One day as I was walking back from school, I noticed a few young kids gathered in front of a newly built shop. I stopped there to see what these kids were fascinated about. I noticed the board on the top on which were written the words “Internet zone – explore the new world”. I had read about the internet in one of the magazines from my school library. I had wanted to know more about it. This was my opportunity. I used this internet cafe and the first thing I searched for was “coaching classes”. Within a few minutes of surfing, I figured out that there were websites that can be used to learn anything that we want. I had found my alternative to coaching classes.

During the course of the next few days, I spent the time after classes in the internet cafe. I learned a lot from the time spent there. Anything that was there in my books, I could find it here too. I looked up for chemistry formulas list. It was there. I look for algebraic formulas. It was there. It was amazing. The interesting part was that I found it a lot easier to learn from these websites. I stumbled upon this website called Neurons Write. It took me only a few minutes to memorize the chemistry formulas list from this website. I was amazed at what I could do with this new form of learning. I started using it everyday. Soon enough, I became better than the top students in my class. My rank improved and I was more confident than ever before. This continued till the final exams. I performed my best and became the topper in my class.

Learn To Love Maths

There other day during my interaction with a group of high school kids I asked them this  question, “How many of you love maths?” The answer was as expected. Only a handful of students raised their hands. The situation is similar in most other schools. Students dread maths more than any other subject.

So, what makes this subject dreadful?

There are only a few basic reasons why students hate maths. One of the common reasons for a dislike for this subject is the approach that teachers use in the classroom. Maths is fun to learn during the early stages of learning. With interactive classroom sessions and visual examples, the kindergarten days are fun for learning maths. But, this changes when students reach higher classes. For most students, the fun gets replaced with boredom. This happens because of the narrow approach that students are made to see. They never see the wider picture and so they never get a chance to explore the beauty of this wonderful subject called mathematics.

How to fall in love with maths?

If I have to answer this question from my personal point of view, I would like to begin by telling you a story. There was this kid who was fascinated by music. He would spend most of his leisure time listening to music and appreciating the lyrics. He would pay attention to the details of the music. He loved every aspect of music. However, he was really bad at mathematics. His grades were a real concern for his parents. However, they didn’t stop him from doing what he did. He started taking music lessons. And that’s when the miracle began. Three months into the music lessons, he got better at maths. So, what made his grades improve. At that time, neither he nor his parents could tell what caused this sudden change. But now he knows. It was music that initiated the love for mathematics.

The kid in this story is me. I have fallen in love with maths. From my experience and analysis, I have come to know that anybody can develop an interest in mathematics and fall in love with it. All you have to do is find something you are passionate about. It can be anything – music, sports,  art, literature, cooking, history, etc. Once you find out your interest, delve deep into it. You will realize that there is some maths involved in everything. Once you encounter it, you are likely to feel more interested towards this subject. This is how your passion can make you fall in love with maths.

While falling in love with maths is a matter of chance, you will surely need to have some basic arithmetic skills to be able to develop further interest in the subject. Learning multiplication tables is one such step that can boost your arithmetical skill and make you ready for falling in love with the world of maths. is one such website which can help you learn these tables quickly.

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How Helping Someone Helped Me Choose My Career

Raghuveer was just another kid around the block. From the time I knew him, he was one of the most notorious in his age group. After the unfortunate death of his parents, he was brought up by his elder sister and brother-in-law. As a teenager, Raghuveer’s mind was filled with a spirit of adventure. He would spend his day after school playing, swimming and running around with friends. He had a high spirit for athletic ventures. Only his academic performances were not high spirited. His grades portrayed the story of his misdoings in academics. This was one of the biggest concerns of his guardians.

I knew Raghuveer when I was a student myself in the same school. He was in the 8th grade when I finished my boards. We had a brotherly bonding since then and I used to look after him making sure that he performed well in his studies. After I passed my boards, I shifted to another town for higher studies. I made it a point to stay in touch with Raghuveer to keep an update on his studies. However, because of my busy schedule, I couldn’t be in contact with him for long.

But, once I came back to my town, I went to his place to find out how he was doing. As usual, I figured out that he was still not serious with his studies. As per his sister’s opinion, he somehow managed to pass his exams but there was no hope of his doing well in the boards. On further analysis, I came to know about his real weakness. It was not that he was dull in all the subjects. It was just that he had a lack of confidence because of his fear of maths.

I was worried about him and wanted to help. I knew that if I could help him improve his Maths, that could be a turning point for him. Therefore, I decided to do my best to teach him what I knew. I started spending my weekends with him teaching him maths. I gave him assignments for the week and suggested a website for Maths learning. With a new zeal towards learning, Raghuveer started to improve his grades. His test results were much better now. And because of his improvement in maths, he gained confidence in himself and eventually, his grades started to improve in all the subjects. He used to tell me about his days at school and I was really happy to know that he got along well with his teachers because of his improved marks.

I mentored him for four months and by then he had gained so much interest in the subject of maths that it helped him become one of the top scorers in the class. He had his board exams a month later and because of his newly found dedication and interest in studies, he performed well and came out with flying colours. And, I realized that in this whole process of helping him do well, I had improved my teaching potential. I finally got a clue to my career choice. I had to be a teacher.

How To Use Social Media for Business

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools for marketers and business owners. Apart from being immensely helpful as a means of communication, social media platforms have helped businesses grow and increase their reach. This article shows you how you can create a trustable social media strategy to enhance your social media presence. To grow a business through social media, the basic requirements are a social media platform, preferably a social media page and a good number of followers for the page. Take a look at the tips below to understand how you can increase your followers on social media.

1. Select the Social Media sites that are suitable for your business

Not all social media pages are meant for all business. Having your presence on all social media platforms may be good for some business but it is not something that all businesses must practice. You have to figure out which social media platforms are suitable for your business in terms of exposure and choose these platforms according to your needs.

2. Market your brand through social media pages

The first thing to do is to persuade people to follow you. You can do this by asking people to like or follow your page on various social media platforms. Having a social media page for your business in all the major social media platforms means a lot for the credibility of your business.

An effective way to market your brand is to include the links to your website on all your social media pages. This will let your followers reach your website where they can actually view the product and make a purchase.

3. Automate your Social Media pages

Handling all your social media profiles at the same time can be difficult. This is the reason why you need to use services like Hootsuite and Buffer which perform the task of automating all your social media posts. Trust me, this will save a lot of your time and headache.

4. Create shareable content

Create photos and videos which target the emotions of the audience. Such contents are more shareable and hence increase your business reach. One of the best social media platforms for video sharing is Instagram. When you create quality videos which connect with your audience, it is very likely that those videos will be shared. While Instagram only lets you share videos and photos, here is a website that helps you download Instagram videos and photos. Make sure to check it out.


There are a lot more ways to increase followers on your social media pages. However, these are the ones which are the most effective and the most used by business owners. With a well maintained social media page for your business, you can expect further possibilities of sale and more profit for your business.

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How Having A Facebook Page Can Help Your Business

The digital advertising and marketing space has grown dynamically in the recent years. With an increasing number of companies joining the social media market to advertise their business, the competition has become tougher than ever before. Facebook is among the most popular platforms for businesses around the globe. To help businesses get the best out of Facebook, a lot of tactics have been designed which helps them get more fans on their Facebook page. To help you to fully grasp the overall process of making use of Facebook for business, let me take you step-by-step through the following steps:

Step 1. Create a Facebook page

Having a Facebook page certainly is the initial step in the process of acquiring followers. Create your page with all the essential prerequisites that make it possible for a business to build up a reputation on Facebook. Having a well set up page will let your target audience have an effective first impression of your company.

Step 2. Know your audience

The next step of the process would be to have an understanding of your audience. Understand your audience with regards to their likes and dislikes. Try and provide them content they like. Keep them excited and you are likely to get a lot more followers

Step 3. Include a Facebook Like Button to your website

Including a Facebook Like Button to your website or blog makes it possible for your audience to like your page without the need to leave your blog or website. To do it the right way, add the like button to the pop-up pages which show up right after someone visits your site. You can also have one as a widget on the sidebar of your website or blog.

Step 4. Be interactive

Share with your audience interesting info about your industry, engage with them and help them understand you and your business. Becoming interactive with your target audience builds up good connection, which is an essential factor for almost any sort of business to flourish.

Step 5. Create interesting content

A business page on Facebook doesn’t necessarily have to share business-related info all the time. Audiences like to get entertained and hence you have to ensure that the content you put on your Facebook page has that interesting element that can capture the viewer’s attention. Video content is the best form of content to get hold of your viewer’s attention. Create interesting and shareable videos. This will increase your followers.

If you are new to video creation and you do not know what kind of videos you should create, you can check out your competitor’s Facebook page and download their videos. Facebook doesn’t let you download videos. But do not worry. You can use the Facebook private video downloader to download Facebook videos to watch them later. As the name suggests, you can also download private videos from Facebook using the Facebook private video downloader.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Free Online Calculators

This article is about free online calculators. If you are keen on knowing about free online calculators, this is the right place for you. Here you will get an insight into the comparisons between free online calculators and physical traditional calculators.

We live in the internet age and hence it is not difficult for us to find stuff on the internet including calculators. A calculator is nothing more than a bunch of programs. So, it’s not really hard to place it on a website. There are a number of reasons why these calculators are considered to be important. Let’s try to understand this in a better way.

The best thing about free online calculators is that they can perform complex calculations of the most high-tech calculators on the market, and they can do all these for free. This makes it a big reason for using online calculators.

There are free online calculators which easily let you convert the distance of a trip from miles to kilometres and vice versa. While you can do this calculation on a traditional calculator, this may require you to know the conversion rate. There are online calculators that enter the conversion rate at the click of a mouse. This is one of the most prominent differences between traditional calculators and free online calculators.

It is true that almost everyone who studies math, science or business has used a calculator for various different purposes. These calculators range from the very expensive scientific or graphing calculators to the cheap and basic models which are available at any departmental store. The other thing about scientific calculators that you need to know is that these calculators require the user to know some of the complex functions to operate.

People who do not have the budget or the expertise to operate such calculators have the option to use free online calculators. These free online calculators can be found easily with a search on search engines like Google or Yahoo. One of the best free online calculators that we know about and recommend using is the one you will find on This website offers a free to use calculator which can serve the purpose of solving simple to complex levels of calculations in a jiff.

If you have the money and the expertise to operate the sophisticated scientific and graphing calculators, purchasing such calculators would be a good option. However, if you need to use a calculator to do a quick calculation or conversion, you can do well with one of the many free online calculators like the one mentioned above.

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The Advantages Of Online Scientific Calculator

There was a time when there were no calculators. During those days, people used various items for performing calculations. None of the methods was reliable for calculating. The correctness of these methods depended on the person who calculated. With the invention of calculators, this problem was solved. The first manmade calculators were a made up of wood. Many years later, the modified form of these devices was being used in offices and shops for performing calculations. This allowed people to do simple calculations. This was not meant for performing complex calculations.

The advancement of technology paved the way for many new and compact electronic devices. One of these devices was the electronic calculator. It was used for performing simple calculations. This calculator was much more efficient than the previous handmade calculators. It was used for performing basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Unlike the previous calculators, the calculations done on these new electronic calculators were accurate. However, this calculator wasn’t designed for doing complex calculations. This was when the scientific calculator was introduced. This device was expensive and not everyone could afford to have it. But, with the popularity of this calculator, it became cheap.

Online scientific calculator

With the growth of the internet, a lot of online services came into existence. In the late nineties, the online scientific calculator was launched on the internet. Instead of buying a scientific device for calculating, you can now perform the calculations for free on the internet. It can do all sorts of complex calculations within seconds. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can use this online calculator from anywhere. The best thing about this calculator is that you can use it for free.

Advantages Of Online Scientific Calculator:

Easy to connect

If you have a laptop, PC or Macbook, all you need to do is to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or any other internet connection and you are good to go. The websites which have these online programs also have guides and instructions for helping you understand how to use it.


Online calculators have a user interface similar to a physical calculator. It is simple to use and is quite user-friendly.

Performs complex calculations

You can perform various kinds of calculations using an online calculator. Whether it is performing trigonometry functions, finding out square roots or doing calculations that cannot be done on a physical calculator, all these can be done with online calculators.

Performs  various kinds of calculations

Apart from letting you perform basic mathematical calculations, this kind of calculator has other features like credit calculator, currency converter, decimal converter and BMI calculator and various tax calculator. Click here for a calculator which lets you calculate VAT in the UK.

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How To Choose The Top Mutual Funds In India

Mutual funds are one of the most popular investment options in India today. When it comes to choosing the top mutual funds in India, there are a lot of mutual fund schemes to choose from. You may have come across many sources that bring you information about the different types of mutual funds and their benefits. This article shows you the top mutual funds in India.

Introduction to Mutual Funds

Before investing in any mutual funds, you must know what mutual funds are and how they can benefit you. Mutual funds are a collection of bonds and stocks. There are investment companies or AMCs which pool in a certain amount of money from the investors and invest money on their behalf, thus making them shareholders in that fund. Now let us look at the types of mutual funds in India.

What are the types of Mutual Funds in India?

Stock Mutual Funds: This type of fund consists of a diverse range of shares and stocks. These stock funds offer high-profit potential and are hence a good option for new investors.

Bond Funds: These funds are low in risk, but offer a steady flow of income for longer durations. These fund schemes offer various benefits such as good liquidity, professional money management and a better variety to choose from.

Money Market Funds: These mutual funds are flexible and offer a very good return. This makes them one of the top choices for mutual fund investments in the Indian market.

Index Funds: The performance of this fund is directly co-related with the performance of the index. The main tasks of the fund manager are to source out the most ideal stocks or shares and create a diversified investment portfolio.

Sector Funds: In this type of funds, the investment manager invests in stocks that are chosen by you for a particular sector. These type of funds are quite popular in India since investors can focus on a single market that they feel may outrun the others.

What makes Mutual Funds a good investment option?

Mutual funds in India offer good investment returns. Besides offering good returns, mutual fund investments brings along other benefits. Take a look at the benefits of mutual fund investments in India:

  1. Professional Expertise
  2. Less Expensive
  3. Diversification
  4. Liquidity
  5. Transparency
  6. Flexibility
  7. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) regulated market

Investing in mutual funds involves some risk, but they bring you high-yielding results in the long run. The best thing to do here is to conduct research before selecting mutual fund companies that will cater to your needs and requirements.

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8 Effective Tips To Boost your YouTube Video Reach

The kind of response your YouTube videos will receive depends on the video reach. Keyword researching can help you set up your videos the right way. You will also need to have a good understanding of the kind of audience you are targeting. There are a lot of ways to increase your video reach. Take a look at some of them:

Have a well-crafted introduction and bio

When you start a YouTube channel, the first thing you need to do is to complete your profile with a short introduction about yourself and your channel. When you have a well-crafted bio and introduction, it adds value to your channel and makes it trustworthy. This can help in getting more subscribers.

Keyword research

Keywords have a really important role to play when it comes to increasing your video reach. Keywords help you capture the market. People search on the internet for various things. When you optimize your videos with the right keywords, your potential audience can reach you easily. This will also help your videos rank higher in search engines.

Create playlists

Playlists help you to keep things organized on your channel. You can keep your videos organized by creating playlists. This will help the viewers easily find the videos they want to watch. If you want to increase your video views, you have to ensure you create playlists for your videos.

Optimize your videos

When you post a video on YouTube, you have to make sure that you add the target keywords in the filename, title and description of the video. Add additional information about the video in the description section. This will help in optimizing the videos properly.

Promote your videos

To have more followers, your videos should reach a larger audience. To do this effectively, share your videos on blogs and social media websites. Share the video links to all your friends and family. Follow the correct approach and be patient and you are going to be certain to gain more viewership.

Add annotations

Add some additional information to your video in a personalized way so that they can click on it. This process could make the viewer engage with more videos. It will attract more viewers and increase your subscriber base.

Keep track of your video’s performance

When you track your videos’ performance, it helps you understand how much your videos are worth. This will help you improve your video performance and do the best on to get more viewers for your videos.

Add thumbnails

Having custom thumbnails on your videos can attract more viewers. Make sure to make your thumbnails relevant and attractive. This could definitely increase your viewership.

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5 Tips For Starting a Business in Canada

Canada is a dynamic market with a lot of opportunities. There are a lot of reasons for you to start a business in Canada. However, before starting your business, you need to understand that there are certain factors that need to be looked into in order to establish a successful business in Canada. Having a well-planned strategy and being prepared to face any kind of challenge can make your business shine out. This article covers the various factors that can help you start a business in Canada.

Know your Industry

Before starting a business, be certain that you know your industry. Having operational knowledge about your industry can help you establish the business well. Get yourself equipped with information about your industry. Research your industry and go through case studies to understand your business industry properly.

Build your network

Start your business by building a network of professionals who have the potential to help you run your business. There are a lot of skills that come into use for starting and running a business. Since you cannot learn all of them, you need to associate yourself with professionals who can handle these for you. However, you will find it handy to have basic operational knowledge of certain skills like financial management, sales and marketing, strategic planning, operation and human resources.

Set up a well-structured business plan

A well-structured business plan is one of the most important requirements for business establishment. A good business plan can help you gain the confidence of investors. It gives you and others a clear structure of your business model.

Form strategic partnerships

When you start your business, you will realize that you need the services of others business to run your business. Having a well-sorted alliance with other companies can help you build up better products and services. The benefits of an alliance with other companies include getting better prices, getting exposed to new markets with new products and services.

Set up a good HR management system

One of the most challenging aspects of a new business is set up a good human resource management system. A lot of business fail because they fail to set up a good team or lose them to their competitors.

Some of the mediums for attracting the right employees are job fairs, advertising and community involvement activities. Competitive benefits and fair opportunities for growth are factors that help companies retain their employees.


If you are a new resident or a permanent resident in Canada and are planning to start your own business, you can use an online HST calculator for HST calculation. Starting your own business in Canada can be challenging and rewarding. However, you have to have the understanding of what is required to actually succeed. HST calculator is one such tool that can truly help you as a newcomer in the business world of Canada.

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