Men who influenced history

Humans have come a long way in terms of development and reforms as a result of the revolution that kept taking place from time to time. The reforms were drastic and vivid that can easily be noticed if we walk down the lanes of our nostalgic parts with an intent eye and a critical brain. Sometimes being nostalgic is considered good because nostalgia is simply an attempt to try and preserve that which was good in the past.

We have a history that keeps inspiring us throughout our lives in many ways. It has taught us, motivated us, rectified us, and made us stronger enough to walk ahead with the abilities to knock down any obstacle blocking our way.

History is an endless flow of events

The endless flow of our past which ultimately becomes our history has paved the path for us to make our way into a better world. We have seen immense inventions, discoveries, rise and falls, revolutions and reforms, theories and principles which became an indelible part of mankind.

We have been the witnesses of transformations and reforms that took place. Mankind falls in the elite category of living beings that are animals but social. It has intuitions, the ability to distinguish between good and bad and is blessed with a sponge at the top of the breathing structure of bone and muscles i.e.; BRAIN.

The bloody sponge, brain.

This sponge crammed full of floating neurons is responsible for the invention of the abacus and its transformation into calculators and computers. They did not stop here. The advent and the uninhibited rise of the internet gave birth to websites and other platforms like, that fetched a sigh of relief in the eyes of students struggling with numbers. made the invention and discoveries easier and deliberate.

The article would be talking of the most and highly influential men in the history that made the world a better place for their heirs.

Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ (c. 4 BC – c. AD 30) was a spiritual Teacher and a central figure of Christianity, who despite having ample hindrance and impediments, preached a gospel of faith, love and forgiveness.

Confucius: Confucius whose physical existence could be marked between 551 BC and 479 BC was a Chinese philosopher and a wise sage who sought to educate his fellow citizens on the ancient wisdom of moral precepts. He has influenced history through his unparalleled teachings and philosophies.

Ts’ai Lum:  His presence could be marked between  50 AD and 121 AD. He made drastic reforms in the history of writing scripts by inventing papers. No one can deny his contribution to the world by becoming the Inventor of paper.

Isaac Newton: Newton was a British scientist who lived between 1664 to 1727. He was a body with a brilliant mind who dedicated his entire life to physics observing the natural phenomenons. He has given the famous Laws of motion which has been named in his honour as  Newton’s laws of motion.

These men have made an indelible impact on the entire world for their unconditional contribution to the upliftment of mankind. Their bodies may have kicked the bucket but they are still alive in memories, thoughts and in the thesis of the scholars and researchers. Millions of books have been written and published in their honour and thousands of statues have been built as a tribute to them.

Building statues and writing books is just a drop in the ocean for the works they did and the contributions they made.


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