Serve The Mankind

People are born with some innate qualities which stay latent until the person realizes it in the course of following their callings. We all have been blessed with almost the same amount of time as others. We may discover few disparities in terms of physical strength, financial stature, resource availabilities and social status but a thing that is the most vital and of utmost importance which keeps elapsing and becomes our past is same everywhere for every single person and it is “TIME”.

We have been sent to this universe with the purpose of making this world a better place for all its inhabitants to the best of our capabilities. This aspect of our lives gives us an opportunity to create an indelible mark in the society by serving mankind however we can and with whatever resources we have got with us.

Every single help counts, whether it is a penny or food offered to a beggar starving naked on the street you pass every day or creating a TikTok followers generator to help the prevailing generation gather some followers on TikTok followers. Every act of yours that fetches smiles on others faces is a service directly to your creator, the Almighty. The quality that makes us human is our being sensible and being able to separate good from bad. Our real strength lies in our doctrines and benevolence. We always get rewards for every selflessly performed act, for every single person we love unconditionally and for every ritual that is performed without an intention.

Here’s a story to illustrate this point:

A girl, completely blind, used to stay in the streets of London. She had a beautiful pair of eyes but unfortunately, they had no vision in them. She was indeed an owner of a kind heart which used to weep after getting to know about the pain of others.

She used to go to the church every Sunday with an intimate friend of hers. One day when she was passing by the lane, she heard an old voice begging for food from the people trotting that lane. She curiously asked her friend about the shivering voice hitting her ears. She was then told about the beggar. She got so low that she could not help sobbing the entire day. She was a heart on two legs.

Since that episode, she used to offer the beggar something every Sunday whenever she went to the church. She became a friend of the old beggar. This act of kindness was carried out every single day for many days and one day her father took her to the doctor for a routine checkup. Someone was willing to donate her the eyes.

The family was very happy and after some days the operation was carried out successfully. She got the eyes, she could see the beautiful world now. A few months later, she visited the Church, but there was no longer any beggar asking for food or anything. She forgot him, completely unaware of everything that happened. She still could not know who gave her the eyes.

Our simple act can change the world for better. NGOs like CRY, MAD, PRATHAM and BAREFOOT COLLEGE – INDIA are continuously working for this cause, for the upliftment of unprivileged children and abandoned wives. We too can be of some help to them instead of running behind illogical things like tiktok followers generator. Live for a higher cause.

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